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The City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department provides reliable waste management solutions to the Raleigh community through residential curbside collection and a variety of specialized services. The Department works proactively to reduce waste and to increase recycling in Raleigh, while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in all areas of its operations.

Contact Information

Concerns and questions about garbage, recycling, or yard waste?
Contact Customer Support at 919-996-6890 (7am - 5pm weekdays) or email.

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Wilders Grove Solid Waste Services Facility, 630 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610
Solid Waste Services Director: Fred Battle

News and Events

Recycling Program

Recycling Bin

Beginning in 1989 with a few drop off centers and twice per month curbside recycling, Raleigh Recycling is a comprehensive program providing recycling options such as curbside collection, drop off centers, apartment complexes, the central business district, recycling in city parks, and a Swap Shop.

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Garbage Program

Garbage Truck

The goal of the Residential (Garbage) Division of the Solid Waste Services (SWS) Department is to safely and efficiently collect residential solid waste and dispose of it at the county landfill. Responsibilities include:

Yard Waste Program

Yard Waste Collection

Since NC state law prohibits disposing of yard waste materials in NC landfills, Raleigh provides all households with convenient weekly collection at the curb for yard waste.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Responsibilities include: enforcing policies, procedures, municipal codes, the Solid Waste Design Manual, laws that are designed to improve the quality of life, oversees the solid waste/recycling site permit approval process, land use development process, operational efficiency and effectiveness, and SWS billing.

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Public Speaking and Outreach

Solid Waste Services staff are available to speak to schools, civic groups, neighborhood associations or Scout troops about solid waste issues. Presentations available on:

  • recycling
  • backyard composting
  • vermicomposting

Staff members welcome the opportunity to participate in school science fairs, career days and Earth Day events. In addition, a specialist can provide literature or advice to Girl and Boy Scouts working on environmental badges.

An Education Specialist will tailor a program to meet the needs of any group, from kindergarten students through senior citizens.

Recycling Center Tours

Mission Statement

To pursue a safe, efficient and effective waste collection and disposal system that protects the natural environment while supporting Raleigh's vision to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Values, Vision & Goals

Our Values: We believe in an ongoing dedication to quality service and to customer satisfaction by building customer and community partnerships.

Our Vision: The Department believes that our actions today have a direct impact on the future. We support the City of Raleigh vision as a community coming together to create a sustainable future for generations to come, championing the human spirit.

Our Goals:

  • To safely and efficiently collect residential solid waste and dispose of it at the county landfill.
  • To safely and efficiently collect residential recyclable materials for processing and reuse.
  • To increase recycling and reuse options for Raleigh residents whenever feasible.
  • To safely and efficiently collect yard waste debris from Raleigh residents.
  • To operate a yard waste composting facility that accepts Raleigh yard waste debris and provide
  • compost products back to the public.
  • To provide general cleanliness to the Raleigh community through all solid waste programs.

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