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Last Modified: February 05, 2014

Before beginning your project, it is recommended that you research the property in order to verify accurate submittal information that will be required throughout the development process. The questions below will help you verify information and determine existing conditions for your property. These questions should be answered prior to submitting any work to the City. Doing so will make the development process smoother and more efficient so you may get started developing your land as quickly as possible.

How do I verify the property location?

Use the iMAPS web application to find the parcel by one of the following methods:

  • Owner name
  • Property Address
  • PIN (Parcel Identification Number)
  • Real Estate ID

When you find the parcel by one of the above methods, the parcel will be drawn on the screen and highlighted in a red outline. The property information will display on the right frame.

You can use the map to navigate and locate the parcel (zoom in and zoom out). Use the "Select Properties" tool (icon looks like an arrow) on the iMAPS toolbar to click on the parcel. The parcel will highlight in a red outline and the parcel information will display on the right frame.

The parcel information on the right frame includes the property owner, name, address, PIN, the site address, etc

What is the address of my property?

Use the iMAPS property information frame; "Address" will have the site address for the property according to the City of Raleigh database.

How do I verify that the property is within the Raleigh planning jurisdiction?

Use the iMAPS property information frame; "PLAN JURIS" should be "RA" for Raleigh.

How do I verify the current property owner?

Use the iMAPS property information frame; "OWNER1" is the current property owner. Verify this is either yourself or the client you may be working for.

How do I get an official statement regarding the zoning of a property?

Complete a Zoning Verification Letter Request Form and submit it with a check made payable to the City of Raleigh. Refer to the Development Services Fee Schedule for the current fee.

Development Services Customer Service Center
One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400
Raleigh, NC 27601
Attn: Steven Mohr

What are the City Codes that may be applicable to a property?

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