Inspectors Continuing Education Program

Last Modified: February 17, 2014
Classroom for Continuing Education

The City of Raleigh currently offers two methods of training that meet the requirements for Continuing Education Credits for Field Inspectors, Plan Reviewers, Architects, Engineers, and Electrical Contractors, Contractor Lunch Talk Quarterly, Business Assistance training for anyone bidding on City projects Quarterly

For more information regarding online classes, please reference the
Raleigh Online Training Environment Student Instructions Handbook

1. Traditional classroom based courses

These classes are taught in a classroom environment using modern technology and programs to enhance the presentation.

The traditional classroom based courses are held in the City of Raleigh Satellite Office located at 8320 Litchford Road, Suite 130. These two hour Continuing Education credit courses are approved and apply CEU to Standard Certificates held in Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire Protection as well as Electrical Contractor credits.

2. Online courses

This option allows remote accessibility to the Continuing Education Program, making it available to individuals across the state without incurring the expense and inconvenience of travel.

Registration and payment of fees is required by the student to access the online courses. The courses are made available to students online for seven days. After completion of the course and exam, the student will be notified of their grade. The North Carolina Qualification Board will receive notification of Continuing Education Credits earned for students receiving a passing score on the exam.

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Online courses offered:

  • Six (6) hour Continuing Education Credit course
    based on the North Carolina Rehabilitation Code
  • Two (2) hour Continuing Education Credit course
    based on the North Carolina Plumbing Code
  • Six (6) hour Fire Stopping for all five (5) trades
  • Six (6) hour NFPA 13-D One & Two Family Dwelling Sprinklers (Building, Plumbing, and Fire)


The fee for each credit hour is $20.00

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check made payable to: City of Raleigh, and credit cards (i.e. Visa/Mastercard). Please do not mail cash.

Do not submit credit card information with the registration form. You will be contacted by staff to process credit card payments.

Continuing Education staff will follow up with student to instruct them on accessing online courses after the registration process is complete and payment has been processed

Registration Instructions

Complete and submit a registration form using one of the following options:

Mail to or drop off at

City of Raleigh
Inspections Department Continuing Education
8320-130 Litchford Rd.
Raleigh NC 27615

Fax to 919-713-4221

Email to

History and Background

The North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board began requiring Continuing Education for inspectors in 2006. Inspectors are required to complete six hours of approved instruction each year before their certificate renewal date.

On February 1, 2006 North Carolina General Statutes 143.151.13A was introduced requiring all inspectors possessing a Standard Certificate to obtain six hours of Continuing Education. This requirement is applied to each inspector for each building trade certification that they hold. On June 30, 2007, the requirement for six hours of Continuing Education instruction was made effective.

The North Carolina Qualification Board established the minimum requirements for each class and its instructor. All classes and instructors must be previously approved by the Qualification Board in order to qualify for the Continuing Education Credits.

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