Parks and Recreation Bond Referendum - Project Descriptions

Concerning the 2007 Bond

Last Modified: December 30, 2011

Total Cost of the Mayor's Recommended Proposed Bond Program: $88,600,000

The previous City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Bond was approved in October 2003. Since its approval there have been several projects that were fully funded, yet there are still a number of projects that remain unfunded.

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Completion of 2003 Bond Projects

Cost: $16,097,500

As a result of the delay in funding for these projects, their costs have increased. Below is a list of the 2003 bond projects that have not received funding:

Playground Improvements: Funds are proposed for the retrofit, renovation or replacement of older playgrounds that no longer meet current national guidelines. ($878,222)

Building Improvements: These funds would extend the life and increase the use and safety of older facilities through the addition of climate control systems, electrical system upgrades, roof repairs and interior lighting improvements. ($1,750,000)

Outdoor Security Lighting: This project would improve the lighting quality along walkways, park entrances, building exteriors, and other lighted areas in many of the City's parks. These enhancements would increase park safety while reducing the maintenance of exterior lighting systems. ($239,825)

Crabtree Creek extension to Neuse River (Map ID: 1): This portion of the Capital Area Greenway will connect the Neuse River to existing sections of the greenway system that run through to Umstead State Park, North Raleigh and eventually Falls Lake. ($6,588,721)

Halifax Center Improvements (Map ID: 2): This project includes the renovation and expansion of the existing center building to accommodate the recreational/classroom/meeting space needs in this changing neighborhood. ($3,150,000)
Jaycee Center Expansion (Map ID: 3): The proposed project is to expand the classroom/meeting space to address excess programming demand. ($1,190,732)

Honeycutt Creek Greenway (Map ID: 4): This project is proposed to connect the existing greenway which ends on Long Street just west of Six Forks Road to the South Shore Trail along the south side of Falls Lake at Ravens Ridge Road. The trail is proposed to follow the course of Mine Creek north, pass through the West Millbrook Middle School/Park site, cross Strickland Road and continue north along Honeycutt Creek to Ravens Ridge Road.($2,300,000)

Notes: The greenway estimates for the 2003 Bond Referendum were prepared in 2002. The Honeycutt Creek project was reduced by $500,000 by the City Council when approving the line item amount for the bond budget. The funding amount including in the bond was $1.2 million. The original estimate was $1.7 million. The funding for the project was adjusted for inflation in FY 2005 and the current available funding is $350,000 for design in FY 06/07 and $1.145 million in FY 08/09. Current construction estimate for this project is $3.6 million.

  • The Neuse River Greenway segment from "Falls River to Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) Complex" was unfunded in the 2003 Bond. This cost has been moved to the section below that covers the Neuse River Greenway.
  • The "Land Acquisition" portion of the 2003 bond that was not funded has been moved to the total "Land Acquisition" request for Fall 2007.
  • All unfunded 2003 Bond projects have been adjusted for inflation to be bid and/or completed in FY 2009-2010.

Greenway Development

Cost: $16,000,000

Funds are proposed for the acquisition and development of various greenway segments to extend and connect the Capital Area Greenway Master Plan. These segments are focused predominantly on the completion of and connections to the Neuse River Greenway:

Neuse River Greenway Completion (Falls Dam to Johnston County) (Map ID: 5): There is currently funding for the first 4.3-miles of the trail from Falls Lake Dam to Falls River Avenue. The total cost to complete the remaining portion of the trail is $26,500,000. Staff has requested that $13,000,000 be funded to assist in the completion of this greenway. (Please see the previous note pertaining to the 2003 Bond funding for the "Falls River to Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) Complex" segment of the Neuse River Greenway.) Funding from several external sources will be sought to assist in the completion of these projects. Examples of these sources may include but will not be limited to Wake County Government, North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF), Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) and several potential Federal Government agencies.
(The Neuse River Greenway contains a projected inflation for design completion in FY 2008-2009 and bid for construction in 2009-2010.)

Walnut Creek Greenway Extension to Neuse River (Map ID: 6): This will extend the Walnut Creek Greenway from southeast Raleigh towards the Neuse River greenway corridor. In the future, this will provide the greenway connection from downtown to the Neuse River corridor. ($3,000,000)

Park Land Acquisition

Cost: $15,000,000

This funding is intended for acquisition of various park sites in locations spread throughout the City. Search areas and estimated annual costs are identified in the Parks, Recreation and Greenway element of the City Comprehensive Plan. Neighborhood park sites are identified as a priority for Land Acquisition.

Note: The "Land Acquisition" portion of the 2003 Bond that was not funded ($2,000,000) has been moved to this "Park Land Acquisition" total.

Existing Facility Capacity Increases

Cost: $4,900,000

Several City of Raleigh Park and Recreation facilities have reached or surpassed the capacity at which they were designed to serve. Contributing factors include increased population densities and year-round schools. The funding for these projects will provide additional capacity to existing parks by expanding facilities.

Barwell Road Park Development (Map ID: 7): Plan, design and complete the outdoor components and amenities associated with the new Community Center. This project was done in cooperation with Wake County School System and will help fulfill the need for more outdoor active recreation in rapidly growing southeast Raleigh. ($1,700,000)

Carolina Pines Community Center Expansion (Map ID: 8): This funding will be used to expand the existing Community Center to provide additional programmable space. ($700,000)

Pullen Park Carriageway Bridge (Map ID: 9): The funding for this project will be used to engineer and install a bridge crossing over the rail road corridor that currently transects the park. This crossing will connect the north and south halves of the park and link currently disconnected park elements. ($2,000,000)

Chavis Heights Carousel Building Adaptive Re-Use Project (Map ID: 10): A current project is underway to provide a new facility for the Chavis Heights Carousel. This funding will be used to upgrade the old carousel building into new programmable space. ($500,000)

New Facility Capacity

Cost: $36,602,500

The funding for these projects will be utilized to add "new" capacity to the City of Raleigh Park and Recreation system by designing and constructing new facilities. The new facilities can be located at existing parks with incomplete master plans and at undeveloped sites through additional planning, design and construction.

Raleigh Senior Center: Funds are proposed for construction of a state-of-the-art, approximately 25,000 square-foot Senior Center that may include large and small multipurpose rooms, activity rooms, kitchen, fitness space and more. This cost is for a Center built on City owned property. This project and costs are based on the preliminary drafts of the Senior Center Feasibility Study. ($7,740,000)

Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve (Map ID: 11): This funding will be used for the design and construction of the Annie Louise Wilkerson M.D. Nature Preserve Park. ($2,000,000)

Mordecai Historic Park Interpretive Center (Map ID: 12): The adopted Historic Mordecai Park Master Plan recommends a 5,500 square foot Visitor's Center to be used for interpretive displays, offices and educational space. ($1,562,500)

Randleigh Farm (Map ID: 13): The funding for this project is for Master Planning and first phase development of the site. It will provide the basis for a partnership opportunity with several other agencies. ($400,000)

Aquatics Facility(s): Staff has hired a consultant to conduct a comprehensive study of the Aquatics programs and facilities provided by the City. This funding will be used to assist in the implementation of the study results. ($8,000,000)

Northeast Raleigh Community Center (Map ID: 14): This project is an effort to provide more active recreational opportunities in northeast Raleigh. A community center that may include a double gymnasium and locker rooms, multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms, offices, and storage and restroom facilities. ($9,000,000)

Northeast Raleigh Active Recreation Partnership: The intent of this funding is to provide opportunities for partnerships for developing outdoor active recreation in northeast Raleigh. ($2,000,000)

Lake Johnson Facility (Map ID: 15): A multi-use facility was adopted as part of the Master Plan for Lake Johnson Park. This facility will contribute more programmable space for southwest Raleigh. ($2,600,000)

Unsatisfied Neighborhood Park Search Areas: Staff has identified several neighborhood park search areas (as documented in the Comprehensive Plan) that can not be satisfied using traditional methods due to size and scope. Funds are proposed to satisfy the pursuit for land in these areas through partnerships and/or utilization of commercial facilities. ($3,000,000)

Signage Package: This package will be used to replace and enhance the existing signage throughout the City of Raleigh Parks and Greenway System. ($300,000)

Note: All proposed 2007 Bond projects and the unfunded 2003 Bond projects have been adjusted for inflation to be bid for construction in FY 2009-2010.

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