Winter Weather Information

Last updated Jan. 18, 2017 - 8:10 am
winter weather alert

For a weather forecast from the National Weather Service, visit the National Weather Service - Raleigh.

Cancellations, Closures and Notices - Departmental Updates

Solid Waste Services:

Solid Waste crews operated on a three-hour delay today. Because of hazardous road conditions, crews were unable to service all Tuesday routes.

Crews will resume service tomorrow, starting with Tuesday's collection routes and moving into Wednesday's collection.

For the remainder of the week, if your garbage is not collected on your regular scheduled collection day leave cart at the curb and it will be collected the following day.

The city will not be issuing fines or citations for leaving carts at the curb this week.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the challenges of the inclement weather as safely and expeditiously as possible.

Transportation Field Services:

The winter weather event has put loose leaf collection behind schedule by approximately 1 week.

For more information, visit our Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection Information page.

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Update:

Tuesday January 10 – All programs for Tuesday evening are cancelled and facilities will close at their normal operating time.

Special Note: The User Fee public meeting scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled to Tuesday, January 17 at 6pm at Five Points Active Adult Center.

Wednesday, January 11 - Track-out and weather-bound locations will open at 9:00 am. *Weather-bound will operate only if Wake County Schools are closed. ALL other facilities will open at 10:00 am or their normal time after 10:00 am. All programs will be held as scheduled.

For more details, visit our Parks Status page.

GoRaleigh Service Update:

GoRaleigh intends to operate full bus service for all fixed routes on Wednesday, Jan. 11. GoRaleigh Access will also be operating on Wednesday. Delays may be expected and some detours may be needed to avoid travel on unsafe roads due to the winter storm.

For updates on GoRaleigh bus service, call 919-485-RIDE (7433) or visit our Transit page or the GoRaleigh site.

Transit Weather Tips:

  • Dress warm;
  • If your street isn’t busy with traffic, walk to a stop on a busy street;
  • If your bus stop is in the middle of a hill, walk to the bottom or top where the operator can safely stop;
  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. Buses can slide in slippery conditions; and,
  • Board as safely as you can.

How the City of Raleigh is Preparing

Snow plow

The City of Raleigh follows a priority system for treating and plowing roads and bridges in the Capital City when a winter storm hits. Crews are ready to keep streets clear as the first major winter storm of the year bears down on Raleigh.

Some of Raleigh’s roads are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), which has yellow trucks. But the vast majority fall under the care of the City’s Transportation Department, which operates white trucks. There are 1,087 miles of City-maintained streets in Raleigh. Additionally, City crews provide snow removal on some NCDOT-owned streets that are generally inside the Beltline, including Glenwood Avenue, Wade Avenue, New Bern Avenue, Capital Boulevard, Western Boulevard and South Saunders Street.

The goal of the City’s emergency snow removal is to keep major roadways and public transit routes passable for vehicles equipped with all-weather tires, snow tires or chains, or other special equipment designed for icy road conditions. Read more about how Raleigh is preparing...

City of Raleigh General Information:
Communications Department - 919-996-3100 (8:30am - 5pm weekdays)

Twitter - @RaleighGov
Facebook - City of Raleigh

Other Resources:

Winter Storm Preparedness Guide - Whether we get snow, sleet or just rain, it's always good to be prepared. Please review our guide.

When Should I Call 9-1-1...and when should I not?

Only 9-1-1 emergency calls should be made to the Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center (ECC). Calling 9-1-1 for any reason other than a threat to life may tie up the lines and prevent or delay the reporting of a life-threatening emergency. For non-emergencies such as power outages or loss or any other utility, the problem should be reported to the service provider and not to 9-1-1. For Duke Energy Carolinas, call 800-769-3766. For gas leaks or outages, call PSNC Customer Service at 877-776-2427.

Videos: "Winter Storm Info to Know" Series

snowy road

The City of Raleigh has produced informative videos in regards to winter weather. The videos in our “Winter Storm Info to Know” series provide useful information on such topics as debris and tree removal, GoRaleigh transit, road preparation and clearing, and power outages and 9-1-1. The 10 videos are short, with some just under one minute in length.

City Services
City Preparations
Clearing Streets
Debris Removal
Fallen Trees on Private Property
GoRaleigh Transit
Power Outage & 9-1-1
Road Preps
Solid Waste Services
Tree Removal

For more information, please contact our Communications Department.

Protect People, Pets, and Pipes in Cold Weather

dog in the snow

The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department urges residents to take precautions as near- and below-freezing temperatures are forecasted for our area.

To avoid water pipes breaking due to the cold temperatures, residents are advised to run at least one faucet in their home or business at a thin stream. This allows water to flow through the pipes and lowers the risk of broken water lines during freezing conditions. Unlike other liquids, water expands when it freezes. When water pipes freeze, the expanding water can break the pipe, and customers can be left with a thoroughly soaked house when the pipes thaw.

During periods of cold weather, the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department typically receives calls from customers reporting broken water pipes. When pipes break between the water meter and the home or within the home, the customer is responsible for repairs. Since the Public Utilities Department operates and maintains the water system for the Raleigh, Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell, and Zebulon service area, it is responsible for repairing any damage in the street and up to the water meter. Read more...

  • To report a Water Main Break call 919-996-3245 to report as an emergency.

If You Approach a Traffic Signal Out Due to Power Outage

traffic light with no power

In addition to affecting residential and commercial customers, power outages are causing traffic signals to go out. Motorists are asked to exercise extreme caution when moving through those intersections.

If an officer is directing traffic, drivers should take care to follow the officer’s directions and consider the officer’s safety as they make their way through by following the officer’s hand-signaled instructions.

Due to the scope of the power outages, most intersections without power will not have officers present. In those instances motorists should treat the situation the same way they would a four-way stop. The following rules apply.

The first vehicle to arrive at an intersection has the right of way. If two vehicles arrive simultaneously, the vehicle to the right has the right of way.

When directional movements become a factor due to multiple motorists working through an intersection, right-of-way priority is given to vehicles moving straight through, followed by vehicles making right turns, followed by vehicles making left turns.

The best way to handle any confusion is to simply wait until one is confident the way is clear to safely navigate an intersection.

Common Questions


How do I find out about bus schedules?
A: You can get information about routes and schedules for GoRaleigh buses by calling 919-485-7433. News and alerts about bus systems in the Triangle can be found at

Business Closings

How do I find out whether local businesses are closed?
A: Tune into area media outlets or visit their websites.
(For example, and

Cable Television

My cable television has gone out. Who should I call?
A: Contact your service provider.
Time Warner Cable: 1-800-TWC-Help (1-800-892-4357) | AT&T: 1-800-288-2020

Electrical Power Problems

How do I report downed power lines or a transformer fire?
A: Call 911

How do I report an electrical power outage?
A: Call your power company.
Duke Energy Carolinas
English: 1-800-769-3766 (1-800-POWERON)
Español: 1-866-427-2466 (1-866-4APAGON)

Wake Electric
919-863-6499 or 1-800-743-3155

Debris Removal

A neighbor’s tree fell in my yard, what do I do?
A: It is your responsibility, not your neighbor’s, for any damage on private property. Call your homeowners insurance company for guidance.

A City tree fell in my yard. What do I do?
A: It is the homeowner’s responsibility for any damage on private property. The City of Raleigh is not responsible for any damage that is not on City property and will not cut down and/or remove trees on private property. Contact your homeowners insurance company for guidance.

Who will pick up storm debris? What will they pick up?
A: City of Raleigh Solid Waste Service Department crews will work normal schedules and service all areas that are passable and safe. Yard waste crews will be collecting only normal yard waste material, not storm debris. All yard waste storm debris should be piled separately at your curbside and will be collected by a contractor.

A City contractor will work in the areas affected by the storms to collect storm debris.

Do not place storm debris in the street or gutter. Keep debris away from overhanging tree limbs, low utility wires, hydrants, mailboxes, trees or other structures that might hinder collection. Please do not mix any construction material with yard debris; it will not be collected. Do not put yard waste or construction debris in garbage carts; they will not be collected. The City will not collect construction debris.

Raleigh residents, businesses and contractors may take yard waste debris directly to the City’s Yard Waste Recycling Center at 900 N. New Hope Road.

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