Stand-Alone Commercial Review

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The Stand-Alone Commercial Review is a review of a single trade plan, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical or fire protection. This review is only for minor repairs, replacements, fire damage repairs and addition of equipment to an existing commercial building in accordance with N.C. Administrative and Enforcement Requirement Code, Volume 1-A.

A Stand-Alone Commercial Review does not include building or site review.


An inspection of property with fire damage must be scheduled before requesting a Stand-Alone Commercial Review. To schedule a fire inspection, call the Development Services Customer Service Center. This inspection will provide the property owner with a list of required areas and materials needed to meet the current building code.

Approvals or Permits Issued

Building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire protection permits are issued.

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal
  • Complete a Permit Application: Can be found at the top of the DS Forms Directory in the “Most Popular Selections” box.
Required for Some Projects
  • Projects that require fire protection features (alarm, sprinkler, stand pipes, access, fuel tanks, etc.) should be submitted according to the General Information for Fire Protection Permits & Inspections Guide
  • Cut sheets on all equipment. A cut sheet is a document supplied by the manufacturer describing the product and installation requirements
  • Details, computations, stress diagrams or documentation sealed by a North Carolina registered design professional and other data necessary to describe the construction or installation of a system. Please refer to the North Carolina Administrative and Enforcement Requirement Code, Volume 1-A Section 302.1, 302.1 and 302.3
  • Certificate of Appropriateness if site is a historic landmark or in a historic district
  • Special Inspections are third party inspections

Additional Information

Report fire protection and fire alarm equipment emergency repairs to the Fire Department at This includes repair requests for fire sprinklers, pumps, etc. This ensures that all necessary staff are notified and the permitting process can begin sooner. You will receive an automated reply with instructions and links for permitting and inspections. This process is only for repairs that are replacing like-for-like systems. If repairs require a system upgrade, you must submit plans for the permitting process.

Commercial Plan Review Contact List

Expected Processing Time for Development Projects


Use this Fee Calculator to obtain an estimate of Building and Trade Permit Fees.

Next Steps

  • Schedule required inspections

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