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Last updated May 13, 2015 - 1:59 pm
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Certified Testers Update:
The City of Raleigh's Cross Connection Program can only enforce the testing of containment backflow assemblies. Therefore, beginning October 1, 2014, all domestic and irrigation backflow test reports are required to have the meter number of the water service they contain. Furthermore, as of October 1, 2014, we will no longer accept faxed or mailed test reports. All test reports must be submitted online.

2015 Surveys:
Throughout 2015, the Public Utilities Department will be conducting surveys at commercial and residential facilities to verify there are approved backflow assemblies containing domestic, irrigation, and fire sprinkler services.
Your facility may be found to not have the proper backflow protection, and a corrective action notice will be given to you to install an approved backflow.

Because of the surveys conducted by the Public Utilities Department in 2015, testing notices will not be sent to our water customers that are required to annually or triennially test their containment backflow assemblies. Testing notices are a courtesy provided to our water customers and lack of a notice does not eliminate the annual or triennially testing requirement. For more information you may email us or call 919-996-2742.

Looking for a list of testers that are certified to test in the Raleigh water area?
Certified Tester List

Corrective Action Notice

Requirement to Install:
In the City of Raleigh's Public Utilities Cross Connection Ordinance, Section 8-2147 & 8-2148 requires every residential and commercial water consumer to have a containment device installed at each point of separation between the public water supply and a private service or private distribution system or at the point of metering. For residential customers without an irrigation or fire sprinkler system or any hazard listed in Sec. 8-2147, this containment is accomplished by the dual check that is installed on the meter yoke. All other services are required to be contained by the installation of an approved Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow assembly or Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) after the meter or point of separation. Backflow protection is required for all services and facilites that are not exempted because of the age of the facility.

What do I do if I received a Corrective Action Notice?
If a site survey was conducted by our Cross Connection Program at your facility and you were found non complaint, you will have 90 days to comply with the Corrective Action Notice you were given. If you feel this notice was given in error, you may request an exemption to install an approved containment backflow assembly by submitting a Backflow Assessment Form.
Backflow Assessment Form

If you find that your facility currently has the proper containment backflow assembly, you must submit the following documentation:
1. Backflow Verification Form
2. Current passing operational test for the approved containment backflow assembly

Assessment and Verification Instructions
Additional information can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation Testing

Winterized Irrigation Systems
Each Spring, many water customers restart their irrigation systems by reinstalling the backflow assembly or hiring an irrigation contractor to perform this service for them. This year, we are asking our water customers to make note of the serial number, make and model of the backflow assembly that is installed on their system. If they hire an irrigation contractor to restart their irrigation system, we are asking the water customer to make sure the contractor reinstalls the same backflow used the previous season. A backflow serial number that does not match our database will be considered a replacement backflow and may require a permit number to be given on the report. (Contact local Inspections Department for requirements) For more information or to verify backflow information, you can email us or call 919-996-2742.

Inspection Departments:
City of Raleigh: 919-996-2495
Wake County (Zebulon, Rolesville, Knightdale, Wendell): 919-856-6222
Town of Wake Forest: 919-435-9530
Town of Garner: 919-773-4433

Irrigation Testing Requirements
Information for testing your assembly

Permitted Termination
Instructions for terminating your irrigation service

Approved Assemblies

Sec. 8-2149(b) All reduced pressure zone principle backflow prevention devices and double check valve backflow prevention devices shall be approved by the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research.

Our list is updated quarterly. If you are a vendor and your backflow is USC and ASSE approved and not currently listed, please contact our Cross Connection office by email or call 919-996-2742.

Approved Assemblies List
List of assemblies allowed for 'new' and 'replacement' backflows in the Raleigh water area

City of Raleigh Certification School

Certification Class: Agenda
Cost: $200.00
Time: 8:00-4:00pm

2015 Certification Schedule
To reserve a seat please send the Registration Form to

March 9-13stClosed
June 15-19thOpen
September 21-25thOpen
December 7-11thOpen

Recertification Class: Agenda
Cost: $80.00
Time: 8:00-4:00pm

2015 Recertification Schedule
To reserve a seat please send the Registration Form to

April 8-9th
August 12-13th
October 14-15thOpen

Please note that all checks and money orders should be mailed to:

City of Raleigh
Public Utilities Cross Connection Program
PO Box 590
Suite 620
Attn: Linda Tillmon
Raleigh, NC 27602

Orientation / Certified Testers

Who can test?

Not registered as a City of Raleigh Certified Tester?
If you wish to test in our water service area, you must be certified by one of our approved schools and attend one of the seven orientation sessions that will be conducted in 2015. Acceptance of your test reports cannot be made until you have successfully attended an orientation session and completed all paperwork to verify your certification.

Currently registered as a City of Raleigh Certified Tester?
In order to continue testing in our water service area, you are responsible to keep our records current with any renewals of your backflow certification and test kit calibrations. Test reports will not be accepted when submitted by testers with expired certificates.

How to register as a Certified Tester with the City of Raleigh.
Once certified, you will need to contact our Cross Connection Program via email or at 919-996-2742

Orientation Class:
Cost: $25.00*
Time: 8:00-10:30AM

2015 Orientation Schedule
To reserve a seat please send the Registration Form to

March 12thClosed
April 8thClosed
June 18thClosed
August 12thOpen
September 10thOpen
October 14thOpen
December 10thOpen

*The cost of orientation registration is included in the cost of the City of Raleigh's Cross Connection Certification and Recertification classes.

The City of Raleigh will accept certifications from the following schools:

City of Durham Department of Water Management
101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701
919-560-4194 Ext. 35249
Durham's Backflow Prevention Program

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department
5100 Brookshire Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28216
704-399-2426 Ext. 295
Central Piedmont Community College Construction Education

Greenville Utilities Commission Water Resources Department
PO Box 1847
Greenville, NC 27835
Greenville Utilities

North Carolina Rural Water Association
P.O. Box 540
Welcome, NC 27374
NCRWA Backflow Cross Connection Training

University of Florida Center for Training Research/Education for Environmental Occupations (TREEO)
3900 SW 63rd Blvd.
Gainsville, FL 32608

Ordinance and Handbooks

Cross Connection Handbook
Information regarding the City of Raleigh's Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connection Ordinance

Public Utilities Handbook

Test Procedures
For each type of assembly

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