Stormwater Mapping and Inventory

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The Public Works Department's Stormwater Management Division is conducting a detailed inventory of rivers, streams, inlets, underground pipes and drainage ways within the Raleigh area for the purpose of developing Geographic Information System (GIS) drainage maps and locating illicit connections/discharges. Mapping the entire drainage system within Raleigh's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), on both public and private property, is a requirement of the federal Clean Water Act governing the discharge of stormwater into the Neuse River. Since much of the drainage system is located on or runs through private property, it may be necessary for the City staff to have access to private property in order to collect required information.

Inventory Process

Inventory crews will locate important drainage structures using Global Positing System [(GPS) sub-meter accuracy] and take detailed measurements of inlets, pipes and open channels. They will not disturb or damage property or vegetation on private property. If an important stormwater structure is covered, buried, and/or otherwise obstructed, the permission of the property owner will be obtained before staff accesses the structure with special tools and equipment.

In order to ensure the recognition of City of Raleigh staff conducting the inventory, field crew members will wear orange vests or brightly colored outerwear with a City logo and shall display City identification badges.

Staff will examine drainage facilities that play a vital role (12-inch diameter pipes or greater) in carrying and conveying stormwater runoff. Much of this system is located within private property.

Important Note

The goal for this drainage information is for the City to address water quality issues. This information is NOT presented as survey grade data and DOES NOT serve to replace an actual field survey.

Locations of Assets

Privately-owned Stormwater Systems/Structures are located on:

  • Residential (single and multifamily)
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Homeowner Association common area
  • Vacant property

City-owned Stormwater Systems/Structures are located on:

  • Public rights-of-way (City streets)
  • Parks
  • Other City-owned property


Call the Stormwater Management Division at 919-996-3940 or email us.

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