City of Raleigh Employee Access

Last updated Nov. 19, 2015 - 11:40 am

The services and information listed below are for use by City of Raleigh employees only.


With Webmail access, you can use a Web browser to access your Microsoft Outlook mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection. Outlook Web Access is an effective solution for employees requiring remote access to e-mail, contacts and calendar.

Open Webmail

Employee Self Service (PeopleSoft)

Employee Self-Service provides City of Raleigh employees with easy access to PeopleSoft "My Pay Information" and "My Personal Information" any time from any location with an Internet connection. City employees can view their personal data and pay-related information. Information such as address and telephone numbers may be modified for faster processing

Open Self Service

Promotional and Transfer Opportunities

Current City employees can view and apply for internal promotional and transfer opportunities.

View Job Postings

Technical Support

Make sure your computer meets the system Requirements

  • Working Internet connection
  • Windows XP with service pack 3 (Vista is not recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher

During business hours (7:30am to 5:15pm)

  • Call the CSC at 919-996-6000

Weekends or After hours

  • Urgent calls will be monitored by Customer Support.
  • For Non-urgent issues submit a work order or leave a voice message, and you will receive a response the following business day.

The IT Customer Support Center cannot provide technical support for computers not owned by the City of Raleigh. However, the CSC will provide their best effort to ensure City staff can connect to Webmail and Employee Self-Service.

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