Probationary Rental Occupancy Permit Ordinance

Last Modified: December 19, 2013

Common questions about the City's PROP ordinance and program.


Application of the City of Raleigh's PROP Program has been temporarily suspended due to impending revisions to the ordinance. For that reason, the criteria and accompanying procedure associated with PROP will not be available until a resolution has been approved.

Where can I find the PROP Ordinance in the City Code?

City Code Part 12 Chapter 2. Article G

Does the PROP ordinance require that all rental properties get a permit?

No. A permit is only required for individual units or buildings where a problem has been identified, and that problem has not been resolved within the allotted period of time or where a pattern of repeat violations is established. PROP applies to rental properties only (including 20 plus apartment complexes) and does not apply to rooming houses, rest homes or hotels.

Does the PROP ordinance apply to owner-occupied dwellings as well?

No. The PROP ordinance specifically applies only to rental units/dwellings offered for rent.

What is the intent of all this?

The PROP ordinance is intended to address 'problem rental properties' in established neighborhoods and is targeted toward rental properties where violations occur, not all rental properties. The goal is that no PROP will ever be issued, because if that is the case it means that rental property owners throughout the city are ensuring that their properties are well kept, up to city code and are well monitored and their tenants are respectful of their neighbors.

Why aren't tenants held responsible?

Ultimately, the condition of the rental property and the activities of the tenants must be closely monitored by the property owner. Property owners are expected to write clear expectations of tenant behavior relative to neighbors into leases, and take action to encourage tenants to comply with these expectations or seek evictions for problem tenants. Rental property owners can also attend the City's Landlord Training Class given three (3) times a year for more useful information about renting and protecting rental property.

Are PROP and Rental Registration the same thing?

No. PROP and rental registration are two different programs. PROP applies to problem rental properties, while rental registration applies to all rental properties in Raleigh.

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