Public Works Department

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The Public Works Department strives to serve the best interests of the safety and welfare of the citizens and employees of the City of Raleigh as it administers the planning, design, and construction of transportation, pedestrian, mass transit, stormwater, off-street parking, general government facilities while at the same time maintaining many of these facilities in addition to the City's vehicle fleet.

Contact Information

919-996-3030 | Fax 919-996-7638 | email
Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 W. Hargett St. - 4th Floor
Interim Director - Richard Kelly

Administration Division


919-996-3030 | Fax 919-996-7638 | email
The Administration Division provides leadership and direction for the overall management and operation of the Public Works Department.

Construction Management

Transit Facility Rendering

919-996-5575 | Fax 919-807-5573 | email
The Construction Management Division manages capital improvement projects such as the construction of and renovations to City owned buildings.

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Design / Construction

Road Construction

919-996-3030 | Fax 919-996-7168 | email
The Design/Construction Division is responsible for the design and construction oversight of street, sidewalk, bridge and various other types of public improvement projects.

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Stormwater Management

Structural Flooding

919-996-3940 | email
The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for programs that work to reduce pollution in Raleigh's waterways and address critical flooding and erosion issues that impact streets and private properties.

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Transportation Field Services

A pothole repair in progress

919-996-6446 | Fax 919-831-6760 | email
The Transportation Field Services Division provides oversight, inspection, and maintenance for 2,350 lane miles of City and State highway and infrastructure systems.

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Transportation Operations

A GoRaleigh Bus

919-996-3030 | Fax 919-996-7638 | email
The Transportation Operations Division is responsible for effective management, operation and maintenance of the City's transportation infrastructure, parking facilities, and public transportation system.

Learn more about Transportation Operations

Vehicle Fleet Services

One of Raleigh's Hybrid Cars

919-996-6407 | Fax 919-831-6616 | email
The Vehicle Fleet Services Division is responsible for keeping the City's vehicle fleet operating safely and efficiently by providing equipment replacement, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs.

Frequently Called Numbers

Telephone Fax / Other
GoRaleigh Access 919-996-3452 919-996-7640
GoRaleigh Access Tickets 919-996-3200
GoRaleigh (Bus Schedules & Information) 919-485-7433
GoRaleigh (Business Office) 919-996-3900
Drainage Complaints (Streets) 919-996-6446 Notify Via Email
Drainage Complaints (Private Property) 919-996-3940 Notify Via Email
Engineering Inspections (Scheduling) 919-996-6446
Graffiti Hotline 919-996-6001 Notify Via Email
NC Department of Motor Vehicles 919-715-7000
NC Department of Transportation 919-733-2520
ParkLink (Parking Violations) 919-996-3996
Parking Maintenance (Blount Street) 919-865-0547 919-831-6188
Potholes 919-996-6446 Notify Via Email
Schedule a Public Works Inspection 919-996-6446
Traffic Control Center 919-996-3020 919-996-7641
Traffic Operations - Signal Shop 919-996-6020 919-831-6765
Traffic Operations - Signs / Markings Shop 919-996-6608 919-831-6765
Transit 919-996-3030 919-996-7638
Transportation Operations919-996-3030
Trees (Traffic Hazard) 919-996-6608
VFS Heavy Equipment Shop 919-250-2733 919-250-2762
Water Pollution Helpline 919-996-3940 Notify Via Email

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