Design Adjustments

Information regarding the Design Adjustment process for the City of Raleigh

Last updated Jul. 10, 2019 - 2:01 pm

Pursuant to TC-2-19, Design Adjustments will now be heard by the Board of Adjustment and will only be permitted to the following code sections:

  • UDO Article 8.3. Blocks, Lots and Access.
  • UDO Article 8.4. New Streets.
  • UDO Article 8.5. Existing Streets.

A preliminary subdivision plan, plot plan, or site plan must be submitted to Development Services prior to the submittal of a design adjustment application. The BOA requires a filing deadline at least 60 days prior to the meeting—a full schedule of application deadlines.

For questions regarding the BOA and design adjustment application process refer to the BOA webpage. For further information please contact:

Eric Hodge, Senior Planner | 919-996-2639

Keegan McDonald, Senior Planner | 919-996-4630

Following a more comprehensive review and an amendment to the UDO, enhanced standards and process for the granting of design adjustments will be implemented. The timeline for this change is uncertain but is likely to take several months.

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