Board of Adjustment Cases

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The Raleigh Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body which acts on appeals for variances, special exceptions and interpretations in the zoning regulations.

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Case NumberAddress
February - Decisions

107 W. Hargett Street


323 S. East Street


2820 O’Berry Street


1018 E. Jones Street


1335 Courtland Drive


1025 Gregg Street


4020 Ajinomoto Drive


319 E. Lane Street


3704 Laurel Hills Road

A-12-18 6115 Dodsworth Drive
January - Decisions
Zoning Code Interpretation - UI-15-17
A-10-181604 Jarvis Street
0 and 835 Freedom Drive
3900 and 3911 Pleasant Valley Road
911 N. West Street
6401 Perry Creek Road
5914 Big Nance Drive
1617 Ridge Road
952 Mere Oak Drive
410 Ashe Avenue
105 E. Aycock Street


Case NumberAddress
December - Decisions
A-139-171505 Canterbury Road
A-138-171505 Canterbury Road
A-137-177521 Haymarket Lane
A-136-17505 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
A-135-174700 Riverwood Circle
A-134-17201 W. Park Drive
A-132-173603 Bastion Lane
A-131-172449 Lynn Road
A-130-17206 Bart Street
A-129-171812 Pictou Road
November - Decisions
A-128-174000 Tryon Road
A-127-172605 Sanderson Drive
A-126-171500 and 1540 Dunn Road
A-125-173713 Williamsborough Court
A-124-173500 Norway Spruce Drive
A-123-177621 Stonehenge Farm Lane & 2605 Stonehenge Manor Drive
A-122-17219 Dexter Place
A-121-173401 Tunas Street
A-112-171824 Thorpshire Drive
October - Decisions
A-120-174509 Creedmoor Road
A-119-172801 Wakefield Pines Drive
A-118-172449 Lynn Road
A-117-172512 Stafford Avenue
A-116-174000 Wingate Drive
A-115-174829 Little Falls Drive
A-114-17136 Ashton Hall Lane
September - Decisions
A-111-171415 Ridge Road
A-110-171806 Bickett Boulevard
A-109-177517 Precision Drive
A-108-1711370 Common Oaks Drive
A-107-178551, 8531 and 8511 Marvino Lane
A-106-17615 N. Boylan Avenue
August - Decisions
A-105-179550 Brier Creek Parkway
A-104-179600 Brier Creek Parkway
A-103-179400 Brier Creek Parkway
A-102-179200 Bruckhaus Street
A-101-171021 Corporate Center Drive
A-100-173929 and 3925 Arrow Drive
A-98-178304 Bellingham Circle
A-97-175 North Swain Street
A-96-171820 and 1824 Trailwood Drive
A-95-17802 Williamson Drive
A-94-176101 Glenwood Avenue
July - Decisions
A-93-173207 Milton Road
A-92-172116 E. Lake Drive
A-91-171409 Dogwood Lane
A-90-17115 Hawthorne Road
A-89-17305 Forest Road
A-86-173304 Pine Grove Road
A-85-17810 E. Davie Street
A-84-172612 St. Mary's Street
June - Decisions
A-83-173424 Lewis Farm Road
A-82-17312 Bertie Drive
A-81-17123 Idlewild Avenue
A-80-17319 Seawell Avenue
A-79-179501 Leesville Road and 9513, 9601, 9605 Old Leesville Road
A-77-171620 Bickett Boulevard
A-76-171100 Newton Road
A-75-171100 Newton Road
A-74-175914 Big Nance Drive
May - Decisions
A-73-173010 Churchill Road
A-72-17Appellant: Robert Monk
A-71-17101 Pineland Circle
A-70-170 Battery Drive (REID 0434119)
A-69-170 Battery Drive (REID 0036257)
A-68-17200 W. Davie Street
A-67-171021 Corporate Center Drive
A-66-173312 Thomas Road
A-65-17309 Forest Road
A-64-173417 Churchill Road
A-63-17903 Runnymede Road
A-62-173016 Allenby Drive
A-61-172321 Hinton Street
A-60-172312 Woodrow Drive
A-59-171405 Canterbury Road
A-58-172127 Cowper Drive
A-57-17626 Dorothea Drive
April - Decisions
A-55-17andA-56-171103 and 1105 S. Blount Street
A-54-175000 Spring Forest Road
A-51-17throughA-53-171607 Ella Wiggins Way, 607 Velma Hopkins Ln., & 609 Maywood Ave.
A-50-1711110 Falls of Neuse Road & a portion of 1590 Dunn Rd.
A-49-171310 Carolina Pines Avenue
A-48-17713 E. Franklin Street
A-47-171117 S. Person Street
A-46-17834 Friar Tuck Road
A-45-175608 Old Forge Circle
A-44-171921 Banbury Road
A-43-171519 Carson Street
A-42-17902 Daniels Street
March - Decisions
A-41-178551, 8531, and 8511 Marvino Lane
A-40-174800 Grove Barton Road
A-39-173032 Wake Forest Road
A-38-17127 W. Park Drive
A-37-172309 Ridge Road
A-36-179409 Misty Creek Lane
A-35-178 Dixie Trial
A-34-174607 Latimer Road
A-33-173410 Tryon Road
A-32-171204 Loblolly Court
A-31-176500 Chapel Hill Road
A-30-171100 S. Bloodworth Street
February - Decisions
A-29-171522 Jones Franklin Road
A-28-1711 S. Blount Street
A-27-175207 and 5211 Coronado Drive
A-26-17507 Chamberlain Street
A-25-17505 Chamberlain Street
A-24-174215 Whitfield Road
A-23-172516 Winterbury Court
A-22-17626 Dorothea Drive
A-21-17513 Rosengarten Alley
A-20-171207 Wake Forest Road
A-19-17915 S. Person Street
A-18-174206 St. James Church Road
A-17-172804 Crofton Springs Drive
A-16-173300 and 3320 Wake Forest Road
January (Meeting held in Feb.) - Decisions
A-15-171017 S. Person Street
A-14-17532 E. Lenoir Street
534 E. Lenoir Street
536 E. Lenoir Street
406 Alston Street
210 and 212 N. State Street
1128 N. Blount Street
423 S. McDowell Street
423 S. McDowell Street
2503 Mayview Road
7725 Audubon Drive
2709 Lochmore Drive
2400 White Oak Road

3012 Oldham Court

4000 Buffaloe Road


Case NumberAddress
December - Decisions

2912 Wake Forest Road

A-133-162912 Wake Forest Road
A-132-169501 Leesville Road and 9513, 9601, 9605 Old Leesville Road
A-131-1612616 Village Springs Road
A-130-1612612 Village Springs Road
A-129-1611401 Leesville Road
A-128-16507 Rosengarten Alley
November - Decisions
A-127-16701 Bart Street
A-126-162001 Booker Drive
A-125-1613700 Falls of Neuse Road
A-124-1610831 Wakefield Commons Drive
A-123-161019 Oberlin Road
A-122-16422 S. Bloodworth Street
A-121-16521 Alston Street
A-120-161207 Wake Forest Road
A-119-16848 Lake Raleigh Road
A-118-16612 E. South Street
October - Decisions
A-117-161924 Capital Boulevard
A-116-162463 Medway Drive
A-115-161805 Wills Avenue
A-114-16712 New Road
A-113-160 Oberlin Road PIN 1704041151
A-112-16202 Bart Street
A-111-161318 Mayfair Road
A-110-163009 Granville Drive
A-109-163515 Bellevue Road
A-108-165207 Coronado Drive
A-107-165211 Coronado Drive
September - Decisions
A-106-162900 and 2950 E. Millbrook Road
A-105-161329 Mayfair Road
A-104-163217 Sunbright Lane
A-103-161419 Mordecai Drive
A-102-162601 Fairview Road
A-101-161304 Brooks Avenue
A-100-162105 Reaves Drive
A-99-161405 Canterbury Road
August - Decisions
A-98-16419 S. East Street
A-97-16400 Chavis Way
A-96-162900 & 2950 E. Millbrook Road
A-95-163700 Lake Wheeler Road
A-94-1612608 Port Chester Court
A-93-1612700 Topiary Court
A-92-163141 Ashel Street
A-91-16 & A-90-162625 & 2631 Churchill Road
A-89-163014 Churchill Road
July - Decisions
A-88-16605 Juno Court
A-87-16605 Juno Court
A-86-162309 Old Milburnie Road
A-85-16120 Rush Street
A-84-161020 Harvey Street
A-83-162508 Ashley Court
A-82-162741 Peachleaf Street
A-81-162601 Unit A Van Dyke Avenue
A-80-16907 E. Martin Street
A-79-162703 Mayview Road
A-78-161101 South Person Street
A-77-164105 Lambeth Drive
A-76-1612601 Port Chester Court
A-75-16206 Furches Street
A-74-163602 Phyllis Drive
A-73-163600 Phyllis Drive
June - Decisions
A-71-168715 Waynick Drive
A-70-161211 E. Martin Street
A-69-168273 Hillside Drive
A-68-16613 Holden Street
A-67-165410 Louisburg Road
A-66-16833 Woodburn Road
A-59-16 through A-65-16900, 902, 1000, 1002, 1004, 1006, and 1008 Norris Street
A-58-162129 Cowper Drive
A-57-165109 Melbourne Road
May - Decisions
A-56-1611100 Fellowship Drive
A-55-163305 Drake Circle
A-54-162330 Byrd Street
A-53-16304 Brooks Avenue
A-52-16902 Cranbrook Road
A-51-162809 Grant Avenue
A-50-163312 Thomas Road
A-49-164610 Joyner Place
April - Decisions
A-48-160 E. Edenton Street and 527 & 529 New Bern Avenue
A-47-16531 & 539 New Bern Avenue
A-46-165019 Hollyridge Drive
A-45-162725 Bedford Avenue
A-44-161009 Marilyn Drive
A-43-16910 S. Person Street
A-41-163600 Wake Forset Road
A-40-164509 Fortingale Circle
March - Decisions
A-39-161313 Mordecai Drive
A-37-166314, 6316, 6318, 6320, 6420 Litchford Road & 6132 Johnsdale Road
A-36-16602 E. South Street
A-34-16506 S. Saunders Street
A-33-163000 & 3002 Lewis Farm Road
A-32-161806 Sutton Drive
A-31-161810 Sutton Drive
A-30-161220 Banbury Road
A-29-166001 Lead Mine Road
February - Decisions
A-28-169600 Fonville Road
A-27-16323 Shepherd Street
A-26-162403 White Oak Road
A-25-16816 W. Johnson Street
A-24-161425 Nottingham Road
A-23-161423 Nottingham Road
A-22-161421 Nottingham Road
A-21-16531 and 539 New Bern Avenue
A-20-16527, 529 & 531 New Bern Avenue
January - Decisions
410 W. Martin St., 218 S. Harrington St. & 223 S. West St.
8504 Darton Way
715 Sasser Street
600 Virginia Avenue
716 Virginia Avenue
719 Sasser Street
4501, 4505, & 4509 Lead Mine Road
2901 Schubba Court
527 & 529 New Bern Avenue
2721 Van Dyke Avenue
1141 Wimbleton Drive
5813 Shawood Drive
2602 Van Dyke Avenue
704 Florence Street
704 Florence Street
304 N. Person Street & 311 E. Lane Street
3313 Wade Avenue


Case NumberAddress
December - Decisions
A-114to159-15Mere Oak Dr., Lochwind Run, Lentic Ct.
A-113-158441 Lentic Court
A-112-152520 Ratchford Drive
A-111-15623 Hillsborough Street
A-110-152001 Delta Woods Lane
A-109-152033 Delta Woods Lane
A-108-1511716 Wake Bluff Drive
A-107-1511724 Wake Bluff Drive
A-106-15801 E. Davie Street
A-105-155409 Crestview Road
A-104-151726 Brooks Avenue
A-103-152201 Oxford Hills Drive
November - Decisions
A-102-151928 Alexander Road
587 E. Cabarrus Street
A-100-152037 Delta Woods Lane
A-99-1511717 Wake Bluff Drive
A-98-1511713 Wake Bluff Drive
A-97-1511709 Wake Bluff Drive
A-96-152113 Channel Branch Drive
A-95-154617 Old Village Road
A-94-15516 Orange Street
A-93-152603 Hazelwood Drive
A-92-15810 Cotton Place
A-91-1512312 Bunchgrass Lane
A-90-159208 Meadow Mist Court
A-89-152029 Delta Woods Lane
October - Decisions
A-88-151315 Oakwood Avenue
A-87-151918 Banbury Road
A-86-15706 Colleton Road
A-85-152517 Kenmore Drive
A-84-152324 Victoria Park Lane
A-83-152424 Victoria Park Lane
A-82-152400 Victory Park Lane
A-80-150 E. Lane Street PIN 1704902245
A-72(B)-15509 Wade Avenue
A-72(A)-15514 Cole Street
September - Decisions
A-79-15509 Plainview Avenue
A-78-15505 Plainview Avenue
A-77-15501 Plainview Avenue
A-76-15459 Plainview Avenue
A-75-15455 Plainview Avenue
A-74-154109 Reavis Road
A-73-152612 Village Manor Way
A-72(B)-15509 Wade Avenue
A-72(A)-15514 Cole Street
A-71-153118 Stedman Drive
A-70-15417 Frank Street
A-69-15816 W. Johnson Street
A-68-15919 Brookside Drive
A-58-153140 Leland Drive
August - Decisions
A-65-151513 Caswell Street
A-64-153713 Eck Drive
A-63-152403 Kilgore Avenue
A-62-15222 Hawthorne Road
A-61-151219 Watauga Street
A-47-151100 Newton Road
July - Decisions
A-60-153313 Wade Avenue
A-59-15815-4 Marlowe Road
A-57-151203 Kent Road
A-56-15903 Runnymede Road
A-55-1510513 Arnold Palmer Drive
A-54-152500 Shadow Hills Court
A-53-151201 Lane Street
A-51-154845 Silverdene Street
A-50-153605 Swann Street
A-49-151330 Mordecai Drive
A-44-150 Swain Street
A-41-15309 Freeman Street
A-40-15420 S. Bloodworth Street
A-39-15602 E. Cabarrus Street
June - Decisions
A-46-151805 Wills Avenue
A-45-158821 Wadford Drive
A-43-15581 E. Cabarrus Street
A-42-15585 E. Cabarrus Street
A-38-15115 W. Park Drive
A-37-153313 Wade Avenue
A-36-152509 Lewiswood Lane
A-35-152813 Hogan Lane
A-34-15710 & 720 N. Person Street
A-29-152515 Anderson Drive

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