Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection Has Been Completed

News posted Feb. 21, 2017 - 9:00 am

Update, February 21, 2017:

Seasonal loose leaf collection has been completed. However, for City of Raleigh residents who still have loose leaves they would like collected, the Transportation Field Services Division will be taking requests for collection thru March 10, 2017. Loose leaf piles must be properly prepared before calling. A name, address and contact phone number must be given to be placed on the list. The number to call is 919-996-6446, office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Another option residents have for collection is the weekly Yardwaste Program offered by Solid Waste Services.

Original post, October 27, 2016:
Annual Leaf Collection To Begin November 7

Each year, the City of Raleigh provides collection and proper disposal of unwanted loose leaves as a service to its residents. Trucks outfitted with large vacuums lift and deposit the leaves into dump boxes that are hauled away. This seasonal service supplements the weekly, year-round yard waste collection provided by the City of Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department.

Crews will only collect loose leaf piles from in front of single family homes. The City will not provide service to commercial properties such as businesses, schools, churches, or apartment complexes. Landscape contractors are responsible for proper disposal of all leaf piles they create. City crews make two passes each season using equipment which vacuums the loose leaf piles off the ground. Trucks work their way through the City by pre-assigned routes, alternating the starting point from year to year. Each neighborhood is worked based on a street by street pattern similar to your mail carrier delivering mail. As the truck drives down each street, it stops once in front of each house to vacuum any leaf pile there. Once a street, neighborhood or route is completed, the truck does not go back to that location. It will take crews anywhere from several days to all week to complete an area. The loose leaf collection can be affected by both weather and volume of leaves so this schedule is subject to change without notice.

The City of Raleigh encourages residents to mulch or backyard compost leaves as an alternative to disposal whenever possible. Mulching can be done by simply using your lawn mower to cut the leaves up. More information on backyard composting can be found on our Backyard Composting page.

The collection will begin on November 7 and is usually completed by February.

Each resident is responsible for being aware of the season’s schedule and to have their loose leaf pile prepared in time for collection. The schedule is available on the City’s website or by calling the Transportation Field Services Division at 919-996-6446. To find out what collection zone you live in, visit the City’s page and click on the “Services” tab near the top. Enter your address in the “MyRaleigh Services” box in the right column and the information pertaining to your address will appear.

For leaves to be collected, residents must place loose leaf piles at the edge of their yard but close enough to the street that the vacuum equipment can reach them. Leaves are typically left in the area between the curb and sidewalk no more than six feet from the edge of the pavement. Take care not to rake or blow leaves into the street. Doing so creates a hazard to the public and is a violation of city code.

Make sure that your leaves are free from foreign debris and away from potential obstructions. Foreign debris such as limbs, vines, rocks, and trash can cause damage to the vacuum equipment. In order to protect the equipment, leaf piles too close to obstructions or mixed with foreign debris will not be collected.

For more information, to view the detailed schedule, or to determine your Collection Zone, please visit our dedicated Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection page.

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