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Last updated Mar. 26, 2015 - 8:06 am
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The City of Raleigh is in the process of rezoning approximately 30% of the City. This rezoning will update the official zoning map to reflect the new zoning districts adopted in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO is a complete rewrite of the existing zoning code, which governs land use. Below is a link to an interactive map that allows users to view existing and proposed zoning districts, all comments on specific parcels received during the initial public comment period, and staff responses to these comments.

The Planning Commission received the draft map on October 14 and began its review on October 21, which is expected to take several months. Staff will present the comments to the Planning Commission in one of three categories: staff agrees with the commenter; staff requests additional discussion; or staff disagrees with the commenter. The Planning Commission will review the comments and proposed zoning map and make a recommendation to the City Council. See the section below titled “Roadmap to Adoption” for details on next steps in the process.

Public Comment Period Update

The Planning Commission is on pace to finalize review of the UDO zoning map and provide a recommendation to the City Council this spring. The Commission continues to receive new comments at the review meetings, referring them to staff for review and discussion on a future agenda. However, with the review meetings possibly wrapping up as soon as March, it is evident that new comments received after February 6, 2015 cannot be addressed via this method.

In order to provide a timely recommendation and in recognition that additional opportunities exist for public comment, the following strategy for addressing new public comments has been established:

While comments and change requests can be made at any time, Planning Commission will be unable to review new comments received after February 6th, 2015.

Comments received after February 6, 2015 will be forwarded to the City Council for their consideration without the benefit of any Planning Commission review.

Planning Commission Review

The Planning Commission has set a schedule of special meetings on the first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of the month to review the draft map. The official zoning case number for the remapping is Z-27-14 UDO Zoning Remapping.

View the Planning Commission Resource Materials.

Planning Commission review of the remapping will be organized by Citizens Advisory Council areas. The exact dates will be determined by the pace of the Commission’s review. The order for discussion is as follows:

  • Northeast, North, and Forestville
  • Atlantic and Midtown
  • Hillsborough, Five Points, and Mordecai
  • South, Southeast, and East
  • Central, South Central, and North Central
  • West and Southwest
  • Wade, Glenwood, Northwest

The links below will allow you to view agenda packets as they become available. Videos of past meetings can be found by going to RTN streaming video page and expanding the "Other Government Meetings" section.

October 21Agenda
November 4Agenda
November 18Agenda
December 2Agenda
December 16Agenda
January 6Agenda
January 20Agenda
February 3Agenda
February 17 - Cancelled
March 3Agenda
March 17 - 9:00 a.m.
March 17 - 7:00 p.m.Agenda
March 31Agenda
April 2 - Cancelled
April 7Agenda
April 14Agenda
April 21Agenda
April 30Agenda
*Meetings are subject to change.

Special Residential-30 Zoning (SP R-30)

One aspect of the citywide rezoning that the Planning Commission is considering is property now zoned Special Residential-30 (SP R-30). The Unified Development Ordinance discontinues SP R-30 and the Glenwood Brooklyn and Pullen Park neighborhoods will be rezoned to new districts. The draft presented for public review (May – September 2014) replaces SP R-30 with Residential-10 (R-10) or Residential Mixed Use (RX-). These districts are not a perfect match to SP R-30, but provide comparable regulation for residential uses.

An option for consideration in rezoning SP R-30 districts is the creation of a new Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (-NCOD) that would supplement R-10 and RX- zoning. Generally speaking, the -NCOD provides a way to conserve a neighborhood’s built environmental characteristics and reduce conflicts between new construction and existing development.

The Planning Commission will discuss properties zoned SP R-30 and the option of a Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District at a public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chamber, Room 201 of the Raleigh Municipal Building, located at 222 West Hargett Street.

Additional Information:


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Proposed Rezoning Map

Proposed Rezoning Map

Use the map viewer to research any property of interest. The existing zoning is shown on the left; the proposed zoning is on the right. You can research properties by entering the address or Parcel Identification Number (PIN) or you can pan and zoom the map to simply click to select the targeted parcel. The viewer provides brief descriptions of the old and new districts. The green pins on the map show parcels for which a comment was received and include both the comment received and the staff response. Note that the map is now frozen and no new comments can be pinned to the map.

View the Proposed Rezoning Map

How to Contact Us

The public comment period for the staff-prepared draft rezoning map has closed. Comments and change requests on the map are no longer being received by staff. Any further comments on the draft map must be delivered to the Planning Commission in person or by letter.

BY POSTAL MAIL: If you wish to comment on the draft map or request a change, you can send a letter to the Planning Commission at the following address:

Remapping Raleigh
City of Raleigh Planning Commission
P.O. Box 590
Raleigh, NC 27602

Staff can respond to general questions and provide clarification regarding the new UDO zoning districts and the zoning remapping process.

BY EMAIL: You can email your questions to

BY PHONE: We have set up a dedicated phone line at 919-996-6363. While the temporary call center is now closed, leave a message and you will receive a return call, generally within two business days.

Common District Exchanges

The Zoning District Exchange sheets compare similarities and differences between the most common proposed exchanges of a UDO zoning district for an existing zoning district. If you don’t see the exchange proposed for the property that interests you, you can email us at or telephone 919-996-6363.

Zoning Comparisons:

Zoning Fundamentals

Not familiar with how zoning works? Read a brief tutorial that outlines some of the basic concepts of zoning, which has been in use in the United States for almost 100 years and in Raleigh since 1923.

Roadmap to Adoption

This is an ambitious effort covering more than a third of the City’s land area and nearly 35,000 parcels. The comment period on the initial draft zoning map occurred between May 19 and September 30, 2014. City staff received, analyzed and responded to 1,750 comments. There will be additional chances to comment during the Planning Commission review and City Council adoption process.

The initial draft zoning map is simply the starting point for shaping the final official zoning map. The methodology used by staff to prepare the draft map is outlined in the three documents listed in the “Technical Remapping Guidance to Staff” sidebar section to the right.

Initial Public Comment Phase – completed September 30

Staff evaluated and responded to all comments and requests received. Requests for changes to the proposed zoning are transmitted to the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission Review and Recommendation

The Planning Commission will receive the draft map at its regular meeting on October 14, 2014. We can’t predict how long the map will be under review by the Commission, but there will be multiple meetings where citizens can express their opinions to the Commission. Once the Commission has finished its review the map and Commission recommendations will be forwarded to the City Council.

City Council Review and Adoption

The City Council will receive the draft map and recommendations from the Planning Commission and will begin to review the map. The review will culminate in a public hearing, which will be widely advertised. All affected property owners and owners of properties within 100 feet of the parcels proposed for rezoning (as determined from the Wake County tax listing) will be sent a first class mailed notice describing the proposed rezoning and the time and place for the public hearing. There will also be legal notices published in the newspaper, and public hearing signs will be posted throughout the areas where the rezoning will take place.

It is likely that the Council will schedule multiple meetings to review the map, in special work sessions. It is expected that there will be time set aside when citizens will be able to provide additional comment the rezoning map.

Proposed rezonings only become official upon the adoption of an ordinance by City Council amending the official zoning map. Until that time, the existing zoning remains in full force.

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