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Last Modified: August 08, 2013
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Raleigh is dedicated to becoming a more walkable city!

Did you miss the UDC Education Forum about the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan? Check out the presentation.

Adopted Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

The Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan was adopted by City Council on January 2nd, 2013. The Pedestrian Plan provides strategies for enhancing Raleigh's transportation system to promote walkability throughout the City. The plan assesses the existing facilities, policies, plans, and programs that affect pedestrian mobility and provides recommendations for improvements. The plan includes templates for pedestrian infrastructure improvements, examples of tools and techniques for improving walkability, and a prioritized list of over 200 proposed sidewalk projects throughout the City.

Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Introduction & Plan Goals
Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 - Best Practices, Design Standards, & Sidewalk Program
Chapter 4 - Pedestrian Facility Recommendations

Chapter 5 - Programs and Initiatives for Walkable Raleigh
Chapter 6 - Summary of Recommendations
Chapter 7 - Implementing the Plan
Chapter 8 - Longer Term Vision

A printed copy is also available for review at the Office of Transportation Planning, One Exchange Plaza, Suite 727, PO Box 590, Raleigh NC 27602

City-Initiated Projects

Our staff receives requests for new sidewalk projects from a variety of sources, which include other departments, schools, transit providers, and directly from citizens. City-initiated projects are generally focused on fixing gaps along higher volume streets, such as thoroughfares. Each proposed sidewalk project is evaluated and ranked based on a variety of factors, including street classification, existing demand, special population needs, feasibility, and the proximity of places people want to walk to, like parks, schools, and shopping areas.

Sidewalk Petition Projects

New sidewalk projects on local residential streets are typically handled through a petition process by the residents along the street. The petition program for a new sidewalk requires signatures from a majority of the property owners along the street that make up the majority of the property frontage.

More Information

Watch For Me NC!

Watch for Me

Raleigh partnered with North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC), the City of Durham, the Town of Chapel Hill and the Town of Carrboro to launch a pedestrian education campaign in August 2012 called Watch for Me, NC. The campaign focused on high crash locations in the downtown area and target both drivers and pedestrians. The campaign ran from August through October.

Campaign Summary | Campaign Factsheet

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