John Chavis Memorial Park Phase 1 Implementation

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Current Activity

John Chavis Memorial Park Phase 1 Implementation is currently in the permitting phase.


On December 2, 2014, Raleigh City Council approved Clearscapes, a Raleigh Architecture + Art firm, to lead a strategic implementation study for the revised John Chavis Memorial Park Master Plan. Throughout the study, public meetings will be held to ensure alignment of design with the community’s vision and the park master plan. The design team is currently examining the adopted park master plan, the park site, and development options. The effort will include historic interpretation designs, phased development recommendations, and operation and financial analysis with cost estimates.  Park development steps, such as construction documentation, engineering, and permitting, should be underway in the summer of 2016, following completion of the implementation study. Phase 1 construction is expected to begin in 2018.


Center of the Park and Downtown


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Winter 2016Public Input on Schematic Design
Spring 2017Council Approval of Schematic Design
Summer 2017Construction Documentation
Fall 2017 Permitting and Bidding


The Chavis Park Community Conversation, a park planning effort from August 2012 through May 2014, resulted in an amended park master plan for the long-term development of the park.

An appointed Public Leadership Group, representing area stakeholders, worked towards a community understanding for both the history and the future of the park, establishing consensus on shared interests, desired amenities, and needed improvements for the park. The Raleigh City Council unanimously approved the Revised Master Plan for John Chavis Memorial Park at its May 20, 2014 meeting . All meeting materials can be found at Chavis Conversations Public Leadership Group.

There are have been several other milestones during this time of community planning and engagement, most recently, the approval of the 2014 Park Bond which identified nearly $12 million of implementation funds for Phase 1 of the revised Master Plan. On March 19, 2013, exactly 75 years to the date that the park was officially designated the John Chavis Memorial Park, City Council approved a proclamation recognizing the park's original name and its unique origins to serve African Americans during the era of segregated public facilities. A master plan was done in 1971 and was last revised in 1994.

The Raleigh City Council approved the Strategic Implementation Study on June 21, 2016. The study strategically refines the park master plan adopted in May 2014 and presents the park improvements expected using the 2014 Parks Bond funding.

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