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Expand the sections below to find useful and timely information about the status of all development cases or use our Development Dashboard to look up cases by type, date range, or location including radius searches.

Quickly search recent development plans, or rezoning cases.

Please consider using the Online Development Center to quickly access the following information:

  • Development plans/public improvement plans – search for information about plans that are under review or that have been submitted within the last year;
  • Building permits – enter a street address to view permits that have been issued; or,
  • Certificate of Occupancy – enter a building permit number or street address to view and print a copy of your CO.

Status Abbreviations

  • City Council (CC)
  • City Council Economic Development and Innovation Committee (EDI)
  • City Council Growth and Natural Resources Committee (GNR)
  • City Council Healthy Neighborhoods Committee (HN)
  • City Council Transportation and Transit Committee (TTC)
  • Planning Commission (PC)
  • Planning Commission Committee of the Whole (COW)
  • Planning Commission Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
  • Planning Commission Text Change Committee (TCC)
  • Under Review (UR)
  • Public Hearing (PH)
  • Approved Pending Appeal (APA)
  • Approved with Conditions Pending Appeal (CAPA)
  • Appealed (AP)
  • Denied Pending Appeal (DPA)
  • Expired Pending Appeal (EPA)
  • Effective Date (EFF)
  • Boundary Survey (BS)
  • Exemption (EX)
  • Miscellaneous (MI)
  • Recombination (R)
  • Right-of-Way (RW)
  • Subdivision (S)
  • Site Plan (SP)
  • Site Review (SR)

Administrative Alternate for Design (AAD)

An Administrative Alternate for Design is a proposed design which, by choice or necessity, varies from the allowable standards. The proposal must meet the intent of the UDO standards, conform to the Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City, and be considered equal to or better than the UDO standard.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
AAD-1-19 8402 Darton WayForestvilleAPA 2-18-19Stevens
AAD-2-199 Glenwood / Willard HotelHillsborough/Wade CACUR 2-7-19Evans
AAD-3-19North State Bank/2413 Blue Ridge Rd.NorthwestUR 2-7-19Evans
AAD-4-19Nash Square Hotel/227 W Martin StreetCentralUR 2-7-19Pettibone
AAD-5-19Lumley Road Hotel/10100 Lumley RoadNorthwestUR 2-21-19Pettibone

Annexation Cases

Cities may annex property so they can provide essential services to urbanized areas in an orderly and efficient way.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
A1585Canyon DrReceived 6-29-17Anagnost
A16164505 Tryon RdReceived 3-23-18Mabel
A16201712 Mayridge LnCC 8-20-19Mabel
A16309405, 9409 Carlswood CtApproved 2-19-19Mabel
A16317900 Gabriels Bend Dr, 7902 Ebenezer Church RdReceived 11-7-18Klem
A16323717 Overlook Rd Approved 2-19-19Belk
A16334100, 4104 Ebenezer Church RdApproved 2-19-19Little
A16347001 Battle Bridge RdRecieved 12-18-18Reckhow
AX-1-192301 Dorety PlCC 3-5-19Ellis

Board of Adjustment (BOA)

BOA Sign

View Board of Adjustment agenda for the latest cases. Find archived case files in the recent minutes or case files prior to March 2, 2018, on the Board of Adjustment webpage.

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Certificate of Appropriateness agenda & case files for latest cases (e.g., 001‐18‐CA).

Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP)

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment is a proposed change to the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan, a key policy document in regards to long-range growth, and environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
RCRX Recommendations (Jones Franklin)TTC TBDAnagnost
Falls North (Falls of Neuse) Area PlanGNR TBD; PH closed 12-4-18Hardin
CP-4-18Future Land Use Map CorrectionsPC 3-26-19Mabel
CP-5-18Fayetteville Street ExtensionApproved 2-5-19Klem
CP-6-18Rock Quarry Road Future Land Use MapPC 3-26-19Belk
CP-7-18Corporate Center Drive Future Land Use Map PC 3-26-19Ellis
CP-8-18Rogers Farm AmendmentsIncomplete; additional materials requiredAnagnost
CP-1A-19Avent Ferry - Area Plan PoliciesCC Work Session 2-19-19Klem
CP-1B-19Avent Ferry - Future Land UseCC Work Session 2-19-19Klem
CP-1C-19Avent Ferry - Street PlanCC Work Session 2-19-19Klem

Design Adjustments (DA)

A design adjustment is a request to seek a variance from Article 8.3 (Blocks, Lots, Access), Article 8.4 (New Streets), Article 8.5 (Existing Streets) of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), or a variance from the Raleigh Street Design Manual.

Case NumberProject Name/Location/DescriptionCACStatus*Contact
SR-3-2018 Carnage Dr AptsSouth CentralURWill Shumaker
S-22-2014 Courtland SubdivisionMordecaiURKevin Kidd
SR-91-2017 The LoftSouthwestURKathryn Beard
742 Shelley RoadMidtownURWill Shumaker
North Ridge Bent Pine SubdivisionNorthURKevin Kidd
Lakeview TownhomesWestURKathryn Beard
Fox Road SubdivisionNortheastURKevin Kidd
New Hope CenterAtlanticURWill Shumaker
BRCD at Brier CreekNorthwestURKathryn Beard
New Hope EMSForestvilleURKevin Kidd
Trinity Woods ApartmentsWestURKevin Kidd
PHD StorageNorthwestURWill Shumaker
Closets by DesignAtlanticURKevin Kidd
Station at RaleighWestURKevin Kidd
DA-35-18Triangle Pond ManagementNorthUR Kevin Kidd
DA-36-18522 Edenton Street - RevisionNorth CentralUR Daniel King
DA-43-18Edgemont Reserve IINorthwestUR Will Shumaker
DA-45-18Powell Drive SubdivisionWestUR Kathryn Beard
DA-46-18Pullen Arts CenterHillsboroughURDaniel King
DA-49-18Trinity Brownstones IIWestUR Will Shumaker
DA-50-18Camp Bow WowNorthUR Kathryn Beard
DA-51-18The Loft/2109 Rannette StreetSouthwestUR Kathryn Beard
DA-52-18Bingo's CarwashForestvilleURKevin Kidd
DA-53-1813100 Falls of Neuse RoadNorthUR Kevin Kidd
DA-54-18Learning Care AcademyNorthUR Will Shumaker
DA-56-18WTCC Automotive and CollectionForestvilleUR Kevin Kidd
DA-57-18Wakefield UMCNorthUR Kevin Kidd
DA-58-18HomebancNorthwestUR Kevin Kidd
DA-59-18Thornton ReserveForestvilleUR Will Shumaker
DA-60-18Macedonia ExpansionSouthUR Kathryn Beard
DA-61-18North Raleigh Radiator and AutomotiveNorth UR Kathryn Beard
DA-62-18Cardamom MarketAtlanticUR Kathryn Beard
DA-63-18Hickory Road SubdivisionNorthUR Kathryn Beard
DA-64-18Greystone ApartmentsSouthDPAKevin Kidd
DA-65-18Midtown Collingswood SubdivisionMidtown UR Kathryn Beard
DA-66-18915 South Person StreetCentralUR Kathryn Beard
DA-67-18Westlake IIINorthwestUR Kathryn Beard
DA-68-18Raleigh Iron Works Ph. 1 and Ph. 2EastUR Will Shumaker
DA-69-18Powerhouse ChurchAtlantic UR Kathryn Beard
DA-70-18Cambridge Brier CreekNorthwestUR Kathryn Beard
DA-71-18908 New Bern AvenueSouth CentralUR Kathryn Beard
DA-72-18Stough ElementaryNorthwestUR Will Shumaker
DA-73-18Abbington Village ApartmentsForestvilleUR Kevin Kidd
DA-74-18Eva Mae SubdivisionSoutheastUR Will Shumaker
DA-75-18James River EquipmentSouthUR Kevin Kidd
DA-76-18Virtuous Street Lots 4 & 5SouthUR Will Shumaker
DA-77-18Conn ElementaryEastUR Kevin Kidd
DA-78-18Raleigh Beach SubdivisonNortheastUR Will Shumaker
DA-79-18The LoftSouthwestUR Kathryn Beard
DA-80-18Idlewild Lot 2North CentralUR Daniel King
DA-81-18Jones Franklin TownhomesWestUR Kevin Kidd
DA-82-18Hammond Business ParkCentralUR Kevin Kidd
DA-83-18Triangle Shooting Academy - 100 yd RangeNorthwestUR Will Shumaker
DA-84-18Tin Roof Restaurant and Bar Hillsborough UR Will Shumaker
DA-85-18Enterprise Condos Wade URWill Shumaker
DA-86-18Brier Creek Aviation Pkwy SouthNorthwestURWill Shumaker
DA-87-18832 Springfield SubdivisionNorthURKevin Kidd
DA-89-18Tryon Road CondosSouth UR Kevin Kidd
Cannae SubdivisionMordecaiURWill Shumaker
DA-91-18Beacon RidgeSouthURKevin Kidd
DA-92-183800 GlenwoodGlenwoodURKevin Kidd
DA-93-18Elmwood SubdivisionSouthURKathryn Beard
DA-94-18North Ridge Block 10, Lot 14NorthURKevin Kidd
DA-95-183020 Hillsborough ApartmentsWadeURKevin Kidd
DA-96-18611 W South CondosCentralURKathryn Beard
DA-97-18Highland Express Shuttle ServiceNortheastURKevin Kidd
DA-98-189650 Brier Creek ParkwayNorthwestURKevin Kidd
DA-99-18North Ridge Block 10, Lot 22NorthURKevin Kidd
DA-100-18Riverwalk SubdivisionNortheast URKathryn Beard
DA-101-18Trophy Brewing and PizzaHillsborough-WadeURKevin Kidd
DA-102-18540 WestNortheastURWill Shumaker
DA-103-185401 North Lot 18ForestvilleURKathryn Beard
DA-104-18Pooleside PiesCentralURWill Shumaker
DA-105-18Gannett Road TownhomesWestURKevin Kidd
DA-106-18Century Drive HotelGlenwoodURKevin Kidd
DA-107-18Craftsman BPAtlanticURWill Shumaker
DA-108-18Chaney Road 906 SubdivisionWestURRene Haagen
DA-109-18Piedmont Point SubdivisionNortheastURKevin Kidd
DA-110-18Pine Drive SubdivisionFive PointsURWill Shumaker
DA-111-18Barcroft PlaceNorthURKevin Kidd
DA-112-18East College Park TH Site 2North CentralURKevin Kidd
DA-113-185613 Winthrop DrNorthwestURKathryn Beard
DA-114-18Carson Street Multi FamilyFive PointsURWill Shumaker
DA-115-18710 W Johnson StreetHillsborough-WadeURWill Shumaker
DA-116-18501 E Lane StreetNorth CentralURWill Shumaker
DA-117-18Wakefield Professional Plaza NorthUR Kathryn Beard
DA-118-18North Shore Condominiums SouthwestURWill Shumaker
DA-119-18Mixed-use Development at St. Albans MidtownURKevin Kidd
DA-120-185700 Hillsborough Street Apartments WestURKevin Kidd
DA-121-18Cadence at Tower Center NorthwestURWill Shumake
DA-122-18Technology Park NorthwestURWill Shumake
DA-123-18Sojourn Glenwood Place Phase II GlenwoodURWill Shumake
DA-124-18District at 54 WestURRene Haagen
DA-125-18One Moore Subdivision GlenwoodURKevin Kidd
DA-126-18Westmoreland Drive Extension UR
DA-127-18832 Wake Forest Road UR
DA-128-182019 Fairview UR
DA-129-18Wildcat Branch Subdivision UR
DA-130-18Jolie Restaurant + Bar UR
DA-131-18Iglesia Nuevo Renacer UR
DA-132-18Farmington Square Lots 4 + 5 UR
DA-133-18Smokey Hollow Phase 2 UR
DA-134-18Pine Hollow Estates UR
DA-01-19Stoneridge Estates UR
DA-02-193020 Highwoods Blvd UR
DA-03-19Magnolia Trace UR
DA-04-19Noir Bar + Lounge UR

Recorded Maps/Plat

A recorded map is a legal instrument referred to in deeds and other legal documents. A recorded map shows the configuration of a parcel of land, including boundaries, easements, roads, rights-of-way and other significant features.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
BS-4-18Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village URThomas
BS-13-18Keeter Center Dr, Oak City Multi-Services Center URGoodson
BS-14-1811010 Raven Ridge, Glenlake Gardens URGoodson
BS-16-18814 Oberlin Rd, R-O-W easement URGoodson
BS-33-18Saunders St, URThomas
BS-34-18Ridge Brook La, North Bluff I URThomas
BS-36-18New Bern Av, Waverly Apartments URThomas
BS-38-18Mapleshire Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1062-1066 URGoodson
BS-39-18Poplar Meadow, La, Bryson Village Lots 1076-1080
BS-40-18Randshire Wy, Bryson Village Lots 1202-1207
BS-41-18Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1057-1061
BS-42-18Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1086-1091
BS-43-18Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1037-1041
BS-44-18Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1047-1051
BS-45-18Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1071-1075
BS-46-18oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1042-1046
BS-47-18Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1081-1085
BS-48-18Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1052-1056
BS-50-18Turf Grass Ct, Raleigh Beach Road Apartments URGoodson
BS-54-18S New Hope Rd, OReilly Auto URThomas
BS-60-185200 Green Acres La URThomas
BS-75-18Louisburg Rd URThomas
BS-76-18Hopson Dr URThomas
BS-78-18Skybrook Oaks Dr UR
BS-80-18Julian Dr UR
BS-83-18Parrish Manor Dr URThomas
BS-84-18Ashe Av URThomas
BS-85-18Thistledown Dr URThomas
BS-88-18Norcrest St URThomas
BS-93-18Ancona La URThomas
BS-94-18Strickland Rd URThomas
BS-97-18Bruckhaus St URLeveston
BS-101-18Pullen Rd URThomas
BS-104-18Midtown Market Av URGoodson
BS-106-18Ridge Rd URThomas
BS-109-18W Johnson St URThomas
BS-111-18Harrington St URGoodson
BS-114-18Singleton St URThomas
BS-3-19Atlantic Av URThomas
BS-5-19Virtuous St URLeveston
BS-7-19Umstead View Dr URLeveston
BS-8-19Lake Dr URLeveston
BS-9-19Water Mist La URGoodson
BS-10-19Willow Oak Dr URLeveston
BS-11-19Forestville Rd URGoodson
BS-12-19Wakefield Commons Dr URGoodson
BS-13-19Overlook Rd URThomas
BS-14-19Landmark Dr URLeveston
BS-15-19Unstead View Dr URGoodson
BS-16-19Brookside DR URLeveston
BS-17-19TRinity Rd URGoodson
BS-18-19Catalano Dr URLeveston
BS-19-19Six Fork Rd URThomas
BS-20-19New Bern Av URGoodson
BS-21-19Marvino La URGoodson
BS-22-19Hammond Rd URGoodson
EX-4-18Capital Blvd, Ethel Limited Partnership URThomas
EX-8-18Litchford Rd URLeveston
R-25-18Marlowe & Moye Tracts URThomas
R-26-18Pinehall Plantation lots 47-48 URThomas
R-27-182634 Dover Rd, New lot 44 Wake Hills
R-35-18Oakwood Ave, ST Augustine's College URGoodson
R-36-18102 Logan Ct, URThomas
R-37-18Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Gateway South URGoodson
R-38-18Dellwood Dr, Bolton Land Lot 12 & 13 URThomas
R-40-18Oakwood Ave, Saint Augustine College URPurifoy
R-46-18Beardall St, 5401 North Hills lots 1029-1030 URThomas
R-52-18Oberlin Rd, White Memorial Presb. Church URThomas
R-53-18Strickland Rd URGoodson
R-56-18Filmore St, Lot 9 & 10 Block 11 URThomas
R-60-18Tryon Rd URGoodson
R-64-18Avery Ferry Rd URThomas
R-66-18Tryon Rd, Amellia Park URThomas
R-70-18Watauga St, Northstar Capital URThomas
R-71-18Dawson St URThomas
R-78-18Gorman St URThomas
R-80-18Bellevue Rd URWallace
R-82-18Navaho Dr URThomas
R-83-18S. Tarboro St URWallace
R-87-18Park Ave URThomas
R-88-18Southall Rd URWallace
R-91-18801 Cranbrook Rd URThomas
R-92-18E Hargett St
R-98-18N. State St URThomas
R-104-18Tanner Dr URLeveston
R-109-18Prouette Ct URLeveston
R-113-18Wake Forest Rd URLeveston
R-122-18Sunnybrook Rd URThomas
R-125-18Chapel Hill Rd URLeveston
R-126-18Macaw St URThomas
R-130-18Beacon Lake Dr URLeveston
R-133-18Penn Rd URWallace
R-138-18Rose La URLeveston
R-142-18Carolina Av URLeveston
R-143-182929 Forestville Rd URThomas
Kimbrough St
R-150-18Filmore St URGoodson
R-159-18St Marys St
R-162-18Shane Dr URThomas
R-163-18Leesville Rd URLeveston
R-164-18Churchill Rd URLeveston
R-1-19S Pettigrew St URThomas
R-2-19E Edenton St URThomas
R-4-19Barcroft Pl URLeveston
R-7-19New Birch Dr URLeveston
R-8-19Ray Rd URLeveston
R-9-19Mitchell Mill Rd URLeveston
R-10-19Macon Pl URLeveston
R-11-19Bellevue Rd URLeveston
R-12-19Tomohawk Trl URThomas
R-13-19Western Blvd URLeveston
R-14-19Bickett Blvd URLeveston
R-15-19Woodburn Rd URLeveston
R-16-19Water Mist La URGoodson
R-17-19Chapel Hill Rd URLeveston
R-18-19Duplin Rd URGoodson
R-19-19Tyrrell Rd URLeveston
R-20-19Virtuous St URLeveston
R-21-19Six Forks Rd URLeveston
R-22-19Birch Pl URLeveston
R-23-19Harvey St URLeveston
R-24-19ST Mary St URLeveston
R-25-29Doran Pl URLeveston
S-4-18Jones Franklin Rd URThomas
S-7-18Edgemont Dr URLeveston
S-12-18Edgemont Rd URThomas
S-16-18Collingswood Dr URThomas
S-26-18Barcroft Pl URLeveston
S-31-18Hunting Ridge Rd URGoodson
S-39-18Pine Dr URLeveston
S-42-18Glenwood Av URGoodson

Master Plan Cases (MP)

Master plans are a visual component required when a rezoning application is submitted for a planned development or campus rezoning request. It provides a visual illustration of the general layout, building locations, pedestrian circulation, parking areas, open spaces, utilities, and stormwater facilities associated with a development project.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
Please see Zoning Cases

Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHL)

View Raleigh Historic Landmark cases going to public hearing.

Site Plan Cases (SP)

In terms of review, a “site plan” is improvements or changes to property representing a significant increase in the intensity and/or expansion of use. In physical terms, a “site plan” is a graphic footprint, developed by a licensed professional, showing what is being proposed, much like the architectural plans of a house.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact

Special Use Cases (SU)

Special uses are uses that may be appropriate in a particular zoning district, but because of the increased potential for incompatibility with adjacent uses, require individual review and approval by the Board of Adjustment.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No cases at this time.

Site Review Cases (SR)

In terms of review, “site review” is the consideration of a plan in order to confirm that the proposal meets the development guidelines of the UDO. Before any permit is issued for the construction, repair, or alteration of any building or site, a site plan must be reviewed and approved.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SR-7-15 RevisionThe View Condos/ 1912 Hillsborough St/ CondominiumsWadeURWalters
Raleigh Beach Road Apartments/ 4805 & 4901 Raleigh Beach Rd/ Apartments
E-28 Elementary School/ 6120 Poole Rd & 1920 Barwell Rd/ Elementary School
Sifen Self Storage Facility/ 1901-1908 Segi Ct/ Self Storage FacilityNorthURWalters
BNE Transport, LLC/ 2109 Poole Rd/ Car lot and OfficeEast RaleighURWalters
The Oasis Community Project/ 5520 Louisburg Rd/ Place of WorshipNortheastURWalters
Mira Mart Convenience Center/ 1700 New Bern Av/ Gas station and Convenience storeSouth Central
The Standard/ 3101 Hillsborough St/ Mixed use with retail and apartmentsWadeURWalters
Wendy's/ Poole Rd & New Hope Rd/ RestaurantSoutheastURWalters
SR-45-16 RevisionOne Glenwood/ 1 Glenwood Av & 615 Hillsborough St/ mixed useHillsboroughURWalters
Fred Smith Office/ 6105 Chapel Hill Rd/ OfficeWestURWalters
Cardinal Charter Academy East/ 2301 & 2309 Old Milburnie Rd/ SchoolNorthwestUR
5401 North Amenity/ 7780 Midtown Market Av/ CommercialForestvilleURRametta
Solferino North/ 2209 Century Dr/ OfficeMidtownUR
901 East Edenton/ 901 East Edenton St/ ApartmentsNorth CentralURRametta
301 Hillsborough/ 301 & 327 Hillsborough St/ Mixed useCentralURWalters
North State Street East/306 & 310 North State St/Townhomes/Single family
North CentralURRametta
Hillstone Cameron Village/ 305 Oberlin Rd and various other addresses/ ApartmentsWadeURWalters
Hilton Garden Inn & Homewood Suites/ 200 W. Davie St/ HotelCentralURRametta
McDowell Street hotel/ 431 S McDowell St/ Hotel
Wake Forest Hyundai/ 11555 Commons Oaks Dr/ Vehicles salesNorthURWalters
Kent Road/ 1334 Kent Rd/ Duplex ApartmentsWestURLobo
Joven Properties Storage Facility/4405 Batts Rd/ Self StorageNortheastURLobo
Bullard Retail/ 10831 Wakefield Commons Dr/ RestaurantNorthURStegall
8908 Midway West Rd/ 8905 Midway West Rd/ Vehicle RestaurantNorthwestURWalters
Macedonia Expansion/ 4119 Rocky Quarry Rd/ ReligiousSouthURStegall
Wake Behavioral Health/ 3309 Durham Dr/ Medical
FHD-309 N. State/ 309 N. State St/ DuplexCentralURStegall
SR-57-17 RevisionGaddy Residential Phase I/ 500 St Albans Dr/ Apartments
Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Restauracion/ 4008 Virginia St/ ChurchSoutheastURLobo
SR-71-17 RevisionPreservation NC Offices/ 814 Oberlin Rd/ officeWadeURWalters
Wilder's Grove Lots 2 & 3/ 4201 New Bern Av/ commercial, retail and restaurantNortheastURStegall
Raleigh Iron Works/ 2200 Atlantic Av/ Mixed UseEastUR
PHD 7101 Glenwood Av,/ 7101 Glenwood Av/ Self-storage facility
1401 S Bloodworth St/ 1401 S Bloodworth St/ Restaurant/barSouth CentralURStegall
SR-96-17 RevisionThe Willard/ 9 & 21 Glenwood Av/ Commercial mixed useHillsboroughURWalters
Greystone Apartments/ Rock Quarry Rd/ ApartmentsSouthURWalters
Elite Auto/ 3808 S Wilmington St/ Car dealershipSouthwestURBoivin
Wakefield United Methodist/ 11001 Forest Pines Dr/ Place of WorshipNorthURWalters
Carnage Drive/ 1416 Carnage Dr/ apartmentsSouth CentralUR
Wakefield Station/ 0 Capital Blvd/ ApartmentsNorthURWalters
Wake Med Administration/ 3000 New Bern Av/ Administration buildingEast RaleighURStegall
601 St. Mary's St/ 601 St. Mary's St/ OfficeHillsboroughURWalters
Brier Creek Medical Office/ 7901 ACC Blvd/ Medical office
Thales Academy Buffaloe Rd/ 7003 Buffaloe Rd/ Private nonprofit schoolNortheastURBoivin
Bingo's Car Wash/ 7103 Louisburg Rd/ Car washForestvilleURBoivin
Rainbow Daycare/ 8402 Darton Way/ DaycareForestvilleURWalters
Atlantic Plaza/5621 Atlantic Av, 2339 & 2309 Spring Forest Rd/ Commercial/retailNorthURWalters
Powerhouse Church/ 3411 Pine Knoll Dr/ churchAtlanticURBoivin
Sterling Glenwood/ 3838 Glenwood Av/ ResidentialGlenwoodURWalters
612 Glenwood Building Addition & Outdoor Bar/ 612 Glenwood Av/ bar/night clubHillsboroughURPurifoy
Vault Craft Beer/ 518 W South St/Restaurant/bar
901 E. Edenton St/ 901 E. Edenton St/ Apartments
North Central
1031 Gardner ST/ 1031 Gardner St/ DuplexWadeURPurifoy
WTCC Automotive and Collision/ 6851 Perry Creek Rd/ institutionalForestvilleCAPA 3-8-19
Virtuous Street Lots 4 & 5/ 4124 & 4204 Virtuous St/ Office/warehouse spaceSouthURStegall
908 New Bern Av/ 908 New Bern Av/ Multi-unit livingSouth CentralURBoivin
Midtown Motors/ 1609 Old Louisburg Rd/ Auto salesEast RaleighURPurifoy
625 New Bern Avenue/ 608 New Bern Avenue/ Multi-unit livingNorth CentralURWalters
SR-65-18North State Street Condos/ 310, 312,314, 320 North State St/ Multi-unit livingNorth CentralURWalters
SR-71-18Revision- Technology Park/ 10400 Little Brier Creek Lane/ hotel & office NorthwestURStegall
SR-72-18Xpress Auto Center/ 713 S. New Hope Rd/ Auto oil changeSoutheastURPurifoy
SR-73-18Sojourn Glenwood Place II/ 3700 & 3716 National Dr & 3777 Exchange Glenwood Place/ Mixed use (residential & retail)GlenwoodCAPA 3-15-19
SR-74-18North Shore lots/ 1101 Capability Dr/ CondosSouthwestURStegall
SR-75-18Hill Street Apartments/ 2309 Hill St/ ApartmentsNortheastURBoivin
SR-78-18Skycrest Crossing/ 2241 N New Hope Rd/ OfficeNortheastURWalters
SR-79-18University Park Condos/ 3411 Hillsborough St/ condosNortheastCAPA 3-1-19
SR-81-18Craftsman Drive Flex Office/ 4220 Craftsman Dr/ Flex officeAtlanticURPurifoy
SR-82-18Bee Safe Storage/ 1108 & 1216 Capital Blvd/ Storage facilityMordecaiURBoivin
SR-83-18District at 54/ 700 Corporate Center Dr/ ApartmentsWestURStegall
SR-84-18Integrity Self Storage/ 3430 Integrity Self Storage/ Self- storageSouthURBoivin
Wakefield Professional Plaza/ 11005 & 11009 Ingleside Pl/ Medical office
CAPA 3-3-19
Noir Bar & Lounge/ 425 Glenwood Av/ Nightclub
SR-88-18832 Wake Forest Rd/ 832 Wake Forest Rd/ OfficeMordecaiCAPA 2-22-19
SR-89-18Springfield Retail/ 832 Springfield Commons/ retailNorthURBoivin
SR-90-18Brier Creek Town Center Westin Hotel/ 8001 Development Dr/ hotelNorthwestCAPA 3-1-19
SR-91-183020 Highwoods Blvd/ 3020 Highwoods Blvd/ office
SR-92-18Hillsborough Pointe/ 2812 Hillsborough St/ retail and apartmentsWadeURWalters
SR-94-18Iglesia Nuevo Renacer/ 4400 Pearl Rd/ InstitutionalSouthURPurifoy
SR-95-18313 Cabarrus Commercial Site/ 313 Cabarrus St/ Commercial siteCentralURStegall
SR-97-18Smokey Hollow II/ 506, 516, 520 & 524 N West & 413 N Harrington St/ Mixed useNorth CentralCAPA 3-3-19
SR-98-18 Nash Square Hotel/ 227, 223, 221 & 219 W. Martin ST & 303, 307 S. Dawson St/ Mixed use (hotel & restaurant) CentralURBoivin
SR-99-18leith Administration Building/ 8801 Durant Rd/ OfficeNorthURStegall
SR-100-18Block 83 Parking Deck/ 701 & 709 Hillsborough St/ Parking deck, retail, restaurant, bar & Office
SR-101-18The Cardinal II at North Hills Expansion/ 320 St Albans Dr/ Retirement communityMidtownCAPA 3-15-19
SR-102-18Bojangles Restaurant/ 1541 Sunday Dr/ RestaurantWestURPurifoy
SR-103-18Jolie/ 620 N. Person St/ RestaurantMordecaiURBoivin
SR-104-18ABC Store Expansion/ 7112 Sandy Forks Rd/ Retail salesNorthURPurifoy
SR-105-182019 Fairview /2019 Fairview/ ApartmentsFive PointsURPurifoy
SR-106-18Davis Circle ABC Store/ 6809 Davis Cir/ Retail salesNorthwestURBoivin
SR-107-18As Saam Islamic Center/ 108 Lord Anson Dr/ WorshipEast RaleighURStegall
502 W Lenoir St/ 502 W. Lenoir St/ RestaurantCentralURWalters
SR-109-182401 Stafford Renovation/ 2401 Stafford Av/ ApartmentsHillsboroughURBoivin
SR-110-18Franklin Christoph/ 4550 Preslyn Dr/ ManufacturingNorthURPurifoy
SR-111-18The Cypress of Raleigh Phase 3 - Villa E/ 8710 Cypress Club Dr/ life care community, residential
SR-112-18Walnut Trace Apartments/ Merrick St/ apartments
SR-113-18Rosewater Kitchen & Bar/ 110 Park at North Hills St/ restaurant
SR-114-182413 Blue Ridge Rd/ 2413 Blue Ridge Rd/ officeNorthwestURPurifoy
SR-115-18Ingram Subdivision/ 1911 Sego Ct/ brewery & tasting roomNorthURStegall
SR-116-18Glenlake VII/ 4123 Parklake Av/ officeNorthwestURWalters
SR-117-18Farmington Square Lots 4 & 5/ 2802 & 2818 New Birch Dr/ shopping centerSouthURPurifoy
SR-118-18The Deliverance Church/ 744 McMakin St/ worship areaSouth CentralURStegall
SR-119-18309 Brooklyn/ 809 Brooklyn St/ house buildingFive PointURWalters
SR-120-18Lumley Road hotel/ 8091 Arco Corporate Dr/ hotelNorthwestURWalters
SR-1-19801 New Bern Av/ 801 New Bern Av/ multi-unit livingNorth CentralURWalters
SR-2-19Sheetz- Generosity/4001 & 4005 Jones Sausage, 3701 Generosity/ retailSouthURBoivin
SR-3-19Holt Physical Therapy/ 8600 Falls of Neuse Rd/ officeNorthURPurifoy
SR-4-19Carolina Country Club/ 2500 Glenwood Av/ club houseGlenwoodURStegall
SR-5-19301 N. West Street/ 301 N West Street/mixed useNorth CentralURWalters
SR-6-19306 Glenwood Renovations/304 & 306 Glenwood Av/ bar/nightclubHillsboroughURBoivin
SR-7-19Palisades 3 and 4/ 5401 Trinity Rd/ officeWestURWalters
SR-8-19Gables Motor Lodge/ 1217 Wake Forest Rd/ hotelMordecaiURBoivin
SR-9-19301 Hillsborough St/ 301 Hillsborough St/ mixed useCentralURBoivin
SR-10-19Victory Church Phase 2/ 2825 S. Wilmington St/ churchSouthwestURPurifoy
SR-11-199400 Brier Creek Parkway/ 9400 Brier Creek Parkway/ office, retail & restaurantNorthwestURBoivin

Street Closing (STC)

Street Closing petitions are submited for permanent right-of-way closings.

Case NumberProject Name/Location/DescriptionStatus*Contact
STC-01-2019Holiday Court ROWUR
STC-02-2019Bartow Drive ROWURReyes
STC-03-2019S New Hope Road ROWURReyes
STC-04-2019Jones Street Alley ROWUR

Subdivision Cases (S)

A subdivision is the division of recorded lots where the total number of lots is increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of the applicable UDO zoning district.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-22-14 RevisionCourtland Subdivision/ 1335 Courtland Dr/ Single familyMordecaiURWalters
S-27-14 RevisionGabriels Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Gabriels Bend Dr/ single family residentialNorthwestURWalters
Smith Ridge Subdivision/ 5909 Forestville Rd/ Residential
Shawood Drive/ 5813 & 5817 Shawood Dr/ Single Family
Unity Church Lot 2/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ Commercial
East RaleighURWalters
Woodburn Road/ 837 Woodburn Rd/ 2 single family lots
720 E Davie Townes/ 720 E Davis St/ Townhome Development
South CentralUR
Hargett Oaks/ 520 E. Hargett St and 540 E. Hargett St/ TownhomesSouthURWalters
New Hope Crossing Office Townhomes/ 2241 N. New Hope Rd/ Commercial Office useNortheastURWalters
S-25-16 Williams General Subdivision/ 1911 New Bern Av/ Single familyEast RaleighURWalters
Idlewood Addition Lots 1 & 2/ 120 E. Lane St/ Single familyNorth CentralURWalters
Gannett South Subdivision/ 702 Gannett St./ TownhomesWestURWalters
S-65-16 RevisionTrailwood/ 1000 and 1100 Trailwood Dr/ SubdivisionWestURWalters
S-68-16 RevisionCannae Subdivision/ 409 & 411 Glasscock St/ Single- family residentialMordecaiURPurifoy
Bloomsbury at Boylan/ 710 & 0 Independence Place/ CondominiumsHillsboroughURLobo
Fairbanks Drive Subdivision/ 9309 Fairbanks Dr/ Single familyNorthwestURLobo
Fieldstone Crossing Phase 4/ 1351 Garden Stone Dr/ResidentialSoutheastURLobo
Caswell Pollard Property Lot 1/ 527 S. East St/ ResidentialSouth CentralURWalters
OBerry Towns/ 2820 Oberry St/ Single familyWadeURWalters
S-28-17 RevisionFHD Revision/ 522 Edenton St/ ResidentialNorth CentralURWalters
3117 Poole Road/ 3117 & 3123 Poole Rd., 635 & 639 Rawls Dr./ Single familyEast RaleighURWalters
1025 Gregg Street Subdivision/1025 Gregg St/Single familySouth CentralURStegall
Avant Ferry Road Townhomes/2725, 2727 & 2735 Avent Ferry Rd/ TownhomesSoutheastURWalters
3701 Gresham Lake Road/ 3701 Gresham Lake Road/ CommercialNorthURWalters
Biltmore Heights Townhomes/ 2613 Garner Rd/ TownhomesSouthURWalters
Wedgewood/ 4100 Wedgewood Dr/ SubdivisionNortheastURStegall
Banbury Road Subdivision/2115 Banbury Rd/Residential subdivisionWadeURBoivin

North Ridge Bent Pine Subdivision/6901 Bent Pine Pl/Residential subdivision

Piedmont Point/ 2018, 2020 Seneca Dr & 2019 Piedmont Dr/ ResidentialNortheastURWalters
Davie Street lots/ 720 E. Davie St/ ResidentialSouth CentralURBoivin
S-27-18Edwards Mill Townhomes/ 4020 & 4042 Edwards Mill Rd/ TownhomesNorthwestURStegall
S-29-18Southall Townhomes/ 3104 Southall Rd/ TownhomesNortheastURWalters
S-32-18832 Springfield / 832 Springfield Commons Dr/ RetailNorthURBoivin
S-33-18107 N. State Street/ 107 N. State St/ ResidentialNorth CentralURPurifoy
S-34-18Cadence at Town Center/ 6301 Triangle Town Blvd./ Residential, townhomesNortheastCAPA 3-15-19
S-35-18Belmont Phase 5/ 4820 Healthshire Dr/ ResidentialNortheastURWalters
S-36-185401 North Lot 55/6101 Perry Creek Rd/ TownhomesForestvilleURBoivin
S-37-18Wade Estates/ 2618 Wade Av/ Single-family lotsWadeURPurifoy
S-38-18Moss Subdivision/ 502 Colleton Rd/ ResidentialEast RaleighURPurifoy
S-40-18Belvidere Park - 2 Lot/ 1815 Midwood St/ Single familyEast RaleighURPurifoy
S-41-18Stoneridge Estate/ 3901 Ebenezer Church Rd/ Single familyNorthwestURBoivin
S-43-18906 Chaney Rd/ 906 Chaney Rd/ residentialWestURPurifoy
S-44-18Litchford Rd Townhomes/ 8020 Litchford Rd/ TownhomesNorthURBoivin
S-46-18East College Park Townhome Site 2/ 106 N Fisher St & 1701 Boyer St/ Townhomes
North CentralURStegall
S-48-18501 E Lane St/ 501 E Lane St/ single family residentialNorth CentralURWalters
S-49-18Townes at Stoneridge/ 6501 Buffaloe Rd/ ResidentialNortheastURBoivin
S-50-18Pines Hollow Estates/ 13001 Strickland Rd/ Single familyNorthwestURPurifoy
S-51-18Battery Heights, Lot 120/ 1332 Battery Drive/ ResidentialSouth CentralURWalters
S-52-18519 E. Edenton/ 519 E. Edenton St/ Single familyNorthURStegall
S-54-18300 St Augustine/ 300 St Augustine Av/ Single familyNorth CentralURPurifoy
S-55-18Town Center Subdivison/ 3900 Sumner Blvd & 5405 Oak Forest Dr/ ResidentialNortheastURWalters
S-56-18Wildcat Branch/ 3124 Garner Rd/ TownhomesCentralURStegall
S-57-18One Moore / 1311 Ridge Rd/ Single-family lotsGlenwoodURPurifoy
S-58-18Macon Pond/2923 Edwards Mill Rd/ Medical officeNorthwestURWalters
S-60-18Parc at Leesville / 7000 Leesville Rd/ TownhomesNorthwestURBoivin
S-61-18Sunpointe Townhomes/ Farmgate Rd & Sunpointe Dr/ TownhomesWestUR
S-62-18Graham Sutton/ 805 Graham St/ ResidentialHillsboroughURPurifoy
S-63-18Milburnie Ridge/ 3231 Old Milburnie Rd/ Single family ForestvilleURPurifoy
S-64-18Pineland Townhomes/ 106 Pineland Cir/ TownhomesWestUR
S-65-18Millbank Infill/ 2210 Millbank St/ ResidentialEast RaleighURBoivin
S-66-18Old Poole Rd/ 4419 old Poole Rd/ Residential, townhomes and single familySoutheastURStegall
S-67-18Poole Subdivision/ 601, 635 & 639 Rawls Dr. & 3117, 3123,& 3209 Poole Rd East RaleighURWalters
S-68-18LeadMine Towns/ 8410/ 8412 Old Lead MIne Rd/ townhomesNorthURStegall
S-69-18Watkins Subdivision/ 2301 Watkins St/ single familyEast RaleighURPurifoy
S-1-19The Twones at Southpointe/ 5940 Farm Gate Rd/ residentialWestURStegall
S-2-195401 North Lots 1016 and 1017/ Perry Creek Rd, Beardall St and Beckom Dr East/ single family residentialForestvilleURBoivin
S-3-197207 Carlton Dr/ 7207 Carlton Dr/ residentialForestvilleURStegall
S-4-19Gorman Burt/ 3709 Burt Dr/ residentialWestURPurifoy
S-5-19Glendale Park/1201 Glendale Dr/ single family lotsGlenwoodURPurifoy
S-6-19Breeland Subdivision/ 12535 Strickland Rd/ single familyNorthwestURStegall
S-7-19Heather Subdivision/ 509 Heather Dr/ residentialWestURPurifoy
S-8-191712 Mayridge Lane/ 1712 Mayridge Lane/ multifamily-townhomesSoutheastURWalters
S-9-19Garner Road Townhomes/ 2908 Garner Rd/ townhomesCentralURStegall

Text Change Cases (TC)

A “text change” is a proposal to modify an adopted ordinance.

Case Number
Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
TC-3-17Accessory Dwelling Overlay DistrictPH 2-5-19Holland
TC-1-18Omnibus ItemsGNRCrane
TC-5-18Frontages and Mobile RetailPC 2-12-19Hardin
TC-6-18Cottage CourtPC 1-29-19Hardin
TC-7-18Chapter 10 AmendmentsPC 1-29-19Holland
TC-1-19HomestayStaff DevelopmentHolland

Zoning Cases (Z)

Zoning is the designation of specific areas of land, or zones, within which various uses and development standards are permitted.

Case Number
Master Plan Number
(Date uploaded)
Falls of Neuse Rd & Raven Ridge Rd PDNorthMabel
Awaiting applicant response to staff review (Aug. 2017)
3000 & 3009 M E Valentine Dr WadeHardin
Incomplete; additional materials required
0 Canyon DrForestvilleHardin
Incomplete; traffic study or additional conditions required
8916 Six Forks Rd PDNorthAnagnost
Awaiting applicant response to staff review (Dec. 2018)
3509, 3511, 3513 Garner RdSouthBelk
PC recommends approval; CC 2-19-19
4315 Lead Mine Rd NorthwestHardin
Incomplete; traffic study required
W Cabarrus St PD CentralKlem
TIA under review
5301 Kyle DrNortheastLittle
PH 3-5-19
3219 Poole RdEastBelk
COW 2-28-19; PC must act by 5-10-19
S Saunders St PDSouthwestEllis
Awaiting response to staff review (Jan. 2019)
308 S Boylan AveCentralEllis
PC recommends approval; CC 2-19-19
3310 Pollock PlHillsborough-WadeKlem
Incomplete; additional materials required
307, 309, 311, & 313 W Martin St CentralAnagnost
COW 2-28-19; PC must act by 4-30-19
Mid Lakes Dr & Holly LnNorthwestMabel
COW 2-28-19; PC must act by 5-30-19
5513 Dixon DriveNorthHardin
PC review begins 3-26-19; PC must act by 6-24-19
N Harrington St & Peace St North CentralKlem
PC review begins 3-26-19; PC must act by 6-24-19
Freedom Dr & New Bern AveSoutheastAnagnost
Received 2-12-19; under review until 3-5-19
8825 Glenwood AveNorthwest Reckhow
Received 2-12-19; under review until 3-5-19

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