Pullen Road Extension Project

Last updated Nov. 01, 2018 - 1:34 pm
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Road Extension
  • $3,000,000 (City responsible for half the cost)
  • Roadway Design and Construction (Lead)
  • North Carolina State University, Catholic Diocese of North Carolina and Ramey Kemp (Consultant)

Current Activity

Posted Oct. 19

The Pullen Road extension is taking shape. Carolina Sunrock, the City’s contractor, completed most of the base pavement along the corridor, and the landscaping is scheduled for installation now the cooler weather has set in.

The Pullen Road Extension Project contains a unique stormwater treatment. The contractor is installing an artificial wetland that will collect a large amount of the roadways runoff. The wetland will collect runoff from a section of the roadways storm drains allowing the water to seep into the ground filtering out many of the pollutants before it reaches downstream waters.


This project will extend Pullen Road from Western Boulevard to Centennial Parkway as a 52-foot from back-of-curb to back-of-curb roadway with:

  • Bike lanes;
  • Medians;
  • A six-foot sidewalk on the east side;
  • A 10-foot multi-use path on the west side;
  • Street trees and street lights on both sides; and,
  • 12-inch water main installation.


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
March 17, 2016Public Meeting
June 16, 2016Public Meeting
August 2016Public Hearing
Late Spring 2017Complete Right of Way Acquisition
Late Spring 2017Advertise for Construction Contract
Summer 2017Award Construction Contract
Dec. 2018Project Completion


The City developed a three-party agreement with North Carolina State University and the Catholic Diocese of North Carolina for the purpose of extending Pullen Road from Western Boulevard to Centennial Parkway. This street extension is consistent with the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and will help improve safety and congestion along Western Boulevard. The project proposes to construct a three-lane curb and gutter section with medians, sidewalks, bike lanes, street trees, and street lights. Upon completion, street improvements would be maintained by the City.

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