Drainage Assistance Program

Financial assistance for drainage concerns

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The City of Raleigh's Stormwater Management Division has a program to assist citizens and property owners with existing stormwater drainage concerns such as flooding and severe erosion. The Raleigh City Council has established a drainage assistance program to provide cost-sharing assistance for engineering design and construction of the improvements. The property owner(s) must be willing to provide the necessary easements to construct the improvements and share in the cost of the repairs.

Project Examples

severe erosion

Eligible projects include those involving:

  • street and structural flooding
  • severe erosion
  • failing drainage infrastructure
  • drainage contribution from a public street or other City property

Program Eligibility Requirements

stabilized stream

1. Any landowner of subdivided and developed property, including residential, commercial or public entities, who pay the City's stormwater utility fee, is eligible to request drainage improvements.

2. The land must receive stormwater runoff from a public street or other City property.

3. Qualifying projects include those involving street and/or structural flooding, severe erosion, and clogged pipes due to inadequate or failing drainage infrastructure.

Cost Share Funding Options

Share Options Property Owner City
Street Flooding AND
Structural Flooding
0% 100%
Street Flooding AND
Clogged Pipes
0% 100%
Structural Flooding 15% 85%
Severe Erosion 20% 80%
Clogged Pipes 50% 50%
Dredging Provide Material Disposal Remainder of Costs

*Costs for each property owner are capped at $5,000

City funding contributions will be limited to the most cost efficient project solution.

Process for Requesting Drainage Assistance from the City

stabilized stream

If you have a qualifying drainage problem affecting your property including flooding and/or severe erosion and would like to petition for the City's drainage assistance, please contact the Stormwater Management office at 919-996-3940 or via email.

Stormwater Management staff will contact you to arrange for a visit to your property to further evaluate the nature and scope of the drainage problem and to determine if your case would be eligible for the City's drainage assistance program.

If the drainage issue affecting your property such as flooding or severe erosion is determined to be eligible for drainage assistance, staff will prepare a proposal outlining the envisioned drainage improvement project and your estimated cost share along with the City's share.

Property owner financial contributions to improvements are capped at $5,000 regardless of the total costs of the qualifying drainage improvement project.

Subject to available funding, petitioner projects are then ranked and prioritized then presented to the City's Stormwater Management Advisory Commission (SMAC). The SMAC reviews projects twice each calendar year (once in the spring and once in the fall) and makes recommendations for City Council consideration. The City Council may approve, deny, hold for future consideration, or request additional information concerning the drainage petition request.

Approval and Next Steps

Upon approval by the City Council, drainage assistance projects next move into the design and regulatory permitting phase once a 10% deposit is made to the City by the petitioner. The design and permitting phase of projects typically requires from six to nine months unless there are unusual or very challenging project parameters. Once design and permitting are complete then projects move into the construction phase.

The property owner is required to keep in good repair and condition the improved drainage system or watercourse.


Contact Stormwater Management at 919-996-3940 or email us at RaleighStormwater.

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