Existing Private Well and Wastewater (Septic) Systems

Last updated Jan. 18, 2017 - 3:11 pm

This is a procedure for processing residential permits on property that has an existing private well or wastewater (septic) system. This procedure applies to permits to construct:

  • Accessory structures
  • Additions
  • Decks
  • Attached and detached garages
  • Bedroom conversion to heated square footage
  • Geothermal wells
  • Swimming pools

Applications for residential projects should be submitted to the Litchford Satellite Office, 8320-130 Litchford Road.


Approvals or Permits Issued

Construction permits for property with a private well or wastewater system.

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

This project type falls under the Next Day Permitting Process

Documents should be submitted to: Litchford Road Satellite Office or Development Services Customer Service Center

Expected Processing Time

  • Ranges from one hour up to seven days, depending on whether a site visit and permit are necessary
  • Applications submitted to the City of Raleigh before 4 p.m. are processed the same day and permits are issued the next day. Applications submitted after 4 p.m. are processed the next business day and permits are issued the day after that.


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