Development Services Advisory Committee

Last updated Sep. 18, 2019 - 3:25 pm

The Raleigh City Council approved the creation of the Development Services Advisory Committee (DSAC),with members that represent different fields within the land development industry. They interact with city staff and management to develop ideas for process improvements. This cross section of the development industry provides the City of Raleigh with valuable partners to assist with review of administrative policies.

Current News

DSAC and Raleigh Development Services representatives met on Oct. 24, 2017 to discuss major initiatives, service enhancements, and process improvements. Approximately 75 members from the development community attended. Attached is a copy of the presentation. The meeting solidified continued commitment for process improvement.


The mission of the Development Services Advisory Committee is to review administrative policies and procedures to ensure consistent compliance with the City's development standards, while proposing new ways to do so in measurable, predictable, transparent, cost-effective, seamless and efficient ways that provide the level of services that customers define.

Executive Leadership Group

The Executive Leadership Group established the vision, providing overall leadership and identifying broad strategies for improving Raleigh's development review process. This group will also work to make recommendations about the overall organizational structure that is designed to deliver development services.


Anne E. Stoddard (co-chair), Grubb Ventures
Tom Anhut (co-chair), Anhut Properties, LLC

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