Stormwater Inspection & Maintenance (SIM) Program

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City of Raleigh Stormwater Inspection & Maintenance (SIM) Program - Effective September 2015

The City of Raleigh regulates over 2,000 Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) throughout the City and requires submittal of an Inspection Report to be completed annually to confirm the functionality of the devices.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) section 9.2.2.H requires that Professional Engineers, Professional Landscape Architects, and Professional Land Surveyors perform these inspections annually and work closely with City staff to achieve compliance. Noncompliance with the requirements may result in enforcement actions and fines outlined in UDO 9.2.5.

The SIM program is voluntary and assists professionals with certification requirements and procedures for stormwater devices. As an incentive, the name and contact information of the professional and/or the company maintaining or certifying the device will be showcased on this website. Information can also be distributed to property owners upon request.

Incentives for SIM Participants

As a SIM participant, professionals receive the following:

  • Free marketing through the City's certifier and maintenance distribution list
  • Access to recently approved site lists that are provided on a quarterly basis
  • A successful work experience with the City to meet SCM best practices and regulatory standards

Obtaining SIM Certification

  • The individual must submit an application. The applicant must include a professional resume showing the work performed in the last 12 months. The resume should include a list of at least 10 stormwater devices inspected or maintained during the last 12 months. This does NOT replace the requirement that annual inspections must be sealed by a Registered Landscape Architect, Professional Engineer, or Professional Land Surveyor.
  • The applicant must complete a SCM Maintenance and Inspection training workshop similar to the workshop offered by North Carolina State University. Evidence of the training such as certification number or other certificate demonstrating the successful completion of such a workshop is to be included with the application. Certifications must be maintained in order to remain valid.
  • City of Raleigh staff will look at a combination of experience and/or other certifications on a case by case basis to determine whether the applicant qualifies.

Maintaining SIM Certification

  • Participants must physically inspect each device they certify.
  • Participants submit in good faith appropriately completed inspection reports.
  • Participants take at least one training every three years on new sciences and technologies in the SCM field.
  • Participants must continually meet SIM Program performance standards.

SIM Program Performance Standards

SIM Program Performance Standards

Effective January 1, 2017, program participants are required to maintain performance standards and criteria to remain in the program. If the standards are not met, participants will be suspended for a period of six months with repeat non-compliance resulting in removal from the SIM program completely. Participants not in compliance will be notified by email from SCM staff. A phone or office interview is optional anytime and may be necessary for extenuating circumstances.

The following actions result in program suspension or dismissal:

  • Submitting an annual inspection report without personally visiting the site to perform the inspection within thirty days of annual report receipt.
  • Knowingly falsifying information on a report or in accompanying communications.

If dismissed from the program, the professional will have to successfully repeat the application and certification process.

If you have any questions or concerns about the SIM program or these performance standards, please contact SCM staff at 919-996-3774 or

Annual Inspection Report Information

Annual inspection reports (Form-501) may be submitted electronically in PDF format to or by mail at:

City of Raleigh
Department of Engineering Services
Attn: Stormwater Engineers
222. W Hargett Street
PO Box 590
Raleigh, NC 27602-0590

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