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Last updated Jul. 12, 2018 - 9:57 am

A surveyed plot plan is required with the submittal of any Next Day Permitting application. This is to ensure that additions, accessory buildings, decks, sunrooms, fences, and the like are not erected within established setbacks or easements. It is also required when any kind of development is proposed in a Special Flood Hazard Area or when impervious surface area changes.

The following information will help you prepare an acceptable plot plan.

Surveys and Supplemental Drawings

An acceptable surveyed plot plan must be signed and sealed by a professional land surveyor registered in North Carolina.

An acceptable survey would include all of the current existing conditions of the property as well as the proposed improvements. Please refer to the Residential Plot Plan Checklist to ensure that all requirements are met.

If an existing survey of a property is available, but does not include proposed improvements, a supplemental drawing may be attached to the existing survey illustrating the proposed improvements. A supplemental drawing may only be submitted in addition to the signed and sealed survey which shows the current existing conditions of the property, not in lieu of.

Additional Information

  • Impervious surfaces are mainly artificial structures that are covered by impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete, brick, stone and rooftops. Some common impervious improvements include streets, parking areas, patios, and other structures that cover land.
  • Metes and bounds are the bearing and length of each boundary line of the property.

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