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Administrative Alternate for Design (AAD)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
Stanhope Center IIHillsboroughSR 3-5-15Alley
AAD-2-15Inwood Baptist ChurchSouthwestSR 3-26-15Alley

Annexation Cases

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
Yadkin Bank Property PH 5-19-15
1306 Dowling Place Approved 4-21-15
Lumley Rd Development Approved 4-21-15
0Burnett Property PH 5-19-15
0The Bluffs at Walnut Creek PH 5-19-15
0Massey Preserve PH 5-19-15
0Saintsing Properties PH 5-19-15Bryant

BOA & COA Cases

View Board of Adjustment cases (e.g., A-1-14) and Certificate of Appropriateness (e.g., 001‐14‐CA) cases.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
CP-2-15Complete Streets Policyn/aCCEkstrom
CP-3-15Omnibus of Text Amendmentsn/aPCEkstrom

Group Housing Cases (GH)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
GH-4-12 Jones Grant Apartments Midtown SR 8-14-12 Hodge
GH-3-13 Crown at Alexander Place Northwest SR 4-10-13 Hodge
GH-5-13 105 Ashe Apartments Hillsborough SR 7-30-13 Bradshaw
GH-6-13 Greenway Village at Lake Boone Northwest APA 6-2-14 Hodge
GH-10-13Grace's Landing ApartmentsSouthwestSR 8-28-13Bradshaw
GH-12-13Litchford Point CondominiumsNorthSR 8-29-13Hodge
GH-13-13 The Avenues 2
SR 12-12-13
GH-2-15Sycamore Run ApartmentsSoutheastSR 5-8-15Bradshaw

Infill Recombination Cases (IR)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
IR-1-12 Bellevue Terrace Lots 45 & 46
SR 10-16-12

Master Plan Cases (MP)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
MP-2-12 Stanhope Center Amendment Wade SR 6-25-12 Hodge
MP-3-12 Glenwood Ave. - T.W. Alexander Dr.
Northwest SR 7-19-12 Bradshaw
MP-1-14Caraleigh CommonsSouthwestSR 5-21-14Bradshaw
MP-2-14Glenwood PlaceGlenwoodSR 1-23-15Rametta

Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHL)

View Raleigh Historic Landmark cases going to public hearing.

Site Plan Cases (SP)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SP-52-05Soleil CenterNorthwestSR 3-19-15Bradshaw
SP-66-11 Millbrook Auto Plaza Northeast SR 11-22-11 Bradshaw
SP-43-12 WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park II East SR 9-1-12 Bradshaw
SP-51-12 6 Bashford Road West SR 11-29-12 Bradshaw
SP-10-13 Stanhope Center Wade SR 3-27-13 Hodge
SP-39-13 Mount Pleasant Baptist Church North SR 7-18-13 Hodge
SP-46-132600 GlenwoodGlenwoodAPA 6-2-14Hodge
SP-47-13M-8 Middle SchoolNorthwestAPA 5-12-14
SP-55-13Enterprise Car SalesNorthwestAPA 3-3-14
SP-59-13511 Bragg Street Convenience StoreCentralSR 11-14-13Bradshaw
SP-60-13The Beer Garden - HiberniaHillsboroughAPA 6-2-14
SP-63-13701 Mutual CourtNorthSR 12-4-13Walters
SP-2-14Abbotts Creek Elementary SchoolNorthSR 12-30-13Bradshaw
SP-8-14Rex Heart & Vascular Hospital TowerNorthwestAPA 6-2-14
SP-20-14Taverna AgoraNorth CentralSR 4-10-14Rametta
SP-35-14Gholizadeh PropertyNortheastSR 6-24-14Walters
SP-44-14AAA TowmarkNorthwestSR 8-19-14Walters
SP-51-14Holiday Inn Express Brier CreekNorthwestSR 9-3-14Walters
SP-59-14Residence InnCentralAPA 2-2-15
SP-66-14Overture at CrabtreeNorthwestSR 11-13-14Bradshaw
SP-3-15Magnolia Grove ApartmentsNortheastSR 1-23-15Rametta
SP-9-15Crabtree Commons Lot 3NorthwestSR 12-17-14Bradshaw
Ridgewood Apartments
SR 2-24-15
Sheetz Perry Creek and US 401
SR 2-26-15
SP-21-15Christ Episcopal Building ExpansionNorth CentralSR 3-30-15Walters
SP-22-15Trolley PubCentralSR 3-30-15Bradshaw
SP-25-15309 N. Dawson StNorth CentralSR
SP-30-15Sterling Glenwood Phase II ApartmentsGlenwoodSR 5/5/15Bradshaw
SP-32-15Dock 1053East RaleighSR 5-12-15Bradshaw

Site Review Cases (SR)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
Turner Auto Sales
NorthwestSR 1-28-14
SR-3-14All Saints Anglican ChurchWestSR 2-20-14Wingo
SR-6-142 Henderson Street Parking LotWadeSR 4-4-14Wingo
SR-14-14Bacarra IIWestSR 12-3-14Rametta
SR-1-15Alexander Place ApartmentsNorthwestSR 1-23-15Walters
SR-2-15NC Student Rentals LLCWestSR 2-4-15Bradshaw
SR-4-15Six Forks ApartmentsMidtownAPA 6-18-15
SR-5-15The Bluff at Walnut CreekSoutheastSR 2-11-15Bradshaw
SR-6-152304 HillsboroughWadeSR 2-26-15Walters
SR-7-15Hillsborough SquareWadeSR 3-9-15Walters
SR-8-15Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal M.I.EastSR 3-20-15Walters
SR-9-15Villages at Lake Boone Trail Phase 1NorthwestSR 3-25-15Bradshaw
SR-10-15Raleigh Beach Road ApartmentsNorthwestSR 3-25-15Rametta
SR-11-15Skyland RidgeNorthwestSR-4-30-15Rametta

Special Use Cases (SU)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No cases at this time.

Subdivision Cases (S)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-4-11 Fecund Crescent Glenwood SR 3-2-11 Hodge
S-25-12 Gabriels Bend Northwest SR 10-8-12 Hodge
S-27-12 Raleigh First Ward the Church of
Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints
Northwest SR 10-16-12 Bradshaw
S-32-12 Dairyland Subdivision Lots 19-21 Glenwood SR 12-10-12 Hodge
S-4-13 Purrington Property Subdivision Phase 2 Northwest SR 1-17-13 Hodge
S-10-13 Carolina Power & Light Company North SR 2-19-13 Bradshaw
S-13-13 Hogan Daly Infill Subdivision Glenwood SR 3-22-13 Bradshaw
S-21-13 T.R. Smith Property Glenwood SR 5-14-13 Bradshaw
S-35-13Landing at Neuse Crossing
Subdivision Lot 195
SR 8-9-13
S-36-13Grace's Landing Apartments
SouthwestSR 8-6-13
S-37-13Brookhaven Estates Subdivision
NorthwestSR 8-21-13
S-41-13Tracts 1-3 Block D - Dodd Land
WadeSR 8-27-13
S-43-13Carson South Subdivision
Five Points
SR 8-28-13
S-49-13 Lynn Road Townhomes
NorthSR 8-28-13Bradshaw
S-55-13Iatridis Property SubdivisionNorthwestSR 11-26-13Walters
S-56-13Linden Avenue SubdivisionNorth CentralSR 12-4-13Walters
S-57-13Cambridge Road SubdivisionWadeSR 12-6-13Wingo
S-60-13The Avenues IIAtlanticSR 12-12-13Bradshaw
S-61-13Blueberry Drive Residential SubdivisionNorthwestSR 12-13-13Rametta
S-1-14Powell PropertyWestSR 1-15-14Wingo
S-3-14Wade Pake OfficeWestSR 2-18-14Bradshaw
S-5-14Subdivision of Lot 11 Inverrary 3NorthSR 2-14-14Wingo
S-7-14Western Park SubdivisionWestSR 3-12-14Walters
S-8-14Hi Mount Lots 28 & 29Five PointsSR 3-6-14Rametta
S-11-14739 Powell Drive
WestSR 4-8-14
S-13-141319 Williamson DriveHillsboroughSR 5-9-14Walters
S-14-14Darton Way SubdivisionForestvilleSR 5-22-14Wingo
S-16-14Roman Catholic Diocese
of Raleigh Cathedral
SouthwestSR 6-4-14Bradshaw
S-27-14Gabriels BendNorthwestSR 7-17-14Rametta
S-30-14Cole Street TownesFive PointsSR 8-11-14Wingo
S-32-14Gresham ParkNorthAPA 6-3-15Bradshaw
S-41-14Harris Crossing SubdivisionForestvilleSR 9-24-14Bradshaw
S-44-14JF-1 SubdivisionWestSR 10-2-14Rametta
S-47-14Country Trails EstatesNorthwestSR 10-17-14Wingo
S-49-14Brookhaven Estates Lots 1-16NorthwestAPA 6-18-15
S-50-14The Village of Lake Boone TrailNorthwestAPA 6-17-15
S-51-14DMI Storage SubdivisionNorthSR 9-29-14Walters
S-52-14Whitaker Mill SubdivisionFive PointsSR 10-27-14Walters
S-53-145401 North Lots 20-21 Phase 13-21ForestvilleSR 10-28-14Bradshaw
S-54-14Hines SubdivisionMidtownSR 11-2-14Bradshaw
S-55-14Charles Towne TownhomesWestSR 10-30-14Rametta
S-57-14Fairfax Section III Lots 1 & 2
SR 11-23-14
S-58-14Inwood Baptist Church Subdivision
SouthwestSR 11-23-14
S-59-14Raleigh Beach Road SubdivisionNortheastAPA 6-3-15Rametta
S-60-14 Chestnut Hills Lots 53 & 54
MidtownSR 12-15-14
S-64-14Independence VillageSouthwestAPA 6-5-15
S-1-151416 Ridge Road SubdivisionGlenwoodAPA 5-31-15Walters
S-3-15Longleaf EstatesForestvilleSR 1-23-15Rametta
S-4-15The OasisNortheastSR 1-31-15Walters
S-5-15Paces Forest SubdivisionNorthSR 2-5-15Bradshaw
S-6-15Barwell Park SubdivisionSoutheastSR 2-5-15Rametta
S-7-15Pineland Circle SubdivisionWestAPA 6-7-15
S-8-15D.L. Jordan SubdivisionMidtownSR 2-11-15Walters
S-10-15Whitaker Mill SubdivisionFive PointsSR 2-19-15Rametta
S-11-15Tryon Road TownesSouthwestSR 2-19-15Rametta
S-12-15Poole & New Hope Road DevelopmentSoutheastSR 2-11-15Bradshaw
S-13-15Howard Place SubdivisionGlenwoodSR 2-18-15Bradshaw
S-14-15Chestnut Hills Lot 13MidtownAPA 6-7-15
S-15-15Lockwood Subdivision Lots 294 & 294REastSR 3-5-15Bradshaw
S-16-15Boulevard 39AWestSR 3-2-15Rametta
S-17-15Gordon Street SubdivisionWadeSR 3-2-15Rametta
S-18-15Farrior Hills Lot 5MidtownAPA 6-7-15
S-19-15Skyway TowersEastSR 3-20-15Rametta
S-20-15Barmettler Street Lot 5 SubdivisionWadeSR 3-23-15Walters
S-21-15Mills Street TownhomesFive PointsSR 3-25-15Rametta
S-22-15Smith Ridge SubdivisionNortheastSR 3-25-15Walters
S-23-15Suncrest Village Phase 4ForestvilleSR 4-8-15Rametta
S-24-15Haymarket Village Lot 42NorthSR 3-30-15Walters
S-25-152322 WadeWadeSR 4-22-15Bradshaw
S-26-15Shawood DriveNorthSR-4-7-15Rametta
S-27-15Westlake at Country Trail IIINorthwestSR-4-28-15Walters
S-28-15 New CourtFive PointsSR 5-4-15Rametta
S-29-15 Alliance Medical MinistryEast RaleighSR 4-25-15Walters
S-30-15Edwards SubdivisionWestSR-5-4-15Rametta
S-31-15Mills Street Five PointsSR 5-15-15Walters

Text Change Cases (TC)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
TC-9-11 Outdoor Storage CPC Crane
TC-1A-14Vehicular Signage CCCrane
TC-1B-14Window Signage CCCrane
TC-1C-14Other Signage CCCrane

City Code Covenant and
Shared Stormwater Regulations

TC-2A-15UDO Use Regulations CCHodge
TC-2B-15Fuel Sales PCHodge
TC-3-15Fences and Walls in Utility Easements CCHodge
TC-4-15Development Standards PCHodge
TC-5-15Fire Prevention Fee Change PCHodge

Zoning Cases (Z)

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
Z-34-13Hillsborough StWestPCHill
Z-7-14Litchford Rd and Dixie Forest RdNorthCCEkstrom
Z-17-14 11612 Falls of Neuse RdNorth Submitted 6-6-14
Z-20-144824 & 4830 Six Forks RdMidtownSubmitted 6-16-14Hill
Z-21-148331 Brier Creek PkwyNorthwestSubmitted 6-17-14Ekstrom
Z-22-148029 & 8131 Creedmoor RdNorthwestCCHill
Z-25-14500 E. Davie St., 419 East St. and 400 Chavis WaySouth CentralSubmitted 7-18-14Hill
Z-27-14Remapping UDOAllPC
Z-28-14501 South Person StCentralCCEkstrom
Z-34-145901 Creedmoor Rd
CC Ekstrom
Z-36-140, 818,904 & 910 Oberlin Rd and 2125 Glover LaHillsboroughCC
Z-40-14Glenwood Place (Woman's Club Dr, National Dr and Alamance Dr)Glenwood Submitted 12-19-14Hill
Z-41-14Canyon Dr and Taylors Ridge RdForestvilleCCEkstrom
Z-42-14603 S. Wilmington St and 112 & 114 E. Lenoir StCentralPCHill
Z-1-15401, 403 & 406 W. Hargett St., 223 S. West St., 410 W. Martin St., & 126, 210 & 218 S. Harrington St.Central PCEkstrom
Z-2-159001 & 9101 Litchford Rd and 9400 Falls of Neuse RdNorthPCHill
Z-4-155618 Louisburg RdNortheastPCEkstrom
Z-5-153809 Bland RdAtlanticCCEkstrom
Z-6-15 3810 Bland RdAtlanticCCEkstrom
Z-7-15Litchford Rd and Sylvia Dean StNorthSubmitted 2-25-15Hill
Z-8-150 Englehart DrNorthwestCCHill
Z-9-15612, 614, 616 and 618 S. West StCentralCCHill
Z-11-155 and 7 Hill StNorth CentralSubmitted 3-10-15Ekstrom
Z-12-153606 New Hope Rd and Buffaloe RdNortheastCCEkstrom
Z-13-1513305 and 13401 Leesville Church RdNorthwestSubmitted 3-24-15Hill
Z-14-159501 Leesville Rd and 9512, 9601 & 9605 Old Leesville RdNorthwestSubmitted 4-23-15Hill
Z-15-152309 & 2339 Spring Forest Rd and 5621 Atlantic AvNorthSubmitted 4-30-15Ekstrom
Z-16-153402, 3412 & 3414 Hillsborough StWadeSubmitted 5-1-15Hill
Z-17-155438 Wade Park Blvd and a portion of 5420 Wade Park BlvdWestSubmitted 5-11-15Hill
Z-18-15101 Donald Ross DrEastSubmitted 5-14-15Ekstrom
Z-19-157801 TW Alexander Dr and 7950 ACC BlvdNorthwestSubmitted 5-18-15Hill

*Status Abbreviations

  • City Council (CC)
  • City Council Comprehensive Planning Committee (CP)
  • Planning Commission (PC)
  • Planning Commission Committee of the Whole (COW)
  • Planning Commission Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
  • Planning Commission Text Change Committee (TCC)
  • Public Works Committee (PWC)
  • Law and Public Safety Committee (LPSC)
  • Staff Review (SR)
  • Public Hearing (PH)
  • Approved Pending Appeal (APA)
  • Appealed (AP)
  • Denied Pending Appeal (DPA)
  • Expired Pending Appeal (EPA)
  • Effective Date (EFF)

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