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Bi-Weekly Collection

Last updated Jan. 07, 2016 - 2:30 pm

Bi-weekly collection is provided to residents that have been provided with 95 gallon roll carts for recycling.

  • Pilot program - June 1, 2010 approximately 4,000 Raleigh residents
  • Phase 1 - July 2010 - 14,000 more residents were added
  • Phase 2 - August 2011 - 33,000 residents joined the program
  • Phase 3 - September 2012 - another 33,000 residents were added
  • Phase 4 - September 2013 - the final 31,000 residents were added

What should I do with my green recycling bin?

Old Bin

We encourage residents to keep the old 18 gallon green recycling bin for use inside the home or garage to collect the materials and then transfer them to the roll cart outdoors. Residents might want to use it for other purposes; it’s a great storage container or tote for laundry, garden tools, etc.

You may also consider giving it to your local church or civic club and encourage them to start a recycling program and collect recyclable materials and drop them off at one of our Recycling Drop Off Centers.

If you do not wish to keep the bin or donate it you can place it in the blue recycling cart on your collection day. Bins placed in recycling carts will be recycled into new plastic products.

I don't have that much recycling. Is there a smaller cart?


Yes, we understand single residents or smaller families may not need the capacity of the 95 gallon cart (or maybe you're just not a big consumer, great!). You may call and request to switch to a 65 gallon recycling cart AFTER you use the 95 gallon cart through the first holiday period. Call the Customer Support Center at 919-996-3245.

Before you make the call, please do consider that we provide bi-weekly collection, those times around the holidays when extra recyclables are generated, and perhaps the future when we are able to secure markets for even more materials.

Also remember, if you put your cart out only when it is full you can save yourself time as well increase crew efficiencies and reduce GHG emissions as the vehicles will not have as many "stop and goes".

Cart Dimensions ("footprint" of the carts is not very different):

  • 95 Gal: 45.13"H x 28.7"W x 33.73"D
  • 65 Gal: 40.50"H x 26.7"W x 28.11"D

How will I know what week to recycle?

Recycling calendars

This year approximately 44,000 households in the city will be rerouted and will have their day of the week or week they receive recycling collection change. These changes are necessary in order to provide all residents with the most efficient and cost effective service possible.

Please pay close attention to the recycling calendar when you receive it. If your recycling collection day has changed then your garbage and yard waste collection day will change to the same day. Remember, only recycling frequency changes to every other week. Even though your day of the week may change for all your services (garbage, recycling and yard waste); garbage and yard waste will continue to be collected weekly.

Residents received a postcard notice indicating a change in schedule for their particular address in June advising them of the change. The calendar also shows any changes due to holidays.

Can I recycle more types of items now?

Graphic Labels

Yes! We have renegotiated our contract with our recycling contractor and added most #1-#5 and #7 resin coded plastic containers (some exceptions apply), colored paper, telephone books and spiral paper cans. These new items are now conveniently and graphically displayed on the lids of the recycling carts since 2010.

Residents from Phase I who wish to have a new decal to apply to their cart lid with all the current acceptable materials should call 919-996-6890 to request one.

There is plenty of room to hold materials for the change from weekly to bi-weekly collection, as well as to accommodate the addition of the new materials.

View Recyclable Items

Why did the program changing from bins to roll carts?

There are many advantages for change from the 18 gallon recycling bins to the 95 gallon roll carts. Included are:

  • Greater capacity
  • Biweekly collection is more efficient and saves money
  • Safer for recycling crews, reduces workman compensation claims
  • Based on other NC communities that have made the change, recycling tons are expected to increase
  • More tons recycled reduces landfill costs and increases revenues from the sale of recyclables
  • Biweekly collection using carts uses fewer trucks resulting greenhouse gas mitigation and energy savings

I recycle a lot. Can I get more than one recycling cart?

Stacked Carts

Residents needing an additional recycling cart(s) may purchase it for a one time fee of $48. The smaller 65 gallon recycling cart may be purchased for $42. Recycling carts may only be used for recyclable material. Recycling carts filled with non-recyclable material will not be serviced.

Read more about purchasing carts

How much money will the city save?

The bi-weekly automated recycling collection program saved over $330,000 the first year, and is expected to save $2 million annually after the transition is complete.

Can I keep using my green recycling bin? There's no room at my townhome for a large roll cart.


Residents living in townhome communities where garbage carts are not used will be reviewed on a case by case basis as to whether or not they will be using the recycling cart. Call 919-996-6872 to arrange for an on site visit.

Service levels will change to biweekly for all areas so careful consideration should be given before deciding to keep the small green bins. Other communities that feel they have space concerns should contact Solid Waste Services Code Enforcement.

Can residents get assistance with the recycling cart?

Need Assistance

Qualified individuals that have the garbage cart serviced by the Need Assistance Garbage Crew will also have the recycling cart serviced by the Need Assistance Recycling Crew. To be eligible for assistance your doctor must submit the Solid Waste Services Need Assistance Form and there must be no one else living in the household able to roll the cart to the curb. Call 919-996-6884 for complete information.

Download the Need Assistance Form

If I move, should I take my recycling cart with me?

Bar Code

No, the new recycling carts are bar coded to a specific street address with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Please leave the recycling cart at the existing home. When you arrive at your new home, call the Customer Support Center at 919-996-6890 and request a new recycling cart if there is not already one there.

Please do not call for a recycling cart prior to your move in date. Carts will not be delivered prior to taking occupancy of the home.

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