Driveway Cuts and Sidewalk Installation

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When a curb cut for a new driveway apron is proposed, or new sidewalk is installed, a Right-of-Way permit for a driveway cut or sidewalk installation must be obtained first. This requirement applies to property where there is a dwelling or a proposed dwelling.

If a curb cut exists, but no sidewalk section exists behind the driveway apron, A Right-of-Way permit for sidewalk installation will be applied to the project.

Existing driveways or sidewalk sections that are replaced like-for-like without any modifications or additional linear footage can be handled under a street cut permit (See Permit Application for Work on Public Ways).

A Right-of-Way Permit is not needed for a driveway or any other work that does not extend to the right-of-way.


Any contractor performing work in the public right of way, is required to provide a minimum of $5,000.00 bond. For further information see Raleigh Municipal Code section 11-6001 Permit and regulations for working in, upon, over, under or adjacent to the streets and sidewalks.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Right-of-Way Permit

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

Submit these documents to the Development Services Customer Service Center:

Additional Information

  • Driveway Cut Plan - Sample Plot Plan Drawings
  • Raleigh Street Design Manual (Section 6.5.7, Plot Plan criteria for residential driveway approvals)

Expected Processing Time

  • Reviews of driveway cuts are part of the Standard Residential Review for new construction, which takes eight business days
  • Residential driveway cuts and modifications shall be submitted under the Next Day Permitting process
  • A like-for-like replacement of sidewalk and driveway can be submitted under the Same Day Permitting process


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