Typical Townhouse Review

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The Typical Townhouse Plan Review is a streamlined plan submittal process for repetitive townhouse developments.

A repetitive townhouse development generally has four to eight standard townhouse models, with adjoining property lines, in multiple building configurations. Townhouses have small variations in floor plans, garage options, finished or unfinished attics, optional screened porches, optional sunrooms, basements and exteriors.

Under the Typical Townhouse Plan Review Process, the Inspections Department conducts an initial review of architectural and structural plans for the townhouse development. During this review, the builder identifies the townhouse variations to be offered. Custom builders can use this program if they identify upfront the townhouse options they will offer.

After the Inspections Department approves the plans and designates them as “typical,” a builder may submit them for subsequent developments without the need for repeated reviews.

The initial review of architectural and structural plans is the first step in the process of permitting review for a townhouse development. The Inspections Department also offers an early review option, which allows builders to submit architectural and structural plans while the site plan is under review. This early review option may save time for a builder who has complete building and architectural plans but it not yet ready to apply for permits.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Approval of townhouse building plans as “typical”
  • Building
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Key Steps in the Process

  • The applicant completes an initial submittal package for each building and receives a Transaction Number.
  • The Development Services Department reviews and approves all documents in the submittal package. When they have been approved, the Transaction Number becomes the Typical Number, to be used in all subsequent submittals involving the same building plans.
  • The applicant provides a digital copy of the approved building drawings and truss drawings on a CD to the Development Services Customer Service Center.

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

Submit all documents to the Development Services Customer Service Center.

  • Four full sets of architectural plans, elevations and details. Submit every option to be available and show the options on the drawings. All drawings, including truss drawings, must be sealed and signed by a North Carolina registered professional architect and North Carolina registered professional engineer.
  • Four full sets of structural plans and one copy of truss drawings or stick-built drawings for all possible scenarios. Include sealed walls bracing details for each unit type.
  • Permit Application (one per unit) with name of contact person and phone number. Include Grading Permit number on the application. (Permit applications are located at the top of the Forms Directory in the "Most Popular Selections" box).
  • Approved site plans. Plans must include all permit numbers for utility work. Plans also must show all buildings and unit numbers and indicate whether driveways will be public or private.
  • Recorded plat/map.
  • Plot plans for each building with all units shown, plus an individual sheet for each unit. Individual sheets can be individual plot plans or a plot plan for an entire building on which each unit is highlighted.
  • Landscape plans. Highlight all existing units and landscaping. With a separate pattern, highlight all proposed units and landscaping. Use black and white patterns, not color, to highlight.
Required for Some Projects

Required for developments with building plans already approved as “typical:”

  • Permit Application (one per unit), including Typical Number and Grading Permit number.
  • One copy of architectural and structural drawings as approved by the City of Raleigh. The documents must include the Typical Number and the words “for reference only."
  • Approved site plans.
  • Recorded plat as approved for the initial submittal.
  • Plot plans including the Typical Number and Building Data Box
  • Landscape plans.

Expected Processing Time for Development Projects


  • See Development Fee Schedule for specific fees.
  • The Development Services Customer Service Center processes payments.
  • Payment types include: cash, MasterCard, Visa or check made payable to the City of Raleigh.

Use this Fee Calculator to obtain an estimate of Building and Trade Permit Fees.

Additional Information

Include the following "box" on each plot plan:

Typical Plan # ______________________

Building Data

First Floor, Foot Print (Incl. Garage and Opt.)       ________SF

Total SF of Unit w/ all Options                            ________SF

Stories     ________#

Basement ______  Slab ______  Crawl _______

Incl. Options:          __________________________________


Next Steps

Call for appropriate inspections at required milestones.

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