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Raleigh's commitment to sustainability focuses on interdependent relationships between Economic Strength, Environmental Stewardship and Social Equity.

The Office of Sustainability works to make the world a better place. We save resources, and money, through testing new technologies and encouraging new ways of thinking that positively impact the environment, our local economy and all who live, work and play in Raleigh. Our innovative leadership will make Raleigh a resilient city, better positioned to manage inevitable natural and economic challenges.

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Contact Information

919-996-3070 | email
3rd Floor - Avery C Upchurch Municipal Complex 222 W. Hargett St.
Twitter: @RaleighGoGreen

Accolades and Leadership

Sustainable Raleigh Awards and Recognition

Raleigh's sustainability efforts and initiatives seek to improve the quality of life for all residents, promote emerging technologies, create new job opportunities and cultivate local businesses and entrepreneurs. Achievements in this arena have garnered the City numerous awards and accolades, and make Raleigh a leader in sustainability.

Economic Benefits

Raleigh City Plaza LED Ornamental Towers

The City of Raleigh seeks to value and foster development and opportunities that recruit and grow environmentally conscious industries and business while promoting sustainable practices and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

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Education, Outreach and Resources


Education and outreach activities keep residents, universities, civic organizations and other interested parties informed about programs, initiatives, and accomplishments. This provides opportunities to foster partnerships, provide training and engage in community building.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Raleigh Convention Center

Numerous environmental initiatives promote energy efficiency and conservation; the City of Raleigh is committed to conserving energy, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and providing real dollar savings to Raleigh citizens.

Environmental Awards

Environmental Awards

The City of Raleigh's annual Environmental Awards program recognizes outstanding work in environmental stewardship. Individuals and organizations recognized over the last five years celebrate the best in Raleigh's commitment to responsible environmentalism.

Mobility and Transportation

RLine Bus

As the City of Raleigh continues to grow it encourages a sustainable infrastructure for numerous modes of transportation, including the addition of electric vehicle charging stations, affordable transit, bicycle lanes, and greenway trails.

Natural Resource Protection

Natural Resource Protection

The City of Raleigh actively supports the conservation and preservation of the air, water and land.

Renewable Energy

Raleigh Convention Center Solar Array

The City of Raleigh works to promote emerging technologies, create new job opportunities and cultivate local businesses and entrepreneurs. Renewable energy initiatives have allowed the City of Raleigh to address all of these policy-based initiatives at once.

Vibrant Community

Interfaith Food Shuttle

The City's commitment to its sustainability goals has helped create a vibrant community renowned for its quality of life, greenways and open spaces, active citizenry, cultural resources, growing a green economy, and more.


Mayor McFarlane Presents Big Belly Solar Waste Collection System

City of Raleigh's Solid Waste Services department provides a waste collection, recycling and disposal system supporting Raleigh's vision to create a sustainable future for generations. The BigBelly Solar pilot project harnesses the power of the sun to eliminate wasted resources.

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