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Last updated Oct. 30, 2014 - 3:26 pm

The City's official website uses a number of different communication channels to reach various audiences.


The City's website is being enhanced on a periodic basis as we gradually release site improvements. In addition to engaging with City staff on their web needs, we also find opportunities to communicate with the citizenry to understand their needs.

One method of citizen engagement is through interactions with groups like CityCamp NC. CityCamp NC provides an annual event as well as periodic meet-ups which provide a great venue to hear what engaged citizens are thinking.

The other method to directly have an impact on the web site is to volunteer for usability testing. We perform usability testing as needed on new enhancements or as we reorganize content. It provides us insight into how people use and navigate our site so that we can better understand what you need and look for on the City's website.

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