WaterSense Toilet Rebate Program

Last Modified: January 02, 2014

The WaterSense Toilet Rebate Program ended on January 1, 2014. Applications postmarked by December 31, 2013, are currently being processed.

How Will I Receive My Rebate?

Please allow at least eight weeks for processing of a completed application. Rebate checks, and not credits, will be disbursed to approved applicants; however, the City reserves the right to issue credits to the applicant's account. Filing an application does not guarantee rebate disbursement; all applications must be complete and contain proof of eligibility.

Once approved, rebate checks will be mailed to approved applicants using the mailing address listed on the rebate application. After an application is approved, please allow at least eight weeks for the rebate check to be mailed. Due to staff and resource constraints, not all applicants will be informed when their application is received, approved or incomplete.

Warranties and Representations

The City of Raleigh is not responsible for improper disposal methods; and the City of Raleigh makes no warranties or representations that the HET toilet selected by the applicant will perform as represented by its manufacturer or seller, that utility bills will be lower or that reduced water consumption will occur because of the use of the HET toilet. The City of Raleigh is not responsible for the work of the installer, whether a licensed plumber or otherwise.

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