Capital Boulevard Corridor Study Implementation

Last updated Jul. 29, 2015 - 2:04 pm
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The Capital Boulevard Corridor Study outlines recommendations for transforming the most travelled gateway into Downtown Raleigh into a showcase for multimodal transportation and green infrastructure. The final report focuses on capital projects, in recognition that significant changes to the physical infrastructure of the corridor, not just new land use policies, are necessary to achieve meaningful change. It is also a vision plan, in that these project ideas, while tested for feasibility, will require future design and engineering studies to nail down the details.

Implementation Update

  • Complete - Amend the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate the land use and transportation recommendations.
  • Complete - Continue coordination with NCDOT on the design of the bridge replacement projects at Peace and Wade.
  • In Progress - Implement the appropriate zoning as part of the UDO remapping process in 2013 – 14.
  • In Progress - Pursue the acquisition of flood-prone properties in the North Boulevard Park area. Program these properties with interim uses and events in the short term.
  • In Progress - Develop park and stream restoration plans for the Devereux Meadows and North Boulevard parks.
  • In Progress - Pursue funding for land acquisition, planning and design, and capital projects.

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