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The Procurement Division is responsible for the overall conduct or oversight of all purchases of City of Raleigh equipment, supplies, and services. More information is available below.

Supplier Registration and Update Process

To become a supplier with the City, please visit Supplier Registration and Update Process.

The City standard terms and conditions apply to all purchases of supplies and equipment made by the City of Raleigh and must be considered as part of any quotation or bid proposal and will be included on all purchase orders issued. Contracts for services may have additional terms and conditions.

Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

  • The City of Raleigh is pro-active in encouraging purchases of goods and services from certified minority and women-owned businesses as well as soliciting their participation in City construction bids.
  • The City's Business Assistance Program Manager coordinates the MWBE Certification Program. All MWBE businesses which become certified by the City are listed in a directory for use by City departments. For more information, contact Maria A. Torres at 919-996-4271 or the Procurement Division at 919-996-3240.

Sustainable Procurement

In accordance with the City of Raleigh 2007-2009 City Council Mission Statement, the City recognizes its responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse, equitable, and vibrant community and economy. The City recognizes that the types of products and services the City buys have inherent social, human health, environmental and economic impacts, and that the City should make procurement decisions that embody the City’s commitment to sustainability whenever possible.

For more information, view our Sustainable Procurement Policy .

Bids and RFPs / RFQs

All City solicitations (Bids, RFPs, RFQs) for Apparatus, Supplies, Materials, Equipment, Services, and Construction are now posted on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (IPS). See Bids and RFPs / RFQs for more information.

Procurement Card Purchases

Some City employees are issued a City of Raleigh procurement card which gives them authorization to make certain purchases in accordance with the City's Purchasing procedures. The procurement card program provides a more rapid turnaround of purchases for low dollar value goods and reduces paperwork and handling costs. Currently, Bank of America provides this procurement card service for the City, and the cards can be used with suppliers that accept Visa credit cards.

Sales Tax

The City is required to pay North Carolina state and local sales taxes. Our purchase orders estimate these taxes; however, all applicable taxes should be included on your invoices.

Invoice Payments

The City's Accounting Services and Financial Reporting Division handles invoice payments. Standard payment terms are net thirty (30) days.

The City of Raleigh's Federal Tax ID number can be obtained by calling the Accounting Services and Financial Reporting Division at 919-996-3210, or by mailing a request to:

City of Raleigh
Accounting Services and Financial Reporting Division
PO Box 590
Raleigh, NC 27602-0590

Surplus Equipment Auctions

Currently, the City of Raleigh is not holding auctions for disposal of surplus equipment. Most surplus equipment is now either consigned to the North Carolina State Surplus Property Agency for disposal or sold by online auction via GovDeals. For more information, see Surplus Equipment Auctions.

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