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Inspections include enforcement of uniform building construction codes and minimum housing standards. It provides a code enforcement program within the framework of applicable policies, procedures, instructions and state and local laws to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens within the jurisdictional area of the City of Raleigh.

After the Storm - FAQ's

If a storm event causes damage to your property, would you know what to do immediately after the storm?

Visit and bookmark our new webpage called "After the Storm - Frequently Asked Questions" for guidance and important information about assessing the damage, hiring a contractor, obtaining required permits, and more!

Permit Notification Program

The Permit Notification Program will inform contractors and property owners whose permits are due to expire and inspection of the project is needed.

To Schedule an Inspection

To schedule, re-schedule, or cancel an inspection, call 919-857-4412.

Customers may also use the Online Development Center to schedule and pay for inspections (this requires a user name and password which can be obtained by calling 919-996-2500).

For other scheduling inquiries, contact a customer service representative at the Development Services Customer Service Center at 919-996-2500.

Scheduling Construction Inspections and Re-Inspections

Once a permit has been obtained, customers have several different ways to schedule, maintain and research the permit.

Contact Information

For general questions, please call 919-996-2500.

Inspections administrative offices are located at One Exchange Plaza on the 5th Floor. Inspections are scheduled and processed by the Development Services Customer Service Center, located on the 4th floor.

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