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The Community Development Division strives to improve the availability, affordability, and quality of housing and neighborhoods in Raleigh. The Department provides financial assistance for affordable housing and public services to low- and moderate-income families throughout the City, usually through partnerships.

2013-14 Community Enhancement Grant Cycle

The next cycle will be announced when available.

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Grant Distribution

As part of its neighborhood revitalization strategies, the Department supports new or expanded services provided by nonprofit organizations to low-income residents or other populations such as seniors, abused children, battered spouses, severely disabled adults, homeless persons, illiterate adults, persons living with AIDS, or migrant farm workers. Funds are distributed in an annual competition. Raleigh also provides funding for homeownership training and to allow police officers to reside in high-crime areas to aid in community policing.

The Community Enhancement Grant is given each year to nonprofit and faith-based organizations to build human capacity within blighted or low- and moderate-income areas. Funds for this program are given through the federal Community Development Block Grant program. Applicants are judged based on the soundness of the program proposal, fiscal responsibility of the organization, the mission and track record of the organization, and other program requirements.

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