Comprehensive Plan Update

Last updated Apr. 28, 2017 - 11:36 am
Comp Plan Update

The city is in the process of updating the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The plan is the key policy document intended to make the city workable, livable, and prosperous. The plan provides an integrated approach to Raleigh’s physical development and related economic and social issues, with an emphasis on environmental, economic, and social sustainability and enhancing land use and transportation coordination. The plan integrates and coordinates the plans of many city departments.

When the city adopted the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, it committed to reexamining and refreshing the document every five years. The intent is to ensure the document stays relevant to changing conditions and best practices.

The update process has incorporated citizen feedback to help the city evaluate several years of implementation, examine the implications of new data, respond to trends, and resolve issues that have emerged.

The current update began in 2015 and is now nearing a conclusion, with drafts of plan chapters being published in installments. The public input process is ongoing, with opportunities both in person and online to comment on the plan draft.

Next Steps

The city is in the process of publishing updated draft chapters of the plan. These are being made available here as they are completed.

SectionLast Updated Date
Land Use
Environmental Protection
Economic Development
Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Public Utilities
Community Facilities and Services
Urban Design
Historic PreservationApr. 28, 2017
Arts and CultureApr. 28, 2017
Regional and InterJurisdictional Coordination
Downtown Raleigh
Area Plans
Avent Ferry
Brier Creek Village
Buffalo New Hope
Blount Person
Blue Ridge
Capital Boulevard
Cameron Village Hillsborough
Cameron Park
Downtown West Gateway
Falls Lake
Falls of Neuse CorridorApr. 28, 2017
Five Points East
Forestville Village
Garner Tryon Neighborhood
I540 Falls of Neuse
Jones Franklin
King Charles
Mission ValleyApr. 28, 2017
New Bern
Olde East Raleigh
Rock Quarry Battle Bridge
Raleigh Cary Rail Crossing
Swift Creek
Six Forks
Southern Gateway
South Park
Stanhope VillageApr. 28, 2017
Triangle Town CenterApr. 28, 2017
Wake Crossroads
West Morgan
Wade OberlinApr. 28, 2017

The city is also holding a series of public events on the plan, tentatively set for May. Each event will include discussion of the Plan process and the overall update, but also will focus on specific topics that played prominent roles in the update. Those topics include:

  • Resiliency
  • Housing
  • Land use/transitions
  • Transportation

Once specific dates and locations are identified for these meetings, this page will be updated.


This update is evaluating several years of implementation, examining the implication of new data, responding to the latest trends, and resolving issues that have emerged. It is focused on integrating recent planning initiatives, incorporating new and emerging best practices, and refreshing stale policies and actions. The update reflects organizational realignment since 2009 and includes an updated layout and organization.

Overview and Timeframe

The following sets forth the anticipated timeline for the major work elements of the plan update. The phases are presented in reverse chronological order, with the current and final phase at the top and completed phases below.

Phase III - Plan Drafting and Public Review (current and ongoing)

After two rounds of public input, the update process has reached the final stage of publishing updated drafts for review and comment.

The timeline for the remainder of the process is as follows:

• Release draft recommendations – May-June 2017.

• Public Events – May-June 2017.

• Final draft plan – Summer 2017.

• Planning Commission review and City Council adoption – Summer/Fall 2017.

Phase II - In-Reach and Outreach (complete)

• Group meeting with RCAC to review/obtain recommendations for public workshops.

• Departmental Focus Groups.

• On-line Engagement Goes Live.

• Group meetings with Boards and Commissions.

• Public Workshops Round 1 - March 2015 - View the presentation.

Also view the Trends and Issues to Consider handout from the meeting as well as the final Public Meeting Notes.

Phase I - Due Diligence (complete)

• Update of the Databook, with accompanying analysis of new trends in the data.

• Five-Year Comprehensive Plan Progress Report.

• Policy audit.

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