Face-to-Face Services

Last updated Aug. 14, 2019 - 12:15 pm

Developers and builders working in the City of Raleigh have requested face-to-face services. The City has responded and expanded the menu of face-to-face services. These services provide clients an opportunity to meet with plan review staff and discuss projects from conception to permit issuance. Browse the options below to find one that best suits your needs.

  • Sketch Plan Review is a voluntary, paid, face-to-face service in which applicants meet with a multi-departmental team of reviewers to discuss site plan design. During the review, applicants receive regulatory-based guidance intended to reduce future review cycles, expedite project timelines, and open lines of communication with staff.
  • Pre-Application Conference is to ensure the submittal package is complete and the client has met all submittal requirements. These conferences are required for a number of Unified Development Ordinance processes, including; Board of Adjustment, Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Site Review, Subdivision, Subdivision (Exempt) and Text Changes.
  • Building Trades Pre-Submittal Conference is conducted prior to the preparation of building plans. These conferences are designed as a fact-finding mission for clients wishing to submit building plans. This is provides the client with an opportunity to ask questions of the building trade reviewers prior to plan submittal.
  • Commercial Express Review is an expedited commercial plan review that results in permit issuance. All trade plan reviewers, project managers, design professionals are required to be present and work together to resolve in issues and finalize the plans for permit issuance.
  • Exit Interviews are schedule for clients that want to meet with management to discuss any issues that may have affected the project's success and or timeline.

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