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The Field Revision Process applies when changes in the field occur after the City has issued permits for a project.

Modifications to a plan must be presented to the City field inspector managing the project. The field inspector can approve the changes in the field or require them to go through another plan review. A field inspector may refer project changes to a field supervisor for a decision.

If changes cannot be approved in the field, the field inspector or field supervisor signs a Field Revision Form (commercial) or (residential) stating why the changes are being sent back for review and which trades need to review these changes. The applicant takes this form and the revised plans along with any additional documents (see submittal requirements) to the Development Services Customer Service Center for plan routing.


A permit must have been issued and be currently active in order to apply for a field revision.

Approvals or Permits Issued

Approval of a revised plan by the field inspector or office staff is given. No permits are issued.

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal
  • If a change cannot be approved in the field, then a Field Revision Form is required (commercial) or (residential)
  • Submit your Commercial request to the Development Services Customer Service Center
  • Submit Residential request to the Litchford Satellite Office
  • One set of punched and stamped plans originally approved by the City of Raleigh
  • Four complete sets of the changes (Five sets if Wake County Environmental Health is involved)
  • Four copies of a detailed letter that lists changes made since the original submittal and includes the original project Transaction Number and the contact person's name, phone number and email. A copy of this letter must be attached to each set of changes
  • * NEW * One digital copy (on CD or flash drive) of plans (including revisions) and submittal documents including all drawings, documents/applications, cut sheets, etc. in PDF format
Required for Some Projects
  • Truss drawings
  • Hydraulic calculations

Expected Processing Time

Five business days per review cycle.


  • Field revision review fees are applied by the hour, per trade, per review cycle
  • See Development Fee Schedule for specific fees
  • Payment types include cash, MasterCard, Visa or check made payable to the City of Raleigh

Next Steps

The revised plans must be in the field prior to any additional inspections.

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