Driveway Cuts and Sidewalk Installation

More on what is required when you install a driveway or sidewalk on your property.

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When a curb cut for a new driveway apron is proposed, new sidewalk is installed along a property, or an existing curb cut in the public right-of-way is widened, reduced, or replaced, a right-of-way permit for a driveway cut or sidewalk installation must be obtained first.

If a curb cut exists, but no sidewalk section exists behind the driveway apron, A right-of-way permit for sidewalk installation will be issued to the project.

A right-of-way permit is not needed for a driveway on private property or any other work that does not extend to the right-of-way. Other permits, such as a zoning permit, may apply.


  • Any contractor performing work in the public right of way, is required to provide a minimum of $5,000 bond. For further information see Raleigh Municipal Code section 11-6001 Permit and regulations for working in, upon, over, under or adjacent to the streets and sidewalks.
  • A plan that shows the following information, at a minimum, must be submitted for review prior to any permit approval and commencement of work:
    • Show the property lines and dimension the subject lot;
    • Show location of residential structure;
    • Show and dimension any existing curb and gutter, and existing sidewalk;
    • Show recorded sight distance triangles or sight easements across the property frontage;
    • Locate and dimension all existing and proposed driveways, and their radii;
    • Residential driveways dimensions are required to be per Table 7 Driveway Dimensions and perpendicular to the street within the right-of-way;
    • The driveway must be a minimum 18 feet in length as measured from the right-of-way line to the face of the garage or structure;
    • Label street name and dimension street right-of-way(s) width(s);
    • Non-alley loaded driveways may intersect a street no closer than 20 feet from the intersection of two street rights-of-way. The minimum corner clearance from the curb line or edge of pavement of intersecting streets shall be at least twenty (20) feet from the point of tangency of the radius curvature, or twenty (20) feet from the intersection of right-of-way lines, whichever is greater. The radius of the driveway shall not encroach on the minimum corner clearance;
    • Driveways must be located a minimum of 3.5 feet from the side lot line, however, a driveway may be located on the lot line closer than 3.5 feet if it is shared with an adjacent lot;
    • No residential lot may have more than two driveways on the same street;
    • Driveways may be no closer than 40 feet from any other driveway (measured from inside edge to inside edge of proposed driveway);
    • Show any structure in the public right-of-way (Power poles, storm boxes, etc.);
    • A sight distance triangle may be required to be shown when there are potential obstructions in the right of way such as trees, challenging topography, or fences and walls;
    • The minimum driveway depth (18’) cannot encroach on a recorded sight distance easement;
    • Any proposed sidewalk construction per approved infrastructure Construction Drawings, if applicable;
    • All non-utilized curb cuts must be removed and replaced with standard curb and gutter or abandoned (on non-curb and guttered streets);
    • Gravel driveways are not permitted in the public right-of-way (All installation on any street (curb and gutter, non-curb and gutter) must meet the Transportation Details standards);
    • Show sewer cleanout and water meter locations.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Right-of-way permit - any work occuring in the right-of-way
  • Zoning permit - any driveway work on private property

Submittal Requirements

TypeSubmittal Items
New driveway or sidewalk installation, or driveway
modification or alteration in the right-of-way;
Existing driveway or sidewalk replacement or
repair (like for like)

Additional Information

  • Driveway cut plan - Sample plot plan drawings
  • Raleigh Street Design Manual (Section 6.5.7, Plot Plan criteria for residential driveway approvals)
  • DRAFT Version of the revised Street Design Manual

Expected Processing Time for Development Projects


Next Steps

Ensure that a pre-pour inspection is called in according to the permit card and a final inspection of the driveway.

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