Current Bids - Apparatus, Supplies, Materials or Equipment

List current as of 10/18/2016

Last updated Oct. 18, 2016 - 2:17 pm

The City of Raleigh's Current Bids for apparatus, supplies, materials, or equipment are listed below. See Bids & RFPs regarding additional information and opportunities for Requests for Proposals and Construction Bids.

Public Notice

Pursuant to the General Statutes of the State of North Carolina, sealed proposals for the following items or projects are invited and will be received by the City of Raleigh until the Bid Opening date and time as listed below. This list serves as a public notice advertisement for Bids and Request for Proposals. Bid documents and specifications are available to prospective bidders from the contact person for that listing during regular office hours of 8:30am to 5:15pm.

Per North Carolina General Statute 87-15, prospective bidders for construction contracts must be properly licensed. The City Council or its delegate reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Bidders must comply with nondiscrimination provisions. The City of Raleigh is an equal opportunity agency and invites small and minority contractors to bid.

Minority Woman Business Enterprise (MWBE) Policy Statement

Pursuant to General Statues of North Carolina Section 143-128 and 143-131 and to City policy, the City of Raleigh encourages and provides equal opportunity for Certified Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) businesses to participate in all aspects of the City's contracting and procurement programs.

Furthermore, the City’s goal is to contract or sub-contract fifteen percent (15%) of the contract amount to Certified MWBEs on construction projects over $300,000, or with contracts that include $100,000 or more in state funding. The goal breakdown is 8% for minorities and 7% for non-minority females.

Current Bids - Apparatus, Supplies, Materials or Equipment

All bids for Apparatus, Supplies, Materials, or Equipment are now on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (IPS).

Using the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) to post the City’s bids enables us to provide the bid documents online to be viewed or downloaded and enables us to reach an increased number of potential suppliers including HUB certified MWBE’s.

When a bid is posted to IPS, an e-mail is automatically sent to each supplier that is registered on the state system for that category. All items are located on the state site at: . Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the bid documents. Suppliers will need to scroll down to non-state listings and continue to scroll down to locate the City of Raleigh. From there, click on the City of Raleigh to view and obtain the City’s current solicitation documents.

If you have any questions or issues using the IPS website, contact the bid agent provided for that particular bid or the City of Raleigh Procurement Division at 919-996-3240.

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