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Last Modified: December 30, 2013

Raleigh is a city that celebrates special events. From major conventions and sports events, to community based festivals and road races, the City of Raleigh is proud to host hundreds of events each year. As we continue to grow and become a destination for these events, the City has begun the process of developing a Special Events Office that will provide a single point of contact for event management. This office will eventually have the responsibility for overseeing all aspects of special events and be the liaison between city staff, event producers, and citizens. While we continue to develop polices and procedures to enhance the events process, we assembled some general information, which will be updated as this process evolves. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Derrick Remer.


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As we continue to refine our special events process and improve communications, the City has launched two new initiatives to help keep citizens informed of various events which might impact their normal routine.

  • Weekly email of the Special Events Weekend Digest via the MyRaleigh Subscription Service
    This email provides a brief description of the various special events occurring in the upcoming weekend and is geared towards anyone interested in events across the entire City.
  • Road Race and Parade Postcard Mailings
    Starting in February 2014, this initiative requires road race and parade organizers to provide a standardized mailing to everyone along the race route. This postcard mailing will be on brightly colored paper to help grab the attention of the recipient and will have a consistent look to ensure those affected fully understand the road closures in their area.

Road Races, Parades, and Walks

Road races, parades, bike races, and charity walks that use public roads or the greenway system are covered under the City’s current Public Street/Greenway Use Policy. This policy covers the administration of these events, including specific limitations on the use of a particular area, as well as an overall race cap.

More information on scheduling road races and parades

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Festivals and outdoor events utilizing city property are covered under a number of policies depending on their location. During this interim period, the Special Events Office will be your main point of contact, but coordination will still occur with outside agencies as follows:

Downtown Raleigh

For events happening in the downtown area, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) will continue to act as the clearing house for applications. The DRA will work closely with the City's Special Events Office during this interim period to provide a coordinated approach to event management.

Requests for festival and outdoor events in the downtown area can be directed to Roxanne Coffey with the DRA.

Hillsborough St Area

For events happening along the Hillsborough Street corridor, the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation (HSCSC) will assist with event organization during this interim period. The HSCSC will work closely with City staff to ensure events are planned in a coordinated manner.

Requests for events can be made to Jeff Murison.

For events happening elsewhere in the City, please contact Derrick Remer.

Block Parties, and Other Temporary Street Closures

The Raleigh Police Department handles the initial requests for temporary street closing for neighborhood block parties and other temporary closings not covered by the road race policy or those in conjunction with a festival as described above. These requests are then presented to the City Council at their regularly scheduled meetings for approval.

To request a temporary street closing for a neighborhood block party, please contact Officer Jamie Stokely.


The City of Raleigh does not require a permit to film within the City limits, unless on park property. While a permit is not needed for filming elsewhere, coordination of major film projects is handled through the Special Events Office.

Please contact Derrick Remer and provide details of your project. The Office will be able to assist with any questions especially those related to parking and street closures. These issues do require additional action and need to be coordinated well in advance of any planned filming.

City Park Property

A permit is, however, required for filming on city park property, of which information can be obtained from Pam Rose.

For general information on filming in the State of North Carolina, including information on statewide regulations please visit

Special Events in City Parks

A number of City parks and their associated facilities are available for rent through the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department.

More information on those facilities including rental rates and reservations

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