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Emergencies should be reported by dialing 911

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The Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center, also known as Raleigh-Wake 9-1-1, answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and dispatches the appropriate help. The professional staff is dedicated to providing quality service not only to our citizens but also to the first responders that we serve.

The center provides dispatching and centralized communications for 4 EMS agencies, 8 law enforcement agencies and 20 fire departments, serving more than 1 million residents in an area of 860 miles. The 9-1-1 Center employs a highly trained staff using the latest in technology in order to maintain our high commitment to public safety.

Our employees take pride in the high expectations they set for each other. The 9-1-1 Center is one of 4 centers nationwide to have obtained accreditation from the Commission on Accredited Law Enforcement Association (CALEA), International Academy of Emergency Dispatch Accredited Center of Excellence (IAED ACE) and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 33 Training Certification.

We value your opinion of our services. For commendations and complaints, please fill out the Customer Service Feedback Form.

Recently the 9-1-1 Center was recognized by 911 Dispatcher Edu as one of the Top Ten 9-1-1 Call Centers in the United States for 2015. 911 Dispatcher EDU's Top Ten 911 Call Centers.

Contact Information

ECC Workstation

911 (Emergencies)

919-829-1911 (Non-Emergencies)

919-996-3530 (Administration)

919-996-5050 (Recruitment and Training)

919-954-6131 (Fax)

Director: Dominick Nutter


ECC Workstation
Nearly 500,000 calls for service a year are dispatched to Wake County Public Safety Responders by the ECC
In 2017, the ECC delivered 9 babies and provided countless CPR instructions that resulted in 18 cardiac saves.
The ECC received 47 total feedbacks which included 20 commendations and 27 complaints. The commendations and complaints are summarized below:
20 Commendations (7 from citizens, 13 from service agencies)
27 Complaints (10 from citizens, 17 from services agencies: 21 were found to be valid, 6 were unfounded)
Nearly 500,000 calls for service a year were dispatched to Wake County Public Safety Responders by the ECC.
In 2018, the ECC provided countless CPR instructions that resulted in 18 cardiac arrest saves.
The ECC received 45 total feedbacks which included 12 commendations and 33 complaints.
The commendations and complaints are summarized below:
  • 12 commendations (one from a citizen, 11 from service agencies); and,
  • 33 complaints (10 from citizens, 23 from services agencies. Of those, 16 were found to be valid, 17 were unfounded).

Public Education

Terry The Telephone with children

Do you know of a school in need of 9-1-1 education literature? is there an upcoming event in your community where you could help promote 9-1-1 education? The Raleigh-Wake 9-1-1 Center offers a variety of outreach programs to seniors, community groups, ELS, adult service organizations and children.

  • School age presentations: Day Care Centers and K-2nd grade.
  • Presentations: Senior and Community Centers, Seminars and Workshops, Community Organizations, Local Businesses Public Safety Days, Civic/Service Organizations and Church Groups.
The 9-1-1 center routinely conducts educational programs reaching all ages within the community. Our goal is to ensure that everyone knows exactly how to call 9-1-1 and what they need to know and expect when they call. Please contact the ECC Training Division (919-996-5050) to schedule a program for your group.

Training Academy

The Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center provides basic training for recruits, and professional development for all employees. The training program is accredited through the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials(APCO) Project 33 program.

  • All new employees complete a Training Academy program and receive 6 to 9 months of hands-on training.
  • Each employee is provided over 40 hours of professional development annually.
  • Participates in Public Education Events.


The Training Academy is committed to providing its students with the best training available to support and accomplish the mission of Raleigh-Wake County Emergency Communications Center. By creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the learning process, students are provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully carry out department objectives while embracing the agency's core values of professionalism, courtesy and compassion.


  • To produce competent Telecommunicators capable of working in a skillful, motivated, productive, and professional manner.
  • To provide standardized training to all new employees in the practical application of learned information.
  • To provide clear standards for rating and evaluation which give all new employees every reasonable opportunity to succeed.
  • To enhance the professionalism, job skills, and ethical standards of the emergency communication community.
  • To provide remedial training in those areas where deficiencies are identified.
  • To work towards continuous quality improvement.

Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement:

The Raleigh-Wake County Emergency Communications Center is the true first responder to all emergencies. Our mission is to act as a vital and critical link between our public safety agencies and the citizens they protect and serve. We strive to ensure the preservation of life and property by treating all who use our services with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion and by relaying accurate information in a timely and efficient manner.

Statement of Values:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Personal Excellence
  • Constructive Self-Criticism
  • Continual Self-Improvement
  • Mutual Respect



The Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center prides itself in achieving national recognition through the various accrediting agencies. We are only 1 of 4 nationwide to hold all three accreditations. These accreditations provide a mechanism to measure the 9-1-1 center and its performance. Ultimately the goal of the 9-1-1 center is to provide the best service to the citizens and responders we serve in Wake County.

Commission of Accredited Law Enforcement Associations (CALEA)

The Raleigh-Wake 911 Center is a CALEA Accredited Communications Center as of November 2007. The purpose of the accreditation program is to promote superior public safety communications services and to recognize professional excellence. This is accomplished by standards derived from the best practices of professional public safety communications agencies, and then implementing a process that verifies that the standards are met.

Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE)

In 2007, the center received it's ACE accreditation through the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) for emergency medical dispatching. An accredited agency must meet 20 points of accreditation which range from how an agency processes an incoming medical call to having on-going continuing education to having an oversight committee to ensure compliance. In addition to the 20 points, an accredited center must audit a percentage of all medical calls. The center's overall score must be maintained at a minimum of 95%. Once accredited, a center must maintain the 20 points achieved in the original accreditation and maintain the minimum compliance score of 95% for emergency medical dispatching.

Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Project 33 (APCO Project 33)

APCO Project 33 Agency Training Program Certification is a formal mechanism for public safety agencies to certify their training program as meeting APCO American National Standards (ANS.) The standard specifies the minimum training requirements of call takers and telecommunicators of law enforcement, fire service, and emergency medical services assigned to the public safety telecommunicator function.

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