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• Building permits – enter a street address to view permits that have been issued

• Certificate of Occupancy – enter a building permit number or street address to view and print a copy of your CO

Administrative Alternate for Design (AAD)

An Administrative Alternate for Design is a proposed design which, by choice or necessity, varies from the allowable standards. The proposal must meet the intent of the UDO standards, conform to the Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City, and be considered equal to or better than the UDO standard.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
AAD-3-16YMCA - 1436 Rock Quarry RdSouthSR 4-7-16Pettibone
AAD-4-16Washington Terrace- 2001 Booker DriveNorth CentralSR 7-8-16Pettibone
AAD-5-16620 Wade AvenueFive PointsSR 8-5-16Pettibone
AAD-6-1610701 Globe RdNorthwestSR 9-2-16Pettibone
AAD-7-16Smokey Hollow, 435 W. Peace StNorth CentralSR 9-23-16Pettibone

Annexation Cases

Cities may annex property so they can provide essential services to urbanized areas in an orderly and efficient way.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
1569Westlake at Country Trail / 8101 Leesville Rd
CC PH 10-4-16
1570JSF Glenwood / 4151 Doie Cope Rd
CC PH 10-4-16Huemer

BOA & COA Cases

View Board of Adjustment Agenda & Case Files (e.g., A-1-16) and the Certificate of Appropriateness Agenda & Case Files for latest cases (e.g., 001‐16‐CA).

Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP)

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment is a proposed change to the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, a key policy document in regards to long range growth, and environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
CP-3-16 Cameron Village/Hillsborough Future Land Use Amendment PCWalter

Group Housing Cases (GH)

Group housing is a development consisting of two or more dwellings, each containing three or more dwelling units, such as an apartment or townhome development.

Case Number 
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No cases at this time.    

Master Plan Cases (MP)

Master plans are a visual component required when a rezoning application is submitted for a Planned Development or Campus rezoning request. It provides a visual illustration of the general layout, building locations, pedestrian circulation, parking areas, open spaces, utilities, and stormwater facilities associated with a development project.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
MP-2-14Glenwood Place/ 3700 Glenwood Ave.3739, 3733, 3724, 3725, 3700, 3701, 3716, 3717 National Dr.; 3639 Alamance Dr.; 3310 Womans Club Dr.; 3709 National Dr.GlenwoodSR 1-23-15Rametta
MP-1-15Courtland Drive/ 1335 Courtland Dr
MordecaiSR 10-21-15Walters
MP-1-16The Cypress of Raleigh/ 8710 Cypress Club DrNorthSR 6-8-16Rametta
MP-2-165401 North/ Midtown Market AvForestvilleSR 6-20-16Rametta
MP-3-16North Hills East/ Various properties along Six Forks Rd and St. Albans Dr
MidtownSR 9-2-16Rametta

Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHL)

View Raleigh Historic Landmark cases going to public hearing.

Site Plan Cases (SP)

In terms of review, a “site plan” is improvements or changes to property representing a significant increase in the intensity and/or expansion of use. In physical terms, a “site plan” is a graphic footprint, developed by a licensed professional, showing what is being proposed, much like the architectural plans of a house.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SP-22-15Trolley Pub/ 323 West Davis St/ Retail
CentralSR 3-30-15Bradshaw
SP-30-15Sterling Glenwood Phase II Apartments/ Varnell Av/ Residential, Multifamily Apartment
GlenwoodSR 5/5/15Bradshaw
SP-11-16Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/Shopping CenterAtlanticSR 2-8-16Rametta
SP-12-16Ridgewood Shopping Center/ 3514 Wade Av/ Retail and OfficeGlenwoodSR 2-10-16Rametta

Site Review Cases (SR)

In terms of review, “site review” is the consideration of a plan in order to confirm that the proposal meets the development guidelines of the UDO. Before any permit is issued for the construction, repair, or alteration of any building or site, a site plan must be reviewed and approved.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-10-15Raleigh Beach Road Apartments/ 4805 & 4901 Raleigh Beach Rd/ Apartments
NorthwestSR 3-25-15Rametta
SR-14-15E-28 Elementary School/ 6120 Poole Rd & 1920 Barwell Rd/ Elementary School
SoutheastSR 6-17-15Walters
SR-23-15Stone's Warehouse/500 East Davie St, 419 South East St, 400 Chavis Way/ Mixed Use-Retail, Food Production, Restaurant and Townhouses
South CentralSR 12-21-15Rametta
SR-3-16319 West Street/ 319 S. West St/ Downtown Mixed Use
CentralAPA 10-7-16Bradshaw
SR-8-16The Cottages at Filmore/ 1307 & 1315 Filmore St/ Single and attached homesFive PointsAPA 10-6-16Bradshaw
SR-11-16Taco Bell/ 6300 Battle Bridge Rd/ RestaurantSoutheastSR 1-29-16Walters
SR-16-16 540 Commercial Park Lot 2/ 3300 Ruritania St/ Flex CommercialNorthSR 3-1-16Walters
SR-17-16Sifen Self Storage Facility/ 1901-1908 Segi Ct/ Self Storage FacilityNorth SR 2-8-16Walters
SR-18-16NB5/ 527 and 529 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth CentralAPA 10-1-16Bradshaw
SR-19-16The Lift/ 539 New Bern Av. and part of 531 New Bern Av./ Residential CondominiumsNorth CentralAPA 10-1-16Bradshaw
SR-21-16 La Esquina Latina/ 1615 South Saunders St/ Office BuildingSouthwestSR 3-3-16Rametta
SR-22-16Hillsborough Street Apartment/ 1505 Hillsborough St/ ApartmentsHillsboroughAPA 9-28-16
SR-23-16BNE Transport, LLC/ 2109 Poole Rd/ Car lot and OfficeEast RaleighSR 3-18-16Walters
SR-26-16 109 Park Avenue Apartments/ 105 & 109 Park Avenue, 106 & 108 Ashe Avenue/ ApartmentsHillsboroughAPA 10-9-16
SR-27-16The Oasis Community Project/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Place of WorshipNortheastSR 4-14-16Walters
SR-28-16Triangle Surgical Center Addition/ 7921 ACC Blvd/ Medical OfficeNorthwest APA 10-21-16Rametta
SR-29-16Atlantic Place/ 5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial RetailNorthSR 4-28-16Walters
SR-30-16Animal Hospital and Office Flex Building/ 8504 Darton Way/ Animal Hospital/Flex building ForestvilleAPA 10-21-16Rametta
SR-31-16Mira Mart Convenience Center/ 1700 New Bern Av/ Gas station and Convenience storeSouth Central
SR 3-31-16
SR-32-16 National Pawn/ 3906 & 3920 New Bern Av/ RetailNorth Central
APA 10-6-16
SR-34-16707 N. West St/ 707 N. West Street/ Office
MordecaiSR 10-12-16Rametta
SR-35-16 Carolinas IT Building Expansion/ 1600 Hillsborough St/ OfficeHillsboroughSR 5-25-16Rametta
SR-37-16The Villages at Washington Terrace/ 2001 Booker Dr., 2030 Booker Dr. and 1810 Baker Grove Way/ ApartmentsNorth CentralSR 5-25-16Rametta
SR-38-16Westgate Park Drive Lot 2/ 8801 Westgate Park Dr/ Flex BuildingNorthwestAPA 10-16-16Bradshaw
SR-39-16 Harvest Bible Chapel North Raleigh/ 2817 Spring Forest Rd/ Office and ChurchNorthSR 6-9-16Bradshaw
SR-40-16The Standard/ 3101 Hillsborough St/ Mixed use with retail and apartmentsWadeSR 6-14-16Walters
SR-41-16Harvest Plaza Center Storage/ 8904 Harvest Oak Dr/ Self-service storageNorthSR 6-16-16Rametta
SR-42-16West South Street Self Storage Center/4101 West South St/ Self-storage
CentralSR 6-16-16
BCRD Holdings, LLC/ 9650 Brier Creek Pkwy/ Restaurant
APA 10-23-16
SR-44-16Wendy's/ Poole Rd & New Hope Rd/ RestaurantSoutheastSR 6-27-16Walters
SR-45-16One Glenwood/ 605 and 609 Hillsborough St., 606 and 608 W. Morgan St./ Mixed Use Office and RetailHillsboroughSR 7-5-16Bradshaw
SR-46-16Williams Grove Baptist Church/ 735 Rock Quarry Rd/ ChurchSouth CentralSR 6-29-16Rametta
SR-47-16Ridgestone Apartments/ 11031 Raven Ridge Rd/ ApartmentsNorth
SR 7-6-16
SR-48-16Fred Smith Office/ 6105 Chapel Hill Rd/ OfficeWestSR 7-6-16Bradshaw
SR-49-163607 Marcom St/ 3607 Marcom St/ Duplex residenceWestSR 7-6-16Walters
SR-50-16Brier Creek Apartments/ 10701 Globe Rd/ ApartmentsNorthwestSR 7-7-16Rametta
SR-51-16620 Wade/ 620 Wade Av/ Residential CondominiumsFive PointsAPA 10-7-16Rametta
SR-52-16Cardinal Charter Academy East/ 2301 & 2309 Old Milburnie Rd/ SchoolNorthwestSR 7-7-16Walters
SR-53-16Smokey Hollow/ 435 Wes Peace St/ Multi-family residential & retailNorth CentralSR 6-14-16Bradshaw
SR-54-16Wattech Auto Service/ 1211 Corporation PKWY/ Auto ServiceSoutheastSR 7-26-16Rametta
SR-55-16The Gower Center at Battlebridge/ 0 Whitfield Rd/ Daycare CenterSoutheastSR 7-25-16Rametta
SR-56-16O'Reilly Auto Parts/ 811 S. New Hope Rd/ Retail salesSoutheastSR 7-7-16Bradshaw
SR-57-16910 Chaney Road Duplex/ 910 Chaney Rd/ Duplex-residentialWestAPA 10-15-16Walters
SR-58-165401 North Amenity/ 7780 Midtown Market Av/ CommercialForestvilleSR 7-20-16Bradshaw
SR-59-16Mount Herman Road Office Flex Building/ 6420 Mount Herman Rd/ Office/flex building NorthwestSR 7-25-16Rametta
SR-60-16Poyner Village Parkway Office Building/ 5921 Poyner Village PKWY/ Office BuildingNortheastSR 7-14-16Walters
SR-62-16JDS Consulting/ 6312 Angus Dr/ Office & Pet DaycareNorthwestSR 8-1-16Rametta
SR-63-165401 North Apartments/ 7740 Midtown Market Av/ ApartmentsForestvilleSR 7-29-16Bradshaw
SR-64-16Shail Apartments/ 2531 Lineberry Dr/ ApartmentsSouthwestSR 8-18-16Rametta
SR-65-16Neurorestorative Group Home/ 4411 ST. James Church Rd/ Supportive Housing ResidenceNortheastSR 8-23-16Walters
SR-66-16Boylan Flats Apartments/ 615 N. Boylan AV/ ApartmentHillsboroughSR 8-24-16Rametta
SR-67-16Oberlin Road Office Building/ 1019 Oberlin Rd/ Office Building
WadeSR 8-23-16Rametta
SR-68-16Precious Lambs Early Learning Center/ 1100 Newton Rd/ Church PreschoolNorthSR 8-26-16Walters
SR-69-16Atlantic Tire Service/ 13700 Falls of Neuse Rd/ Auto Tire ServiceNorthSR 8-29-16
SR-70-16Strickland Road Medical Building/ 13271 Strickland Rd/ medical buildingNorthwestSR 9-2-16Rametta
SR-71-16City of Raleigh Fire Station # 14/ 3510, 3504, 3500 Harden Rd/ Fire Station
NorthwestSR 8-26-16
SR-72-165821 Retail/ 5821 Poyner Village PKWY/ Retail NortheastSR 9-8-16Walters
SR-73-167811 Retail/ 7811 Middle Poyner Dr/ Retail
NortheastSR 9-8-16Walters
SR-74-167810 Retail/ 7810 Target Circle Dr/ Retail
NortheastSR 9-8-16Walters
SR-75-16Solferino North/ 2209 Century Dr/ OfficeMidtownSR 9-18-16

Special Use Cases (SU)

Special uses are uses that may be appropriate in a particular zoning district, but because of the increased potential for incompatibility with adjacent uses, require individual review and approval by the Board of Adjustment.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No cases at this time.

Subdivision Cases (S)

A subdivision is the division of recorded lots where the total number of lots is increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the applicable UDO zoning district.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-14-14Darton Way Subdivision/ 8402 Darton Way/ Subdivision
ForestvilleSR 5-22-14Bradshaw
S-22-15Smith Ridge Subdivision/ 5909 Forestville Rd/ Residential
NortheastSR 3-25-15Walters
S-26-15Shawood Drive/ 5813 & 5817 Shawood Dr/ Single Family
S-35-15Fox Commons Subdivision/ 7001 & 7101 Louisburg Rd/ Retail, Restaurant, Motel
ForestvilleSR 4-15-15Rametta
S-52-15Unity Church Lot 2/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ Commercial
East RaleighSR 8-30-15Bradshaw
S-66-15Longleaf Estates Phases 7 & 8/ 2628 Forestville Rd & 0 Canyon Dr/Single family detached Housing
ForestvilleSR 9-30-15Rametta
S-71-15Woodburn Road/ 837 Woodburn Rd/ 2 single family lots
HillsboroughSR 11-10-15Walters
S-74-15720 E Davie Townes/ 720 E Davis St/ Townhome Development
South CentralSR 11-17-15
S-79-15City Walk/ 6000 Oak Forest Dr/ Residential
NorthSR 12-18-15Bradshaw
S-3-16Brinley Manor Subdivision/ 5320 Forestville Rd/Single Family Homes
NortheastAPA 10-7-16Walters
S-4-16Wake Forest Mixed Use/ 2912 Wake Forest Rd/ Mixed Use- Retail and Hotel
AtlanticSR 1-13-16Rametta
S-7-16Stephen's Ridge/ 1301 Spring Forest Rd/ SubdivisionNorthAPA 9-26-16Rametta
S-8-161117 South Person Street Subdivision/ 1117 South Person Street/ Single Family HousingCentralSR 2-4-16Rametta
S-10-16Warwick Drive Subdivision/ 3209 Warwick Dr/ Single Family residential lotsWestSR 2-16-16Bradshaw
S-11-16Hargett Oaks/ 520 E. Hargett St and 540 E. Hargett St/ TownhomesSouthSR 8-5-15Bradshaw
S-14-16Waterview Townes at Buffaloe Rd/ 3612 Buffaloe Rd & 3601 Durwood La/ TownhomesNortheastSR 2-29-16Rametta
S-15-16 Lucille Haley Subdivision/ 4430 Laurel Hills Rd/ ResidentialNorthwestSR 3-9-16Walters
S-17-16Trinity Heights/ 5721, 573 and 5801 Trinity Rd/ Townhomes
SR 3-21-16
S-19-16New Hope Crossing Office Townhomes/ 2241 N. New Hope Rd/ Commercial Office useNortheastSR 3-28-16Bradshaw
S-20-16 Elmwood Subdivision/ Slippery Elm Dr/ Single family and TownhomesSouthSR 3-4-16Bradshaw
S-22-16Hardwick Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Hardwick Dr/ Single family residential
SR 3-30-16
S-24-16Creedmoor Preserve/ 8029 Creedmoor Rd & 8131 Creedmoor Rd/ ResidentialNorthwestSR 4-18-16Rametta
S-25-16 Williams General Subdivision/ 1911 New Bern Av/ Single familyEast RaleighSR 3-8-16Bradshaw
S-26-16Foster Property/ 5305 Kyle Dr/ single family residentialNortheastSR 3-28-16Bradshaw
S-27-16 Morning Ridge Subdivision/ 3001 Morningside Dr/ single familyNorthwestSR 4-25-16Rametta
S-30-16Idlewood Addition Lots 1 & 2/ 120 E. Lane St/ single familyNorth CentralSR 3-17-16Walters
S-33-16North Bluff 1/ Ridge BrooK La/ single familySouthwestSR 5-6-16Bradshaw
S-34-16Fountain Subdivision/ 3509 Chaucer Place/ single familyMidtownAPA 9-28-16Walters
S-36-16North Ridge/ 7200 Grist Mill Rd/ single family NorthAPA 9-28-16Walters
S-37-16 Windy Woods Drive Subdivision/ 2332 Windy Woods Dr/ residentialNorthwestSR 6-4-16Walters
S-39-16Centennial Park Phase II/ 848 Lake Raleigh Rd/ TownhomesSouthwestSR 6-2-16Bradshaw
S-40-16Smokey Hollow Subdivision/ 600 North West St/ Mixed use multi-family residential & retail North CentralAPA 10-9-16
S-41-16Forest Hills Lot 6/ 810 Chamberlain St./ 1 single family and 1 duplexWadeAPA 9-28-16
S-42-16Inona Place/ 6000 & 6001 Inona Place/ TownhomesWestSR 6-20-16Rametta
S-43-16Gannett SOuth Subdivision/ 702 Gannett St./ Townhomes WestSR 7-7-16Bradshaw
S-44-16Currin Property/ 102 N. East St/ vacantNorth CentralSR 6-23-16Bradshaw
S-45-16Huntley Subdivision/ 2617, 2707 & 2901 Shady Grove Rd/ Single family NorthwestSR 7-15-16Walters
S-46-16Barwell Park/ Rock Quarry Rd/ Single familySoutheastSR 7-18-16Rametta
S-47-16Skycrest Drive/ 3015 Skycrest Dr/ residential
NortheastSR 7-23-16Bradshaw
S-48-16Barcroft Point/ 1213 Barcroft Place/ single family
North APA 10-15-16Walters
S-49-16Randolph Drive/ 3018 Randolph Dr/ single family dwellingsGlenwoodSR 7-22-16Walters
S-50-16Idlewild Lot 2/ 319 Seawell Av/ residentialNorth CentralSR 7-28-16Rametta
S-51-16Point Subdivision/ 915 S. Person/ residentialCentralSR 8-4-16Walters
S-52-16Hilton Hotel/ 3415 Wake Forest Rd/ hotel, medical and office buildingMidtownSR 8-8-16Walters
S-53-16Eva Mae Subdivision/ 1510 &1514 Eva Mae Dr/ duplex lotsSoutheastSR 8-17-16Walters
S-54-16Manchester Drive Subdivision/ 622 & 642 Manchester Dr/ single familyMidtownSR 8-12-16Walters
S-55-16Trinity Baptist Church/ 4815 Six Forks Rd/ ChurchMidtownAPA 10-2-16Walters
S-56-16Grace's Landing/ 3304 Pine Grove Rd, 413,417, 423,423A & 503 Sunnybrook Rd/ subdivision
SoutheastSR 8-18-16Rametta
S-57-16Method Oaks Subdivision/ 900 & 904 Method Rd/ residentialWestSR 8-17-16Barbour
S-58-16Macon Corner/ 628 Macon Place/ two single family lotsMidtownSR 8-19-16Walters
S-59-16 1519 Carson Street Subdivision/ 1519 Carson St/ single familyFive Points
SR 8-31-16Walters
S-60-16Country Club Granville Expansion/402 Forsyth St/ two single family lotsGlenwoodSR 8-19-16
S-61-16North Hills East Subdivision/ 4000 Front at North Hills St/ Mixed UseMidtownSR 9-7-16Rametta

Text Change Cases (TC)

A “text change” is a proposal to modify an adopted ordinance.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
TC-7-15Short Term Residential LodgingCCHodge
TC-2-16Exemptions from Active Stormwater MeasuresPCHodge
TC-5-16New Bern-Edenton NCOD - TownhousesDenied 9-6-16Hodge
TC-8-16Construction Surety, Warranty & AcceptanceApproved 8-2-16Hodge
TC-10-16Oberlin Village: Maximum Height DefinitionApproved 7-5-16Hodge
TC-11-16Pre-UDO NCOD Building Height Measurement TechniquePH 10-4-16Hodge
TC-12-16Townhouse and Apartment Building Types - Build-toApproved 9-6-16Hodge
TC-13-16Prohibit Administrative Alternates for Zoning ConditionsApproved 9-6-16Hodge

Zoning Cases (Z)

Zoning is the designation of specific areas of land, or zones, within which various uses and development standards are permitted.

Case Number
Project Name/
CAC Status* Contact Last Uploaded
Z-21-148331 Brier Creek PkwyNorthwestSubmitted
Z-40-14Glenwood Place (Woman's
Club Dr, National Dr and Alamance Dr)
Glenwood Submitted 12-19-14Hill10-16-15
Z-40-151335 Courtland DrMordecaiSubmitted 10-21-15Dillard1-11-16
Z-42-152023 & 2027 Lake Wheeler
Rd, 2000, 2006 & 2010
Batts St, 1501 Kirkland Rd
SouthwestSubmitted 11-02-15Dillard11-3-15
Z-10-164109 Old Poole RdSoutheastPH 9-20-16Dillard7-18-16
Z-11-16113, 115, 290 & 300 N Rogers LnSoutheastCC 10-4-16Dillard7-18-16
Z-13-163450 Quail Hollow Dr & 1010 St Albans DrMidtownSubmitted 5-11-16Dillard7-6-16
Z-14-167901 ACC BoulevardNorthwestPC 9-27-16Huemer7-18-16
Z-15-1610600 Falls of Neuse Rd & 11258 Raven Ridge RdNorthCOW 10-4-16Hill7-18-16
Z-16-168710 Cypress Club DriveNorthPC 9-27-16Dillard9-13-16
Z-17-167001 Creedmoor RdNorthwestPC 9-27-16Dillard9-19-16
Z-18-165510 Homewood Banks Dr & 3921 Stoney Crest Rd.NorthwestSubmitted 6-24-16Hill6-27-16
Z-19-1611110 Falls of Neuse Rd & Portion of 1590 Dunn RdNorthPC 9-27-16Hill9-19-16
Z-20-16 5901 Jeffery's Grove School Rd & 5829 Creedmoor Rd.NorthwestPC 9-27-16Huemer6-27-16
Z-21-1610100 Lumley RdNorthwestSubmitted 7-1-16Dillard7-6-16
Z-22-167930 Six Forks RdNorthSubmitted 7-1-16Hill7-6-16
Z-23-162405 Poole Rd EastPC 10-11-16Hill8-5-16
Z-24-166201, 6205, 6211 Litchford Rd & 2321 Dixie Forest RdNorthSubmitted 8-18-16Hill9-13-16
Z-25-1612101 & 12105 Leesville RdNorthwestSubmitted 8-16-16Huemer8-18-16
Z-26-16North Ridge South NCODNorthPC 10-11-16Hill8-18-16
Z-27-16 7800 T W Alexander Dr NorthwestSubmitted 9-1-16Hardin9-2-16
Z-28-16North Hills East PDMidtownSubmitted 9-2-16Huemer9-7-16
Z-29-165401 North PDForestvilleSubmitted 9-9-16Hill9-13-16

*Status Abbreviations

  • City Council (CC)
  • City Council Growth and Natural Resources Committee (GNR)
  • City Council Safe, Vibrant and Healthy Neighborhoods Committee (SVHN)
  • City Council Transportation and Transit Committee (TTC)
  • Planning Commission (PC)
  • Planning Commission Committee of the Whole (COW)
  • Planning Commission Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
  • Planning Commission Text Change Committee (TCC)
  • Staff Review (SR)
  • Public Hearing (PH)
  • Approved Pending Appeal (APA)
  • Appealed (AP)
  • Denied Pending Appeal (DPA)
  • Expired Pending Appeal (EPA)
  • Effective Date (EFF)

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