Water Conservation and Efficiency

Last Modified: March 10, 2014

The City of Raleigh has initiated several programs to help educate our customers about the most water efficient technologies and to understand the City's mandatory conservation measures.

Water Conservation Programs & Tips

Running water into a washing machine

There are many ways to save water and be more efficient. These programs and tips provide a variety of ways to practice water conservation within your home, office and community.

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Permanent Conservation Measures

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Do you know when you may water your lawn? ALL City of Raleigh water customers are currently under Permanent Conservation Measures. Many of these restrictions apply to irrigation usage, and are in effect everyday.

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Educational Presentations

Water Educational Presentation

Want to learn about the importance of water and our resources, how to conserve, and what programs the City offers? Public Utilities offers a variety of presentations and materials.

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WaterWise Demonstration Garden

Garden on side of brick building with plants and rocks

See WaterWise Gardening in action at the City's first WaterWise Demonstration site. This site was created by the combined efforts of Public Utilities, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, several volunteers and the City's VISTA members, and is home to over 17 different plant species.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Two large wooden rainwater barrels located next to a building

Learn about the City Water Quality Cost-Share Program designed to help home owners harvest their rainwater while minimizing installation costs. New systems can include a variety of methods designed to improve water quality in Raleigh's streams and lakes.

Stormwater Utility Water Quality Cost-Share Program

Reuse Water

Collage of water reuse

Reuse water, sometimes called reclaimed water or recycled water, has been highly treated and can be re-used instead of being discharged to a waterway. Although not suitable for human consumption, there are many viable uses for reuse water.

Find out about Raleigh's Reuse Water System

Irrigation Installation Ordinances

Grass field being irrigated by sprinklers

Planning to install a new irrigation system? City Ordinance now requires all new potable water, in-ground irrigation systems to have a smart controller with two weather-based sensors, one of which must be a rain sensor.

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