Development Services Performance Reports

Last updated May 23, 2017 - 5:18 pm

The Development Services Advisory Committee (DSAC) is a group of development community representatives that work with City staff to develop performance reports for development review. The following statistics and graphs represent City development review staff compliance to benchmarks set by the DSAC.

Building Permits Issued Per Month

Building Permits Issued Per Fiscal Year


A target benchmark of 90 percent is the agreed upon goal set by the City and DSAC for a successful turnaround time between cycles of reviews. Currently, 75 percent are meeting or exceeding the targeted 90 percent benchmark. Several processes fall short of the benchmark by an average of 1-5 days due to various reasons such as outside agency approval or a staff's attempt to resolve an issue to avoid an additional review cycle for an applicant. City staff continues to monitor these benchmarks to locate areas of delay to improve efficiency.

3rd Quarter (Jan. - Mar., FY 15-16)

3rd Quarter (Jan. - Mar., FY 13-14)

2nd Quarter (Oct. - Dec., FY 13-14)

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