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Where is the Community Development Division working?

Last updated Jun. 21, 2017 - 4:03 pm

In addition to helping to fund multi-family apartments buildings across the City of Raleigh, Community Development is developing single-family homes and townhomes in these three areas to benefit low/moderate income families.

East College Park

  • Homes are for a mix of low/moderate income and market rate buyers
  • 98 Single Family Homes
  • 51 Townhomes
  • 7 builders: CB Pugh Enterprise, Evergreen Construction, Thayer Homes, Habitat for Humanity, Carolina Cottage Company, St. Augustine University CDC, RD Construction

See more information about East College Park

Martin and Haywood Streets Area

  • Reserved for low/moderate income buyers
  • 23 Single Family homes
  • Map of lot locations
  • 4 Builders: Habitat for Humanity, RD Construction, Thayer Homes, CB Pugh-New Legacy Realty

Idlewild Avenue Area

  • Reserved for low/moderate income buyers
  • 11 Single Family homes
  • Map of lot locations
  • 2 Builders: Habitat for Humanity and Evergreen Construction

Interested Homebuyers

Interested in making one of these communities home? See if you qualify as an affordable (low/moderate income) homebuyer based on the chart below:

Family Size12345678
Maximum Household
Income to Qualify

Contact Community Development for more information at 919-996-4330 or email at

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