Due Diligence Session

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Example of an aerial photo used in a DDS

A Due Diligence Session, or DDS, is a free, scheduled, 30-minute appointment for applicants to discuss the feasibility and scope of a potential site development project with multi-departmental staff. A DDS targets high-level issues related to the development of property, and is offered three times a week at pre-scheduled times.

During the session, review staff will only comment on trade information related to the parcel(s) and general regulatory items that may be applicable based on the ultimate project parameters. Customers are encouraged to bring an aerial photo or existing survey to look at with staff, however site plans showing proposed work are not allowed in the DDS. If a regulatory review is desired, consider one of our other face-to-face services.

Important notes to consider:

  • If a development application is submitted after a DDS, and any development details or site information have changed since the DDS, it is possible that staff comments may also be different from those provided during a DDS
  • Comments generated during the DDS are based solely on the existing zoning of the property (consult the Rezoning webpage for information about rezoning or to schedule a Pre-Application Conference)


For scheduling of a Due Diligence Service please fill out the Express Review Scheduler online.

Important notes regarding applications:

Applicants must provide a property address and Property Identification Number (PIN). To obtain this information, visit iMaps to research the parcel, or view the Wake County Register of Deeds website. Applicants must also check the "YES" box regarding acknowledgement of the DDS Checklist and scope of service. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the application.

Approvals or Permits Issued

No approvals or permits are issued with this process. Discussion during the DDS is intended to help begin the development process and should not be considered regulatory or an official review.

Comments received by staff will be based on the DDS Checklist from each trade.

Applicants that require an official site plan review should explore other face-to-face services, such as Sketch Plan Review, or Preliminary Subdivision.

Key Steps in the Process


1. Review the DDS Checklist to decide if the level of review provided in this service meets the current needs of the applicant. If not, please explore other face-to-face alternatives like Sketch Plan Review, Coordinated Team Review, or Preliminary Subdivision.

2. Schedule the Due Diligence session by completing a DDS Application and submitting it, along with an attached aerial photo of the location, via email to an Express Coordinator.

Due Diligence Sessions may be scheduled at 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

3. Receive confirmation from an Express Coordinator that the application has been accepted, and the scope of the submittal is consistent with the DDS service. The Coordinator will then send an email to the project's contact person confirming the scheduled date and time of the DDS (the Coordinator will schedule it in the first available time slot). If the scheduled date or time is not convenient for the applicant, the Coordinator will reply with alternative available slots.

If the scope of work described on the application exceeds the scope of a DDS, the Coordinator will suggest an alternative option. If the application is not complete, the Coordinator will reply with instructions on how to resolve the issue.

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you must cancel a scheduled DDS, please do so no less than ten (10) business days prior to the session. Failure to do so will prohibit you from scheduling a DDS for any current or future projects.


1. Arrive before the scheduled time. Meeting participants must check-in on the fourth floor of One Exchange Plaza at least five minutes prior to the scheduled time. If the applicant is not on time, the session will be subject to cancellation. All sessions will end promptly after thirty (30) minutes as scheduled.

2. Participate in the DDS. Customers should bring a copy of an aerial, an existing survey of the property, or a recorded plat for discussion. Site Plans will not be discussed during the meeting. Customers are encouraged to take thorough notes as staff comments will only be provided verbally.

3. Provide feedback. At the meeting, clients will receive a staff contact sheet with all reviewers' information. At the bottom of the sheet is a link to the Customer Service Survey portal. Feedback, both positive and negative, is encouraged to gauge how we're serving our customers.

Expected Processing Time

A Due Diligence Session is scheduled for thirty (30) minutes.


This is a free service.

Next Steps

Continue with the recommendations received during the Due Diligence Session, and review which other face-to-face services are available to meet your needs.

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