Vendor Registration and Update Process

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It is the intent of the City of Raleigh to strive and promote through the vendor registration process the use of all registered vendors in the procurement of goods, services and construction projects. Completing the five step registration process is imperative to becoming an active vendor to receive future solicitations. Vendors should also use this form to keep their information updated. For vendor registration and update assistance, contact the Purchasing Division at 919-996-3240 or at .

Step 1 - Vendor Information Form

Read the City of Raleigh Terms and Conditions. (Having read and accepted these terms and conditions will be required to complete the vendor information form.)

Complete and submit the online Vendor Information Form.

A Purchase Order or Contract will not be issued to a vendor until a completed Vendor Information Form is received in the Purchasing Office. If you have problems with the online form or are unable to complete it electronically, please call 919-996-3240 for assistance.

The online Vendor Information Form does not preclude the requirement to provide a W-9 form or W-8BEN form. Please send a copy of your W-9 to or to fax # 919-996-7630 or 919-996-7123, or mail to:

City of Raleigh Vendor Update - Room 505
Attn: Vendor Relations Administrator
PO Box 590
Raleigh NC 27602-0590

Catalogs and additional information regarding your company may be sent in with your W-9/W-8BEN form.

Step 2 - MWBE Certification Application (as applicable)

It is the intent of the City of Raleigh to promote and encourage the use of minority and women-owned businesses while maintaining the integrity of sound financial practices and supporting the growth and development of such businesses.

Learn more about Step 2 - MWBE Certification Application (as applicable)

Step 3 - Purchasing Contacts

It is recommended that you contact the Purchasing staff member that handles the purchases for your company's goods and/or services. Contact a Purchasing Division staff member at 919-996-3240 for a Commodity Assignments listing of the most common commodities that the City purchases as well as the Purchasing staff member responsible for those commodities.

Step 4 - Departmental Contacts

It is also recommended that you introduce your company to the City departments that would use your goods and services. The Purchasing Division will gladly assist you in identifying the appropriate departmental contacts.

Step 5 - MyRaleigh Subscription

View current solicitations for purchases, services, and construction.

The City of Raleigh is providing a free, subscription based service to vendors to better access Current Bids Apparatus, Supplies, Materials and Equipment; Request for Proposals/Qualifications Services and Technology and Construction Bids by proactively delivering new and updated information through email and wireless alerts. Sign up for MyRaleigh Subscriptions to register for email or wireless alerts.

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