Right-of-Way Closures

Travel Lanes and Sidewalk

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These plan types are reviewed when any work is proposed in the public Right-of-Way that may impede the flow of either vehicular or pedestrian traffic. This can include any project ranging from a downtown storefront alteration with the building adjacent to a public Right-of-Way, to a major construction project that affects multiple city blocks or requires closing down lanes or streets for road construction.

Commercial projects that involve closing traffic or parking lanes for more than 30 days must have City Council approval.

Multiple City departments are involved in issuing Right-of-Way Permits.

Inspections Department

The Inspections Department issues Building and Electrical permits for projects that require pedestrian tunnel construction.

  • Construction site safeguards for pedestrians
  • Covered walkways
  • Construction fencing
  • Ramps and accessibility

Transportation Operations Division (Public Works)

The Transportation Operations Division reviews requests for temporary lane restrictions and street closures.

  • Temporary lane restrictions and parking restrictions (including temporary dumpsters) - Lane restrictions that do not completely close the street can be approved administratively by staff and do not require City Council approval.
  • Temporary street closures - Projects requiring parking and lane closure for less than 4 weeks do not require City Council approval. If expected project duration requires parking lane closure to extend beyond 4 weeks, please allow 6-8 weeks for City Council approval.

Transportation Field Services Division (Public Works)

The Transportation Field Services Division reviews projects that involve the restriction and/or closure of a sidewalk for pedestrian mobility and re-routing.

  • Pedestrian Plans in work zone
  • Barricade enforcement
  • Sidewalk access and ADA compliance
  • Signage per MUTCD (Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices)


A plan that shows the following information, at a minimum, must be submitted for review of any sidewalk, lane or parking closure prior to any permit approval and commencement of work:

  • location of the building or job area
  • location of the sidewalk
  • location of on-street parking
  • location of any transit facilities
  • direction of travel lanes
  • location of any streetscape item (utilities, street furniture, trees, signs, etc.)
  • location of transit stops
  • description of same improvements 100 feet on either side of the site
  • location of 8' chain link fence
  • location of covered sidewalk and details of construction in accordance with the NC State Building Code, Chapter 33
  • site accessibility/ADA requirements in accordance with the NC Building Code
  • compliance with Site Access as required in Section 8.3.5 of the UDO
  • type and location of barricades
  • location of traffic merge cones
  • location of businesses affected by barricades and/or fences
  • estimated timeframe for project
  • any items that will be affected by the closure
  • logistics and construction phasing from the contractor
  • Traffic Control Plan and Pedestrian Notes

Any contractor performing work in the public right-of-way is required to provide a minimum $5,000.00 bond. For further information see Raleigh Municipal Code section 11-6001 Permit and regulations for working in, upon, over, under or adjacent to the streets and sidewalks.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Projects that involve public streets, sidewalks and parking lanes will require Right-of-Way permits (for construction purpose)
  • Building and Electrical permits for pedestrian tunnels
  • Parking and Lane Closure permits for closing lanes, placing dumpsters or parking equipment in a travel lane or parking space
    • Permits must be applied for at least 24 hours prior to work being performed
    • NO TOTAL LANE CLOSURE will be issued unless in an extreme emergency

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal
Required for all projects
  • Permit Application (doc) (pdf) (Complete the Right-of-Way section)
  • Four sets of plans, minimum size 11” x 17”
  • Contractor Bond Form
Required for some projects

Additional Information

  • Accommodating Pedestrians in Work Zones - Type III Barricades Brochure
  • N.C. State Building Code Section 1104 (Accessible Route); Section 3306 (Protection of Pedestrians)
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessible and Useable Buildings and Facilities
  • Current MUTCD (Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices)
  • Raleigh Street Design Manual (Section 5.9)
  • PROWAG (Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Raleigh City Code Section 11-2132, Truck Routes
  • Raleigh City Code Section 11, Transportation (Article L - Signing and Traffic Routing in the Event of Street Obstruction)
  • 2012 ADA Guide

Expected Processing Time

Some projects may be reviewed under the Next Day Permitting process.

Any building plan that is submitted for review and involves work in the public Right-of-Way will be reviewed during the Infrastructure Construction Plan process, Standard Commercial Review process, or Express Review process. No permit will be issued until all issues are resolved.

Six to eight weeks are required for street closures requiring City Council approval.


Next Steps

Obtain other applicable site permits.

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