Inspections Department

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The Inspections Department's responsibilities include enforcement of uniform building construction codes and minimum housing standards. The department provides a code enforcement program within the framework of applicable policies, procedures, instructions and state and local laws to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens within the jurisdictional area of the City of Raleigh.

New Permit Notification Program Launches May 1

The Permit Notification Program will inform contractors and property owners whose permits are due to expire and inspection of the project is needed.

To Schedule an Inspection

Please note that the Inspections Department does not process permits or schedule field inspections. For assistance with these services, please contact the Development Services Customer Service Center. See numbers below for specific services:

To schedule, cancel or inquire about the status of an inspection

To schedule an inspection using the automated phone system (EDIFY)

To pay a re-inspection fee
919-996-2500 or use the Online Development Center

Permits, plan intake (gatekeeping), and final review



Residential plan review is conducted at the Litchford Road Satellite Office. Site and commercial building plan intake as well as same day and next day permitting are processed at the Development Services Customer Service Center.

Schedule an Inspection

Schedule an Inspection

Once the permit has been obtained, the client has several different ways to schedule, maintain and research the permit.

Administration Division

Inspections Administration Division

The Inspections Administration Division includes the Director and administrative support staff.

Construction Division

Inspections Construction Division

The Construction Division is responsible for assuring that all residential and commercial construction meets the applicable Building Code requirements and for reviewing construction plans for code compliance. This includes the plans review staff as well as the field inspectors.

Our Mission

To ensure the public's health, safety, and welfare through the enforcement of adopted codes, to promote the economic health of the City of Raleigh by enhancing business development and retention, assuring adequate housing and clean neighborhoods, and to provide exemplary service to our customers that exceeds their expectations for efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Our Values

The commitment of its professional staff to the enhancement and preservation of our natural and environmental resources while overseeing the erection and maintenance of safe buildings and dwellings in which to live and work.

Our Goals

  • Be responsive to the public
  • Review plans in a timely manner
  • Perform inspections on the date requested
  • Reduce the number of minimum housing and public nuisance cases
  • Improve efficiency
  • Adopt up-to-date technology as it becomes available

Contact Information

One Exchange Plaza, 1 Exchange Plaza - 5th Floor
Interim Deputy Director: Hamid Dolikhani

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