Information on development impacts and City improvements at 621 and 701 Hillsborough Street

Last updated Sep. 27, 2019 - 10:36 am
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Bloc[83] is a large development project in downtown Raleigh. Phase one of the project completed in early 2019 with the opening of One Glenwood. Phase two begins in October 2019 with construction of Tower Two, an urban courtyard, and parking garage.

Schedule: October 2019 thru December 2020

Developer: Heritage Properties, Inc.

General Contractor: Whiting Turner Construction Company

Download a brochure for more information on public impacts and improvements.

NOTE: Construction of the Origin Hotel is managed by Thrash Development.

Public Impacts

Hillsborough, Morgan, Boylan and Glenwood  street and public transit map

Pedestrians, cyclists, commuters, and residents should be prepared for the following impacts to downtown streets and sidewalks:

  • The travel lanes and sidewalks located on Boylan Avenue between Morgan Street and Hillsborough Street will be closed from October 2019 to December 2020
  • One of the west bound travel lanes and the sidewalk located on W. Morgan Street between Glenwood Avenue and Boylan Avenue will be closed from October 2019 to December 2020. Two way drive traffic will be available on W. Morgan Avenue.
  • The east bound bike lane and sidewalk located on Hillsborough Street between Glenwood Avenue and Saint Mary's Street will be closed from October 2019 to December 2020.

Questions or concerns regarding sidewalk and street closures? Email our Right-of-Way team.

Public Improvements

A number of public improvements will be paid for by the developer of this project:

  • The developer gifted the city more than 5,250 square feet of land to enhance sidewalks, future roadways, and bike lanes. Land was dedicated adjacent to the development site along W. Morgan Street to add a future bike lane and a future tree lined median;
  • The sidewalks along W. Morgan, Boylan Avenue, and Hillsborough Street are being changed from five-feet sidewalks to more than 14-feet wide sidewalks with tree lined streets. A brick accent band will also be added along the street;
  • Ten drive entrances will be eliminated off of Boylan Avenue, W. Morgan Street, and Hillsborough Street to improve traffic flow. Those areas are being replaced with additional street parking for the public;
  • Overhead power lines along Boylan Avenue are being removed and replaced with underground power lines. This will enhance the asthetics of the area and help reduce power outage risks; and,
  • All of Boylan Avenue between W. Morgan Street and Hillsborough Street and all of W. Morgan Street between Boylan Avenue and Glenwood Avenue will be repaved.

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